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Throne Of Magical Arcana - Chapter 59


Chapter 59: Confirmation

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’’Mr. Victor!’’ Lott and Herodotus couldn't believe that their teacher refused to accept this precious gift.

Although there were still some problems with Lucien's playing, this was still a great piece of work. If Victor was willing to revise it and recompose it into a symphony, it could possibly become one of the greatest works in the music history, the most brilliant gem on the crown of symphony! Even Felicia felt that what Mr. Victor just said was unbelievable.

Waving his right hand, Victor stopped them and turned to Lucien again.

’’Mr. Victor...’’ Lucien realized that he couldn't persuade his teacher unless he cast a spell on him. He did not know what to say.

’’Thank you, Lucien. Thanks God.’’ Holding his hand over his heart, Victor smiled, ’’It is the most touching music I've ever heard. Thank you. Now I have a new understanding toward music. And... can I have the honor to present this great piece of work on the concert as conductor?’’

’’Thank you for your comment, Mr. Victor... Wait, conductor?’’ Lucien was very surprised, ’’I don't get it... It's your concert.’’

’’Did anyone say that I cannot be a conductor on my own concert?’’ Victor grinned.

’’Idiot...’’ Felicia commented in a very low voice, ’’Mr. Victor is going to introduce your work to all the distinguished audiences on his concert.’’ She envied Lucien for having such a great chance of gaining much fame within a short period of time. However, she also admitted that Lucien's talent did deserve this chance.

After hearing Felicia's words, Lucien hurriedly said to Victor, ’’It is my great pleasure.’’

’’I have a question for you, Lucien.’’ Herodotus asked him from a distance, with his hands holding tightly, ’’Does the work really come from you? Yes, or no?’’

The rest of the people in the room just now realize that Lucien was only a very inexperienced music student. How did he manage to compose such an exciting, brilliant solo?

Was he really a genius, a hidden gem?

Everyone was looking at Lucien.

Lucien did not know how to explain to them, and he also couldn't. With regard to being righteous and honest, he was no way close to his music teacher.

Now, there was only one thing Lucien could do ― stick to his plan.

’’Yes,’’ answered Lucien, ’’The inspiration of the solo came to my mind a long time ago. At that time, I had not received any formal music education before I met Mr. Victor. I had no idea how to write down the pieces of tunes in my head.’’

Victor looked at Lucien and nodded.

’’The inspiration came from my daily life, from poverty, desperation and struggle. Every time I saw other people dressing decently, or having fancy dishes, I wonder why that was not my life. I want to fight for my own future.’’

’’That's why you came to look for Mr. Victor?’’ asked Rhine.

’’That's right. But becoming Mr. Victor's music student was something out of my expectation. I never thought I could be so lucky. After all, I started from learning how to read, not music.’’ Lucien answered, ’’Although I met lots of difficulties in the past several months, I'm really grateful for all the support and encouragement you gave me, Mr. Victor.’’

Lucien's real experiences and lies mixed together, which made his words sound more persuasive, ’’I've been working on this for more than three weeks, and I was trying to make lots of improvement during these days. Lott, Felicia and Herodotus are my witnesses.’’

Rhine and Victor turned to look at the rest of the students, wondering why they never found the value of Lucien's work.

’’Well...’’ Felicia look at Lucien with a mixed feeling, ’’Probably it was our prejudice that made us deaf. Actually, I can recall some of the pieces that I heard while Lucien was composing and practicing. At that time, Lucien was still working on it, and his playing was pretty... awful. So we did not really pay attention to it.’’

Only Lucien himself knew that his awful playing was made on purpose.

’’As Felicia said, our prejudice deafened us.’’ Lott admitted, ’’Lucien, you are a genius. A great song like this usually takes months or even years of hard work.’’

Lott was very impressed with Lucien's playing. If his work had not been this good, maybe he would still feel a bit jealousy and angry, but now he saw the huge gap between himself and Lucien. He was well aware of the fact that being mean and hostile towards a possible great musician in the future couldn't bring him any benefit.

’’Thank you, Lott. But I am not a genius... It also took me many years...’’ Lucien tried to explain.

’’It's okay to just accept praise from others, Lucien.’’ Victor smiled, ’’I've never heard anything similar to this before. I believe it's your own work.’’

Rhine also nodded, ’’I've been traveling in many countries. It's also my first time hearing it. I believe it is your tough life which gives you the inspiration. Suffering made you a genius. Thank you for bringing this to us, Lucien.’’

Lucien's face blushed. While other people thought he was just being shy, Lucien knew that he was feeling embarrassed and ashamed.

’’I agree with Rhine. Sometimes, without the many boundaries and limits in mind, a new learner might be able to better release his or her feelings and inspiration and create great works, flying free in the world of music.’’ Victor took over the words from Rhine, ’’I've been working on my fourth symphony for nine years in memory of my wife, Winnie, but I was having a hard time since I was constrained by my past experience and what I learned from my teachers. I thought a symphony was not suitable for expressing personal emotions, but serious religious theme instead. Thank you, Lucien, You provided me with a new insight of my work.’’

Then Victor turned around and clapped his hands with satisfaction, ’’All right, Lucien. Carefully write your work down and I will revamp it for you and turn it into a symphony. I will also talk to Mr. Othello to change the list. Then we need to do a lot of practice for the coming concert.’’


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