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Throne Of Magical Arcana - Chapter 6


Chapter 6: Fights

None of Lucien, Gary or Correa, heard the sound of fighting, screams or anyone leaving.

The tall, strong, and powerful High-Order Squire Howson, just disappeared without making a sound?

Lucien's blood froze, and breathed slightly heavier.

Gripping the light sword tightly, Lucien quickly turned back

Cyan moss shines faint lights on the sewerage wall, but Howson, who left no traces, added a sense of creepiness

All of a sudden, Lucien heard a shrilling scream, he subconsciously turned his head to that direction.

An enormous mouse, as big as an adult, flung Correa onto the ground. Its sharp claws stabbed into his shoulder, penetrated the cast-iron armor. Correa started bleeding, his blood Incarnadined the silver armor. Not only cruelty but also a degree of mockery beamed out from the mouse's scarlet eyes.

But it's wide-open mouth, and the terrifying teeth bit on Correa's sword that blocked it timely.

As a High-order Squire, in the most dangerous situation, used the most standard blocking move to save his life. He pushed the round shield on his left hand forward, aiming the big mouse's belly.

Fear of the visible was far less than fear of the unknown, as least to Lucien, a human-sized, muffled rat, was much more acceptable than ’’disappearing’’.

Taking a deep breath, Lucien didn't waste any time, he struck toward the giant mouse with the light sword, trying to assist Correa.

However, at the same time, he heard a low, beast-like roar from behind.

Something happened to Gary? Not waiting for Lucien to think, a sharp knight sword violently hit his back.

The luminous white light of the divine shield vibrated severely, and rapidly diminished. Also, the great impulsive force coming from the strike almost struck Lucien now, forcing him to fall back.

The sword chased after him, making multiple strikes in a row. Lucien was not able to maintain his balance or take any swings with the light sword. There was also not the time for him to rub the Holy Badge, and use an incantation to activate the divine spells.

Lucien hurriedly dodged the attacks, feeling confused and shocked, ’’Why is Gary assaulting me?’’

A sword strike from the back, if it was not Gary, then there was only one possible circumstance: Gary was dead!

The knight sword attacked in a well paced, it didn't give Lucien any chance to steady the center of gravity and compelled him to stumble into the backroom.

Lucien got stroked for several times but realized that he didn't take any damage. That calmed him a little bit. As long as I have the divine shield, why would I want to engage in a melee fight with him?

With that thought, when Lucien saw the next swing from the sword, he went on and fell to the ground, rolled over and held the Holy Badge.

Finally, Lucien saw the attacker.

It was Gary, the leading squire who always acted calmly and steadily.

But the muscles on his face were twisted, and red light came out from his eyes, as well as naked savagery.

Was the poison not entirely removed? and could it turn a human into irrational, blood-thirsty beast? Lucien Immediately thought of this when he saw Gary. But why nothing happens to me and I didn't feel anything strange?

No time to analyze this and that, Lucien concentrated his mind on the Holy Badge, being ready to cast the incantation.

An iron-covered shield struck forward, hitting the divine shield. The light shield blinked and continued to diminish.

Although the shield bash didn't break the divine shield, but its shock and impact stifled Lucien's breath, the semi-casted incantation stuck in his throat.

The shield bashes disturbed Lucien's breath, he couldn't concentrate anymore.

As a squire who really has the hope to become a real knight, Gary was well-trained at spell interruption.

Of course, either a priest or a mage, or any other spell casters, would shake their heads and utter a sigh when they see Lucien. Only those who didn't even learn the fundamental ’’Casting Focus’’ would be interrupted by a squire. With the help of first-order Holy Badge of Light and the activated divine shield, any apprentice priest or mage should be able to kill Gary now.

When facing other classes with the same order, casters always have an absolute advantage!

Frustrated by the fact that he couldn't concentrate and activate the divine spell, Lucien realized that Correa's condition was increasingly dangerous, the right hand he used to hold the sword was pushed onto his chest, and his wrist started shivering.

Luckily the giant rat he encountered also lacks the strength to continue, and its attacks were less fierce than before.

Unable to cast any incantations, Lucien decided to strike the light sword instead of focusing of activating the divine spells.

After the fight with those mice, Lucien was pretty familiar with the light sword it's far sharper and steadier than the knight sword in Gary's hand.

Under Gary's pressure, that strike looked really random, it was not consistent and was not even aiming at any crucial parts.

But facing the light sword, shining like the sun, Gary reacted with great agility, he hurriedly wielded the sword to block Lucien's attack.

It looked like Gary was afraid to dodge the attack because even formal knights who activated the power in their bloodline would be killed or injured.

The Sword of light struck the knight sword, but there was not the sound of metal clashing each other.

Silently, the knight sword was like a piece of wood that broke into half. Gary had already drawn his shield back to block the light sword.

A deep scratch appeared on Gary's shield, almost split in into half.

But when Lucien attempted to fight back, the light sword, which already took too many strikes, suddenly cracked into pieces of light, and disappears.

The light sword already started diminishing strength when it broke the wall and the magic trap on it, now it finally moldered,

Taking the opportunity when Lucien was distracted, Gary struck his shield forward and gave a heavy blow to the diminishing divine shield.

The round shield broke into pieces by the bounce-back, but the divine shield also disappeared after several glitters.

The only things that Lucien depended on during the fight break after continuous assaults.

No time to think about mistakes he made because of the lack of experience and calmness, Lucien forced himself to concentrate and communicate with the cross on the Holy Badge, and spell out the Incantation:


Didn't even read out the entire syllable, Gary gave Lucien's belly a heavy strike with his fist. Lucien's body bent like shrimp, he almost throws up.

Interrupting the casting, Gary used the other hand to choke Lucien's neck violently.

Lucien clutched Gary's fingers, but Gary's strength, as a High-order Squire, still heavily outweighed the strength of a common person life, Lucien, even after such a long fight.

Lucien could hear the beast-like panting next to his ear, the feeling of a cold gauntlet transferring from his skin to his brain, chilled him from unconsciousness.

His soul was floating away from his body, creating a creepy sense of onlooking, Lucien's sudden desire for survival bursts out;his spiritual strength transcended a certain limit, and spread like ocean water.

At the same time, Gary's right hand, which he used to choke Lucien, became rapidly weakened, just like the giant rat that fights with Correa, gave Lucien a chance to breathe.

Although he was surprised about Gary's sudden weakness and diminishing strength, Lucien took the previous lesson. Instead of getting stupefied, he tightened the spreading spiritual forces and led them toward the Holy Badge.

Once he touched the Badge, Lucien was amazed: He felt like entering the ocean of Holy Light, lines, circles, triangles, squares, together with the cross created an odd pattern, and was greatly enlarged in his senses, bringing a profound mystery.

Lucien could also sense the feeling of ’’Benjamin’’, an unexplainable feeling.

He curiously touched the cross, but the cross, like someone being offended, rampaged back toward him. One of the many shapes around lights gave a fierce vigor.

Lucien became startled and tried to withdraw his spiritual force, but he was not fast enough, a pure white beam of light emitted from the Badge, slid through the edge of Lucien's spirit, making him feel sick, and his head ached;two streams of cold, rust-smell liquid came out from his nose.

The light beam was absorbing energy from its surroundings and became bigger and bigger, Gary detected great danger, and quickly tried to slip to the side. However, in such a short distance, he couldn't dodge all of it. The light beams gasified his right arm and part of his shoulders. The wounds became blackened without bleeding.

I just activated the divine spell with incantation and touching? That was Lucien's first thought, then he rolled over to the side, being afraid that Gary could still fight.

As soon as he took action, Lucien discovers that he was also weakened without any physical strength.

Gary lies on the ground and was half dead, with his eyes semi-opened, but Lucien couldn't see the twisted face and red light from his eyes anymore.

Around them, the blood left by those dead mice already became red mists, filling the background and the sewerage nearby.

Inside the backroom, the weird, human-shaped plant stretched its leaves and looked pretty satisfied.

The fights on the other side also changed greatly. The one who engaged in the dogfight with Correa was not a giant rat but only Howson.

And as Lucien looked, both of their swords stabbed into each other's body at the same time.


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