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Throne Of Magical Arcana - Chapter 61


Chapter 61: Questioning

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There was a knock at the door. Othello raised his head and asked, ’’Who is that?’’

’’It's me, Victor.’’ Victor's voice sounded softer now.

’’Well, come in then, Victor.’’ Othello seemed to be in quite a good mood.

Othello had failed to awaken the Blessing. In order to secure his title and fortune, he worked hard to please the Grand Duke and also Princess Natasha, who had already inherited the title of Violet Countess.

It seemed like Othello had a pretty good conversation with Her Highness.

Victor slowly opened the door and entered the room, along with Lucien.

Othello raised his head with a bit of a smile on his face, which was very rarely to see. His black suit was still clean and tidy, without any stain from the heavy rain.

’’Victor!’’ Sitting behind the red desk, Othello talked to Victor with excitement, ’’Her Highness is looking forward to your new concertos this year and the new music instrument, the piano! Do work hard, Victor. You don't want to let Her Highness down. Well, and this is...’’ Othello noticed the finely dressed young man following Victor, but he already forgot that he had actually met Lucien once before.

’’I don't, and I won't, Mr. Othello,’’ answered Victor. Then he slightly pushed Lucien forward and introduced him to Othello, ’’This is my student, Lucien... Lucien Evans. He just wrote his first piece of music and I am hoping that you can have a look at it. After all, it is known to all that you are such an authority in serious-style music.’’

Victor wanted Othello to take a careful look at Lucien's work without any prejudice, so he did not tell Othello his actual intention directly.

’’When did you have this new student? I never heard that before.’’ Othello was still in his pretty good mood.

When Othello took over the paper file and started reading the sheet music, very soon a serious look appeared on his face.

Othello was very impressed by the beginning part. He could surely say that, in the past couple of decades, he never met a music work like this. After reading the first several bars, Othello could already tell that the following movements were going to be very intense and passionate.

He was clearly aware of the fact that he was old. And he devoted pretty much all his life to religious music. Facing the new music trend in Aalto where many young musicians were trying to express their own feelings through music, he felt quite reluctant and disagreeable since he believed that music should be much more sacred than this.

However, his heart was beating so fiercely when he was reading the sheets of music. After reading the first movement, Othello found the palms of his hands covered in a film of sweat as if he just had a fierce fight.

He did not like this kind of music. He wanted to tear these sheets up to prevent this work from influencing more people. In his mind, authentic music should be way more calm, sacred and serious.

At the same time, he couldn't deny the value of this young man's work. He knew that Music Criticism and Symphony News were holding an open attitude towards the new music style, and so was Princess Natasha.

He also did not want to lose his manner in front of the younger generations, as a renowned, experienced noble musician.

When the silence in the office started becoming more and more torturing, Othello finally dropped the sheets and talked to them, ’’You're very gifted, Lucien. I'm glad to see that we're having a promising young musician. However, Lucien, what I want to remind you is that music is a sacred tool for us to praise the Lord. Music is something powerful and serious and we're supposed to serve the Lord with music. I hope you can put more thoughts and work into the authentic theme of music.’’

’’I see. Thank you, Director Othello.’’ Lucien was not really paying attention to his comment. In his mind, picturing a magic apprentice like him praising the Lord was a pretty funny joke.

Victor was already satisfied with Othello's reaction. At least Othello did not say Lucien's work was not good. So he decided to take his plan a step forward.

’’Sir, I really appreciate Lucien's work, and I believe you can also see the value of it. Therefore, I want to present Lucien's work to everyone in my concert.’’

’’No!’’ Without even thinking, Othello rejected Victor's proposal directly.

’’Why? Mr. Othello?’’ Victor took a tough stance.

Although Othello was a bit surprised with Victor's attitude, soon enough he believed that he understood Victor's intention. Othello thought that Victor wanted to use his student's work to increase his own fame and reputation.

’’I showed Princess Natasha the list already. If we just change the list casually, Her Highness would think the association is not serious, not reliable. You want to do harm to the reputation of our association for your own benefit, Victor?’’

’’I'm afraid it's just the reverse, Mr. Othello.’’ Victor was very motivated, ’’If we have a better option, but choose not to present the best work to the Grand Duke and Princess Natasha, that will definitely harm the reputation of our association. And, Mr. Othello, if you insist...’’ Victor paused a bit, ’’if you insist, I will bring the music sheets to Ms. Sylvia and ask her to take them to Princess Natasha. I will not give up.’’

’’Victor!’’ Feeling challenged, Othello stood up from his armchair and stared at Victor angrily.

’’Mr. Othello,’’ Victor tried to be a bit more gentle, ’’Grand Duke and Princess Natasha hold no prejudice toward this kind of music style... Actually, they prefer this style. Sir, please think about what their reaction would be after hearing Lucien's work. I believe it's beneficial for you as well.’’

Othello clearly knew that without the support from many nobles, this new music trend would not have gained its momentum so quickly.

He was old, and none of his offspring had awaken the Blessing. Othello knew that he must prepare a good future for them to make sure the glory of his family could last. Besides, Victor rarely looked so serious and firm before. Even if he insisted on not allowing them to replace that part of the list, Othello believed that they would find another way out.

Taking many factors into consideration, finally, Othello made his compromise, ’’All right. Two days before the concert, I'll be watching the rehearsal to make sure everything's going on well.’’

’’Of course, Mr. Othello.’’ Victor slightly shook his right fist excitedly.

’’Well... I have to say that you have a very talented student.’’ Othello glanced at Lucien, ’’I wonder why I never heard his name before...’’

’’He just became my music student three months ago,’’ answered Victor honestly.

’’Three months? What do you mean?’’ Othello was confused.

’’Yes. He first started learning music three months ago.’’ Victor was kind of expecting Othello's reaction.

’’...’’ With his mouth half open, Othello was shocked.

After a while, he suddenly stood up again and started yelling at Victor, ’’Are you kidding?! Are you sure this is his work?!’’

’’Yes, I'm sure, sir,’’ Victor nodded and said, ’’My other students witnessed his gradual improvement and Lucien had a dozen of the manuscripts from his past work. Joseph has proved his work as well.’’

Othello sat back down, panting and murmuring weakly, as if he lost all his strength.

Maybe he was mourning for his past glory in his music achievement.

It took him a while to calm down. Othello waved his hand and motioned them to leave.

When Victor and Lucien left the office, Lucien noticed a very familiar person. When he got closer, Lucien recognized that it was Corella, the high-rank knight squire who fought against the red-eyed mice together with him in the sewers.

Corella was still wearing the silver chain mail and his face looked serious. Following Elena, Corella came straight to Lucien.

Before Lucien said anything to him, Corella asked Lucien directly, ’’Lucien, tell me why you didn't come to the library this morning.’’

Both Victor and Elena were surprised. They never thought that the church would care about some random guy being absent from work for a single morning.


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