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Throne Of Magical Arcana - Chapter 63


Chapter 63: The Psalm Hall

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The starry sky was deep and dark. Again, Lucien was using the power of the star to refine his spiritual power in the meditation world.

Among all the stars, Lucien's Host Star was the brightest one, and also the easiest one for him to control.

The light of the star slowly covered Lucien's soul. Lucien could feel his soul was being nurtured by the star and his spiritual power was improving.

With the help of Storm, Lucien was more energetic than ever, so his progress was rapid. Soon, he felt his soul was filled with power. It seemed like the power was outstretching his soul to reach the stars. For the first time, Lucien realized that his soul could be solidified with power.

Finishing the meditation, the illusion of the starry sky also disappeared. Lucien's mind was more sober and clearer than ever, and he knew he had become a junior apprentice. Although the change in his soul was too tiny to be observed by other people, Lucien's soul could now better withstand Mind Magic, recover from common injuries twice faster than before, and be more alert to the surroundings.

However, the damage to his body from taking Storm and achieving the breakthrough was also obvious. Soon Lucien felt exhausted again. Lucien knew that he had to become a real sorcerer to employ certain spells prolonging his lifespan, or he would probably die in his early sixties.


In the following several days, with Lucien's help, Victor successfully refined Fate and rewrote it into a piece of symphony work. After countless times of practicing, and also with the support of Rhine, finally their playing impressed Mr. Othello.

Mr. Othello's applause lasted for a while in the music hall, ’’It's an awesome piece of work. It's gonna make a stir in the audience. Victor, you really have a good student.’’

’’And you, Lucien,’’ Othello turned around, ’’you're indeed talented. But remember, becoming famous at such young age can be risky.’’

Othello slightly shook his head, still feeling disappointed that Lucien would not devote himself to religious music, and then he left.

’’I think what Othello said was right, Lucien.’’ Victor seemed to be a bit concerned, ’’You'll be facing lots of pressure, mostly because of me.’’

’’Please do not worry, Mr. Victor.’’ Lucien comforted him, ’’I'll be driven by pressure and you know I can handle it pretty well.’’

Lucien had his own plan: If he could really become famous, he would be able to meet more people from higher status. It would be very beneficial for him to get some precious magic materials such as Moonlight Rose Dust and to earn more Thales to support himself.

’’I do believe in you,’’ Victor nodded, ’’and after the concert, your top priority will be practicing piano, which will definitely be your most important skill as a good musician. I'll try my best to help you stay focused.’’

Then Victor switched the topic, ’’If you want, Lucien, you can invite some of your families or friends to the concert.’’

’’Really?! But I heard that one ticket for a Psalm Hall Concert is worth at least a Thale... it's like a whole-year saving for a common family.’’ Lucien felt it was too good to be true.

’’Yes, it is, but you've made a great contribution to the concert, so you deserve this.’’ Victor smiled, ’’The leading musician, the conductor and the chief instrumentalist of a Psalm Hall Concert always have some extra tickets for their families and friends. It's pretty nice, isn't it?’’

’’It's awesome, Mr. Victor! Thanks a lot!’’ Lucien was very excited, as he still remembered uncle Joel's music dream. ’’Can I bring five people there?’’ Lucien was thinking about uncle Joel, untie Alisa, John, Iven and Elena.

’’Well... It seems like you relate pretty well to people, Lucien.’’ Victor grinned, ’’I got this covered. No worries.’’


’’Seriously, the Psalm Hall? The one in Aalto?’’ Alisa could not believe her ears.

’’Yes, it is. Will you go there?’’ Lucien asked the family again with a smile on his face.

’’For sure we will, Lucien.’’ Joel was feeling very excited but also confused, ’’But we are... we are not qualified for going there, are we? I thought only families and friends of the musicians of the concert were invited.’’

’’Come on, dad! Lucien is Mr. Victor's student!’’ Iven's eyes were gleaming with excitement, ’’Oh my god... I'm gonna be the envy of all the kids in Aderon!’’

’’Actually... I helped Mr. Victor with a piece of music work for the concert, so I can invite some of my families and friends.’’ Lucien was a bit shy to admit.

’’What?’’ Joel's fork dropped on the table, ’’You did?’’ As a bard, he seriously understood how hard composing was.

Lucien did not explain directly, ’’I know it's pretty unexpected, uncle Joel, but you will see.’’

’’Now our little Evans got his own secret!’’ Joel laughed, ’’All right, we'll wait and see. And before that, we need to rent some decent clothes.’’

’’Sure. We'll tell John as well.’’ Alisa's face was glowing with pride, ’’I really hope he'll be able to come.’’


Saturday. Eight o'clock in the evening. The Psalm Hall.

Decent coaches with assorted family insignias gathered in front of the hall. Some of them were luxury and some of them were simple but tasteful, but all were pulled by the strong and fine horses called Dragon Scale.

Finely dressed ladies and gentlemen came out of the coaches, took over the music list for tonight and started greeting each other.

’’It's such a pleasure to see you here, sir. I wish you had a pleasant trip coming back to Aalto from your manor.’’ A middle-aged man slight bowed to the earl with red hair. The other nobles around him were also being very respectful, since the earl was the head of one of the most dominant families in Aalto, the Hayne family, and was also Felicia's uncle.

’’Mr. Victor is my niece's music teacher. For sure I should attend the concert.’’ Earl Hayne smiled, ’’Besides, there are many different issues going on in Aalto recently. It is my duty to come back and serve the Grand Duke.’’

Earl Hayne was in his fifties, but as a level three grand knight with the Blessing of Fire, no one could really tell his age based on his appearance. And his son, Harrington, was an outstanding young man, who just became a level six radiant knight in his early thirties and consolidated the family status.

Other nobles around were all nodding with compliments.

Taking over the music list and quickly glancing over it, Hayne noticed the name on the list, ’’Lucien Evans? Since when did Victor have such a student who can already compose?’’

’’Although I haven't seen Felicia for a while,’’ a noble lady named Yvette wondered, ’’she never mentioned a student whose name's Lucien several months ago when we were on vacation.’’

’’Well, let's wait and see then.’’ Lord Hayne started walking to the hallway. He unbuckled his sword and handed it to the guard, letting them check his other personal belongings.

Since the Grand Duke would be here tonight as well, the security check must be strict.

At the same time, the church laid a very large magic-blocking circle covering the whole Psalm Hall, in which almost all the supernatural magic spells, except legendary spells, were completely blocked. The blocking circle has been the church's greatest work in more than a hundred years.

After Earl Hayne entered the hallway, two fine, dark purple coaches came, followed by two lines of guards in red uniforms with golden stripes.


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