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Throne Of Magical Arcana - Chapter 66


Chapter 66: The Concert (2)

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’’My little niece mentioned before that the composition of the second symphony took Victor around two to three years. After knowing that he would be holding a concert in the Psalm Hall, he spent another three months in my younger brother's manor for improvement. And it indeed reminded me of the boundless ripe wheat field in my hometown.’’ Smiling, Earl Hayne introduced the story behind the symphony to the grand duke and the princess, feeling slightly grateful to his niece, Felicia, who he never had fondness for in the past.

Since the eldest son of the previous earl died in a fight against the heretics, a contest started between the second and the youngest son of the Hayne family. At that time, because the second son, who is also the current Earl Hayne, had not awakened his Blessing yet, and Felicia's father was much better-favored by their father, the present earl was in a great anxiety almost all the time.

Then a favorable turn came to the second son, who awoke his Blessing. Furthermore, his son Harrington grew into a very talented young man who wasn't even inferior to Princess Natasha and Earl Verdi. The second son successfully inherited the title and all the land the Hayne family had.

’’I feel the same way.’’ Orvarit nodded, ’’This piece of symphony reminded me of the beautiful country life. Maybe you're right, Natasha, but the concert is already very impressive. Let's wait and see the following two pieces of work.’’

’’The last symphony is from his student, though. I can't believe a new learner who just started learning music three months ago can compose a symphony, and I don't have much expectation on the young lad's so-called talent.’’ Earl Rafati also joined their conversation, a very handsome man seemingly to be in his early thirties.

’’Uncle Hart, I believe you're the last person who should claim that talent doesn't mean anything.’’ Natasha laughed in a very non-noble-lady way, ’’You awoke the Blessing of Sun when you were ten, and became an 8th circle senior-rank holy magus in your sixties. No one is more promising than you are for finally becoming a legendary holy magus.’’

The seemingly young Earl Rafati was actually way elder than he looked like, and he was a very powerful holy magus. Holy magi were people who awoke their Blessing and therefore were granted with magic power. To differentiate the blessed spellcasters from the notorious sorcerers, people called them magi.

There was also a reason for the great power of the Rafati family. While other noble families were relating to each other by intermarriage, the Rafati family insisted on royal incest to make sure the great family power and the purest blood could be inherited by their younger generations. Although many deformed babies were thus born, the family also had many genius members such as the present earl.

Verdi commented seriously, ’’Uncle Hart's talent is a gift from God. It's different.’’

’’So is musical talent, I heard.’’ Natasha smiled, ’’Seriously, I'm quite looking forward to Lucien's work. No matter if it's good or bad, it's gonna be interesting.’’

’’The fourth piece of symphony should be the most impressive and outstanding one for tonight's concert. I hope Victor knows what he's doing.’’ Rafati slightly shook his head.

’’Aside Lucien's work, I'm also quite excited about the new musical instrument, the piano.’’ Natasha switched the topic to the following piano concerto.

’’I wonder how piano performs compared with harpsichord.’’ Sitting on the chair, Verdi's back was straightened in a serious manner.


Now Victor was more relaxed, knowing that his first two pieces of symphonies were acknowledged by the grand duke. During the break, he was chatting with his students casually, while Rhine appeared to be more silent than usual.

Soon it was time for Victor to go back to the stage. This time Rhine would be his designated conductor to direct the orchestra, and Victor would be the one who played the new musical instrument, the piano.

The sound of the piano was rich and resounding. The first note of the piano concerto instantly caught the whole audience's attention. This was a piece of concerto with religious profundity.

’’Impressive,’’ Verdi commented with satisfaction and then closed his eyes to listen carefully.

The high sound quality of piano fitted perfectly well with the solemnity and sacredness of the religious music. Several higher pitches were also handled very well by the piano. The whole Psalm Hall was immersed in the majestic melody.

When the concerto came to its end, Cardinal Sard crossed himself and said, ’’This is an eulogy for God. The success of this concerto is accomplished by this brand new musical instrument.’’

’’It is awesome. It is the best keyboard instrument ever!’’ Natasha gasped with admiration, ’’Compared with piano, harpsichord and clavichord are just like toys for girls!’’

’’You are a girl as well, Natasha.’’ Orvarit's brows were slightly frowned. The grand duke was about to applause when he heard his daughter's improper comment.

Regarding her father with reverence, Natasha mumbled, ’’Even so, I'm still the most special girl among them all, no inferior to any man.’’

Hearing Natasha's murmuring, a meaningful smile appeared on Verdi's face, but he did not say anything.

’’I saw you, Verdi!’’ Natasha straightened her back instantly and stared at him seriously, ’’You don't think so, do you? Or you want a fight outside?’’

’’Well... I don't want any trouble.’’ Verdi was still smiling.

’’All right, Natasha. Symphony of Fate is coming.’’ The grand duke was trying to change the topic between the two.

Taking a glance at the stage, Natasha squinted at Verdi, ’’My dear cousin, I believe Lucien's work will be better than all of yours.’’

’’Well, at least I have my music works to be compared. While you, my dear Natasha, you're not good at composing at all. With regard to the talent of composing, I believe I'm way more gifted than you are.’’ Verdi instantly fought back.

’’That's really true, isn't it? Well... well... then how strange it is that none of your brilliant work has ever been played in the Psalm Hall, while a random guy who just started learning music three months ago somehow managed to do it?’’ Natasha put on a rather surprised look.

’’I just don't want to...’’ Verdi gnashed his teeth, feeling sort of speechless, ’’The guy named Lucien... his work can never be better than mine.’’

’’Aha! I heard what you said!’’ Natasha laughed, ’’Let's see what will happen if his work indeed is better than yours.’’

The grand duke also nodded, feeling very expectant like the other nobles, except Wolf. Wolf's face was almost twisted together. Although the success of Victor's concert would not do any harm to him, in Wolf's mind, it was Victor who took away the success he deserved. So Wolf was going to pay very close attention to every single note of the following symphony, finding the tiniest flaws and putting all of them on Music Criticism.

On the small west balcony, Alisa and Joel's hands were grabbing together tightly. Even John was feeling sort of nervous. All of them were waiting for Symphony of Fate, the last piece of work tonight.


Standing in front of the orchestra, with the baton in his hand again, Victor's mind churned. He thought back to the failure of his first concert, the great success of the second concert, the many memorable moments between Winnie and him, Winnie's affectionate gaze toward the end of her life, as well as the encouragement from Lucien, Rhine and the rest of his students...

’’Winnie, can you hear me?’’ Victor knew he was ready, and he slowly lifted the baton.

The moment when Victor waved his baton, the beginning of the symphony shocked every audience present. The first few bars of the symphony were like the loud knocks at the door that instantly woke everyone up. Orvarit, Natasha and Verdi opened their eyes at the same time with great surprise.

It was fate that was knocking the door, in an irresistible and fierce manner.


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