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Throne Of Magical Arcana - Chapter 68


Chapter 68: The Celebration

Translator: Kris Liu Editor: WMX

Some of the members in the orchestra were also relatively well-known musicians in Aalto. Although when practicing, they already had a pretty high expectation on this concert, especially on Symphony of Fate, the heated response from the noble audiences and the many famous musicians tonight was still a great surprise for them.

Victor was also very excited. He walked toward Rhine, his most intimate comrade in these days, and gave him a big hug, ’’Thank you so much, Mr. Rhine. You helped me with improving the harpsichord. You supported me all the time during the countless times of rehearsal. Without you, this concert could never be this perfect.’’

Although Rhine remained quite silent all the evening, he was also very gratified by the success of the concert, ’’Thank you, Victor. It is my honor to work with you, Mr. Victor, and with Lucien as well.’’ He smiled.

’’Mr. Evans!’’ Thomas, the cellist of the orchestra, hugged Lucien with great enthusiasm, ’’You'll become the most well-known musician in Aalto, no... on the whole continent!’’

Lucien felt a bit awkward when people, especially the orchestra members, called his surname with respect.

Lucien's promising future in music was already widely expected by many of the orchestra members when they first started to rehearse the fourth piece of symphony composed by the young music student of Mr. Victor. Now Lucien's talent was acknowledged by the distinguished nobles in the public. Since the grand duke used the word ’’unparalleled’’ to comment on Lucien's music work, and the princess Natasha directly called Lucien ’’the innovator of the music history’’, Lucien would definitely become the brightest new star in the field of music very soon.

Everyone in the orchestra knew that as long as Lucien could compose another piece of symphony of the same high quality within the following two years, his status in the field of music would be completely fastened. If this new trend of music could be popularized in the future, then Lucien would undoubtedly be a high authority. Thus, the orchestra members showed great respect toward Lucien.

Lucien hugged the members one by one. Although the status and the income of a musician was way higher than the common players in an orchestra, Lucien was clearly aware of the fact that the full cooperation of the players was also one of the key factors in determining the outcome of a concert.

’’Lucien,’’ Rhine also gave Lucien a big hug, ’’I can imagine that, in the near future, more and more pieces of music work will be composed to express human being's feelings and emotions, instead of merely praising God. I shall call you Mr. Evans as well, since you are absolutely the pioneer of the new trend.’’

Although Lucien was not used to that intimate way of celebrating, he also did not mind it. Lucien also hugged Rhine, ’’Thank you, Mr. Rhine. Unfortunately, I'm still far away from being a pioneer, after all, even playing piano is still challenging for me. And by the way, your violin playing was awesome, Mr. Rhine, but just lacked some passion.’’

In Lucien's eyes, Rhine was sometimes a bit weird. Taking this chance, Lucien was trying to test Rhine.

’’You're right. Maybe I am too calm most of the time.’’ Rhine released his arms and explained casually. Although Rhine looked pretty lean, Lucien could feel the strength in his arms and his body from the short hug.

Lucien was also supposed to hug his classmates.

’’Great work, Lucien.’’ When hugging Lucien, Felicia's face flushed. Lucien's success would bring her lots of benefits as well. She could already picture the scene of she being surrounded by many noble ladies and madams, asking about her talented classmate.

’’I'm proud of having you as my classmate, Lucien.’’ Lott offered Lucien a big hug and congratulated him, while Herodotus remained silent when he was hugging Lucien. A while later, Herodotus said to Lucien in a low voice, ’’You're something.’’

Victor saved his warmest and biggest hug for Lucien, ’’I don't know how to express to you my thankfulness, Lucien. You're a gift for me from God. Having you as my student is my great blessing.’’

’’Being your student is my greatest honor, Mr. Victor,’’ said Lucien sincerely.

’’Oh, there's one thing...’’ Victor said to Lucien, ’’You'll get half of the money tonight. Don't say no, Lucien. With the money, you don't have to live in Aderon anymore. Aderon is not safe.’’

As far as Lucien knew, ticket for the concerts held in the Psalm Hall was always in high demand. The ticket revenue tonight was three hundred and sixty-five Thales, which was quite a lot. Three hundred and sixty-five Thales was four times the number of Victor's annual income, while the annual income of a noble knight was only about three to five hundred Thale.

According to the regulation of the association, forty percent of the ticket income would be contributed to the church, and thirty percent would be used for the maintenance of the association and the Psalm Hall, as well as paying the whole orchestra. For the remaining thirty percent, about a hundred and ten Thales would be Victor's. In other words, Lucien would earn around thirty to thirty-five Thales.

Thirty to thirty-five Thales equalled several decades of saving for a common person, even a life long effort. With the money, Lucien could move to a decent three-storey house in Purple Lily district, or a relatively old two-storey house with a small garden in Gesu district.

’’I can't say no. Thank you very much, Mr. Victor,’’ Lucien answered sincerely, as if he could already see the gold coins shining in front of his eyes. With the money, the dust of Moonlight Rose would not be a dream for Lucien anymore. The only problem was that it was not easy to find Moonlight Rose dust.

A decent place in a decent area was also what Lucien needed, not only because he wanted a better living condition, but also because of the need to stay away from Aderon where he got involved with the other sorcerers using the identity ’’Professor’’. With a bigger house, Lucien could also build a bigger and safer magic lab underground.

After the celebration, when Felicia was about to invite everyone present to visit her family's manor tomorrow, the middle-aged lady who always stood by Princess Natasha's side came to the backstage.

’’Lady Camil.’’ Felicia, Lott and Herodotus heard her story before. They hurriedly saluted her.

Victor, Lucien and the other people present also followed the manner.

’’Mr. Evans,’’ said Lady Camil seriously, ’’Princess Natasha wants you to be her personal music consultant. About an hour each time, twice a week, in Ratacia Palace. The pay is very decent, two Thale a month.’’

Her words instantly turned Lucien into the envy of the people present, even including Victor. Only Rhine's eyes dimmed for a moment.

’’I... I can't. I'm sorry.’’ Lucien turned down the offer subconsciously, ’’I just started learning music three months ago. I'm afraid I'm not qualified for this position, and the success this time might just be a random explosion of my accumulated inspiration.’’

Lucien had another reason that he could not speak out. He was afraid that entering the palace would be too risky and his sorcerer identity might be revealed by the princess, who was a level five grand knight herself, or this lady Camil, a radiant knight.

However, the job was also very alluring. From another perspective, serving Princess Natasha could be his perfect disguise as well.

’’The princess doesn't mind. What Her Royal Highness values is the unique skills you employed in your composition and your understanding toward the new theme of music.’’ said Camil emotionlessly, ’’Would you like to accept the job, Mr. Evans?’’

The other people in the room were looking at Lucien with expectation. Finally, Lucien nodded his head.

’’It would be my pleasure to serve the princess.’’

’’Thank you, Mr. Evans.’’ Lady Camil said and then left the backstage.

The pay was truly very good. At least before becoming a 1st circle sorcerer, Lucien wouldn't have to worry with the expenses of buying most of the materials.

Also, the job offered Lucien a high social status.

’’We really envy you, Lucien.’’ Felicia and Lott congratulated him in a very direct way.

Victor also cast his eyes to Lucien with delight and satisfaction.


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