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Time Smuggling Starting From The Year 2000 - Chapter 28


Chapter 28: Capital Infusion

Translator: Kim Guo Editor: Tehrn

In fact, although Xinye Company still operated well, it was suffering a cash shortage when it

tried to expand its business. Specifically speaking, it had had this problem since its

establishment, which was getting severer after it had purchased Lianyou Company.

Shanghai Xinye Company had bought out nearly 10 firms that were all bigger than it during the

five years since its start, making its equity structure complicated. Huang Xuan's capital

infusion plan drew the company's attention immediately.

Actually, the president of the board, Yu Liye, who owned 68% of the company's shares, had long

known Huang Xuan's identity the first born son of the Huang Family in Nanjing, yet somehow

he didn't tell Gan Lizheng.

The outcome of the meeting embarrassed Gan Lizheng, but it didn't affect the judgment of the


The next day at noon, Yu Liye and four other directors came to the Sheraton Hotel in Nanjing.

Although both the new code programs and the 12 million were important for them, what had

dragged them there was Huang Xuan's identity. It would be good even if they could just

establish a little bit of connection with the family. On the other hand, although Huang Xuan

wasn't interested in managing a company, he was hoping to find a good excuse to spend his

money in case his mom took it away from him again. A company with a great potential and

running well was satisfactory enough.

More importantly, Rolin was intrigued by it; his exact words were ’’I've heard of this company’’,

which sufficed for Huang Xuan.

The talk was conducted with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Yu Liye's first sentence was

’’Welcome Mr. Huang Xuan to the board of Xinye Company.’’ The rest of the negotiation was all

about enhancing friendship.

Yu Liye was over 60 years old and graying at the temples. It was rare for such an old man to

operate a high-tech software company, at least so in China. However, although he knew little

about computers, he knew people and management. From the history of Xinye Company, it

could be seen that purchasing and luring were Yu Liye's main means: he purchased other

companies, programs written by other people and even lured other companies' best employees.

Thanks to that, the old man who barely knew anything about software had become a member of

Chinese software industry.

Yu Lixin's business means were disgraceful but clean. After having read Rolin's materials,

Huang Xuan drew this conclusion and became cordial. Just like what his family had said,

business was not about grace. If commercial morality had to be discussed, ’’clean’’ would be the

highest praise.

The other directors were of the same age as Gan Lizheng and used to be technicians. They

complimented Huang Xuan non-stop on his programs. Huang Xuan felt a little awkward and

couldn't respond because he couldn't even understand the notes to the programs, not to

mention talking with people about them. Since the only thing Rolin knew was reading

materials, and he made a ton of mistakes when it came to flexible questions, his help wouldn't

mean much at this point.

Huang Xuan had to open a conversation with Yu Liye. He used to think that he wouldn't be able

to talk business like his mom or uncles until he was in his thirties. He hadn't expected that it

could be realized so early, so he was satisfied. Huang Xuan drank a cup of tea and couldn't help

asking, ’’Mr. Yu, what do you think of my proposition?’’

’’Basically, no problem,’’ Yu Liye said with a smile, making people relax. ’’but since there are a lot

of shareholders in our company, the part concerning stock ownership needs revision.’’


’’21% of the shares and 50% of the first year's profit from the programs.’’

’’I'm afraid nobody would buy the programs within the first year,’’ Huang Xuan thought.

The programs' specialty didn't lie in how safe the code was but in the coding. The code hadn't

been designed with mathematical or physics puzzles (like quantum code) but solely with coding

programs. As long as the reference object was set, for example, apples, the program would use

the set quotation to assemble a data bank which would form a public key that could be

disclosed; a series of numbers from the bank would form a private key that could be kept only

by the individual. Furthermore, the quotation was random. Since the private key permutation

was from one of the public keys, theoretically, the more complex the data bank was, the more

permutations there would be, and thus, the code would be safer. The individual could either just

choose the shape of the apples or the DNA of some apple. The individual's needs would

determine the data bank.

This thought was totally different from the programs used before. In the time Huang Xuan

lived in, besides the security, simplicity was also necessary for codes. However, this program

ignored it, and users were allowed to set codes of different levels. In addition, since both the

data bank and the number of reference objects were theoretically limitless, no matter whether

it was a cup, an apple, a satellite, the moon, or a thought, it could all become a reference object

and form a data bank. Meanwhile, since the data bank only worked on the issue of matches

forming a random quotation, the public key wouldn't recognize the content of the private key.

Even if an individual had tried every quotation, all he or she could get was the data bank but not

the private key. Therefore, the old cracking means would be outdated. Many programs had

claimed that they wouldn't be cracked within tens of years even by supercomputers. However, a

modern computer could catch up with a supercomputer of the time within several years, which

meant that the estimated time to crack the program was pointless while the content supposed

to be secret was disclosed much earlier. Now, with the programs Rolin had offered, all these

problems were avoided.

’’This is a thought fifty years ahead of the time,’’ Gan Lizheng said simply.

’’You are right,’’ Huang Xuan thought.

Huang Xuan pondered it over and then said slowly, ’’24% of the shares and 30% of the profit in

the 10 years to come.’’

Prolonging the period of a steady investment was a secure strategy that would reduce the

returns as well as the risks. Apparently, Yu Liye knew about this. He thought about it for a long

while and replied, ’’24% of the shares is fine, but I can only give you the commission of the

profit in the first three years at most and 35%, no more. Otherwise, the other shareholders will

get upset...’’

The other directors nodded one after another. Huang Xuan shrugged and said, ’’OK.’’ He had

sold the programs twice. No matter how valuable they were, he was satisfied. Rolin was around,



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