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Throne Of Magical Arcana - Chapter 55


Chapter 55: Midnight Bang

Translator: Kris Liu Editor:

The black shadow was even faster than Baron Laurent, faster than what most people could see. If the men and women who were screaming and escaping had stopped at this time, the only thing they would see was a blurry shadow.

Only a person who had awakened Blessing in their blood could be this fast. The person was a genuine knight!

Within two seconds, the dagger already came close to Lucien's back.

None of them realized what was going on behind them but Lucien. He suddenly sensed the great danger when the dagger was only a few centimeters away from him.

However, Lucien knew he was no rival to the attacker. Also, it was too late for him to cast any protection spell, thus the only choice Lucien had was to fiercely leap forward as fast as he could.

Although Lucien was smart enough to create his own spells, he was still of apprentice level, and a magic apprentice was not able to construct a spell structure using his or her spiritual power in one's soul, which was the premise of casting a spell instantly.

Lucien was clearly aware that very likely he would still be badly injured, but as long as the attacker could not kill him in a single strike, Lucien would seize the chance to fight back with his Ice Revenger Ring.

Suddenly, when the dagger was almost at him, with a loud caw from above a light appeared and instantly covered Lucien's whole body, protecting him like a chain mail.

It was the 1st circle spell, Mage Armor.

The spell was cast by the raven, Ashley, which was standing on the branch. Ashley was the pet of the genuine sorcerer. It could not only see clearly during night time but also borrow its owner's power and cast some of the spells.

The armor was totally beyond the black shadow's expectation. But the momentum of the dagger was so fierce that even the magic armor cannot fully stop it. In the blink of an eye, the transparent armor broke into many pieces, shinning in the darkness. However, the shadow did hesitate for several seconds.

It was already enough time for Lucien, and he knew it was his only chance. Lucien swiftly turned around and activated his ring. Three rays of cold light were shining in his left hand.

Lucien activated the 2nd circle spell in the ring, Palmeira's Frost Blades!

At this key moment, Lucien knew that the attack was the best form of defense.

The ring also strengthened Lucien's willpower, or he would be totally stunned and lose the ability to fight back by the knight power of the attacker.

The three rays of white light were shining, and they targeted directly the attacker's throat, chest and the lower part of the body.

Facing the frost blades, the attacker quickly covered his body with dark flames, which were full of the evil power of tyranny and destruction. Although he could have used the protecting power ’’shadow’’ coming from Blessing, he decided to be more careful. The guy in front of him just ruined his whole plan. Of course he wanted to kill him right on the spot, but he had to guarantee his own safety first.

Wielding the dagger, he precisely shattered the two blades targeting his throat and chest. At the same time, he brought up his right leg and melt the blade with the dark fire. The pieces of the blades scattered and were shining like falling snow.

After solving all the troubles, the knight turned the dagger in his hand around and continued chasing Lucien. He also noticed two black balls shooting out of the raven's beak. It was another 1st circle spell, Magic Missile.

This time the 1st circle spell would not be a problem for him, since his whole body was still covered by the sinister fire. Now the only thing he wanted to do was to kill this sorcerer in front of him who just destroyed his plan.

All of a sudden, the tiny pieces of ice from the frost blades turned the air around the knight freezing cold. For a couple of seconds, he was frozen still and the two magic bullets shot him directly in the body.

That was the power of Palmeira's Frost Blades not only blades, but also the coldness of ice and snow.

’’A level two knight!’’ Ashley screamed.

Philosopher, White Honey and Smile finally found out something was going on behind them, and then they saw the attacker.

Without too much thought, both Philosopher and White Honey activated their magic items immediately.

Waves of light spread out around Philosopher. Within the radius of ten meters, all the ordinary people quickly collapsed and fell asleep.

1st circle spell, Sleep.

A strong onset of tiredness hit the attacker's brain, but as a level two knight, the 1st circle spell was still not powerful enough to drag him into his dreamland. He shook his head and drove the drowsiness away with his willpower.

But a powerful air blast followed and hit the knight right into his chest. With a big bang, the power threw him directly back into the house through the window behind him, with lots of broken glass scattering on the ground.

1st circle spell, Force Wave, carried by White Honey's magic robe.

’’He's a level two knight. He won't die this easily.’’ Ashley flew closer to Lucien, ’’Mr. Professor, keep attacking please.’’

When Lucien was about to take out his Flame Gel, the old house suddenly started shaking fiercely. The ceiling was dropping and walls collapsing. Within only a few seconds, the whole house finally came down and buried the knight under the ruins.

Lucien's spell already damaged the structure of the old house before, and with the heavy hit of the knight, now the place was totally destroyed.

Boom...Boom! The collapse of the house was extremely loud like an earthquake. And it was too late for Philosopher to block the huge noise.

Instantly, all of them realized that they were in trouble the Night Watchers would come soon.

Now they did not have time to find and kill the knight attacker. Without any hesitation, Ashley, the crow, turned into a cloud of shadow and enveloped White Honey.

’’See you next time, Mr. Professor.’’ said the crow.

And then it flew away quickly and disappeared in the sky.

’’We gotta go now as well, Mr. Professor.’’ Philosopher and Smile made a slight bow and also ran into the darkness.

In their mind, Mr. Professor was so powerful that there was no need for them to give him a hand in this case. It was taken for granted that Mr. Professor would have assorted ways to get out of here easily.

However, actually, Lucien did not.

There was no time for being hesitant now, Lucien knew. He quickly turned around to find the entrance of the secret passage through which they just came here.

A burst of thunder just arrived. Rain drops fell from the sky in a crazy way. The long-awaited storm finally started.

Under the ruins, small clusters of dark flame were raised one by one. Quickly they burned down the pieces of the broken ceiling and stones, then a black figure scrambled to his feet in the rain.

In the lightning, the man's face was revealed.

He was Rosan Aaron, the head of Aaron's Gang.

Aaron stared at the direction where Lucien disappeared and thought to himself, ’’He could not cast a spell instantly, which means currently he's still an apprentice... He is much weaker than I thought...’’

For a few second, Aaron's mind was dominated by his anger, which almost made him try to catch up with Lucien and kill the guy.

But soon Aaron calmed down. For now his priority was escaping from the coming night watchers. He needed to leave now as well.


Lucien was running in the cold rain, feeling pain from the falling rain drops. Luckily the glass tubes and waterproof cloth worked pretty well. His magic reagents and potions were still fine in his robe.

Lucien did not have any companion nor support. He was alone, running towards the secret passage.

Luckily, Lucien saw the entrance was just over there, hidden by the trees, bushes and grass.

However, what Lucien saw was not only the secret passage, but also a man in white suit, his wet red hair sticking to his forehead.

And he was wearing a pair of black gloves.

The man was a night watcher.

In the lightning, they saw each other.


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