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Throne Of Magical Arcana - Chapter 54


Chapter 54: Calm Hunters

Translator: Kris Liu Editor:

Inside of the hall, Laurent, wearing a silver robe, was standing in the center of the altar. His distorted face was full of excitement and ecstasy.

He could feel it. He could feel the shadow entering his body. His blood was running and crying, gradually changing his body.

Forty years, forty years of waiting and dreaming. Today he could finally start regaining the glory of his family.

The mixed moans in his ears changed into the applauses and cheers on his knight title conferring ceremony. However, at this time, the whole house started shaking all of a sudden.

’’Earthquake?! It this a punishment?!’’ Although Laurent had changed his belief in order to chase the dark power, in his mind, he still respected and feared the God of Truth. However, now he was just one step away from the great success. He could not give up at this point.

The ceiling of the hall started falling. Chunks of stone and wood fell on the ground, and some of them fell on Laurent's head. Of course, he was afraid. The only hope he had was the dark power he was going to be endowed with soon.

’’Do not panic, Laurent.’’ The shadow spoke to him as if it could read his mind, ’’It will take another six to seven minutes for you to fully merge with me. If the house collapses, you will die. Stop the ritual at once. You've got a small part of my power, which already rivals the top senior-rank knight squire. We can complete it next time.’’

The shadow spoke very fast. Within ten seconds, the shadow's thought had all passed to Laurent.

Laurent was very angry. He could not stand watching his great plan being interrupted in the final stage. ’’No, I'm not leaving!’’ Laurent shouted, ’’The house won't collapse! The earthquake won't last!’’

The windows broke in the violate shake. The strong wind of the upcoming storm blew in the hall and instantly drove the sweet and dreamy fragrance away. The people who were crazy with their desire suddenly sobered up.

’’My god, earthquake!’’

’’Run, run!’’

People were yelling. Some were wearing clothes in a hurry, some were running towards the gate naked, while some were even trying to escape through the windows.

The evil ritual took away their strength. They stumbled in panic and fear. One of the women slumped to the ground and was crawling towards the gate. The man who was having a pleasant time with her ran directly past the woman without a glance.

Watching these people leaving, Laurent knew his ritual had ended. The silver lines on the pattern disappeared with the shadow. With an angry shout, he stepped out of the altar and joined the panicky crowd. On his way running towards the exit, he hurriedly destroyed the magic traps one by one.

Behind Laurent, a man in black suit who was seemingly enjoying the se* party just now looked out of the window, with his face looking serious.


In the shadow of the house, Philosopher, White Honey and Smile were standing there, looking at Professor with their mouths and eyes widely open. Taking back his hands, the mysterious Professor said to the apprentices in a very calm tone, ’’They're leaving the house. Be prepared. Hunt the evil creature.’’

’’Why not just make the house collapse, Professor?’’ White Honey asked.

’’I prefer not to,’’ Lucien stretched his hands a bit, ’’If the creature dies in the ruins, it'll be quite inconvenient for me to collect the blood. On the other hand, the sound of collapsing will alert the church. We don't want this big trouble.’’

However, it was not the most important reason. Actually, Lucien did not have enough power to make the house collapse completely. Compared with a bridge of simpler structure, the structure of a house was more complicated, and its vibration frequency also varied. Lucien could only follow one of them. Therefore, destroying a bridge might be within Lucien's ability, but definitely not a house.

The power stunned Philosopher, Smile and White Honey. They never saw a sorcerer who could cast such a powerful spell without using any reagent. Now they had no doubt toward the mysterious and profound sorcerer, Mr. Professor.

White Honey was the first one who calmed down among the three. With the help of a magic item, she started tracking the crowd,

’’Evil light detected. Fifteen meters away from the nearest window. We move one meter to the left to better release the spells,’’ she calmly said.

Philosopher quickly moved to the left and said to Smile, ’’Owl, cast Homan's Oscillation.’’

Homan Oscillation was also a sonic attack magic, which used high decibel to hurt people. In the most serious case, it could even take a person's life. Other people nearby would get hurt in their eardrums and might black out.

’’Then you use Silence Wall, Philosopher,’’ Smile also answered calmly, ’’To prevent the night watchers from noticing us.’’

’’Merged with a low-rank demon shadow. Senior-rank knight squire level. Five meters away. ’’ White Honey reported, ’’No acid and fire magic. I'll use Arrow.’’

’’One meter. Get ready.’’ she said.

Within just a few seconds, the first round of the attack plan had been made. That was the first time Lucien saw how the well-trained apprentices fought.

In order to get out of the house as soon as possible, Laurent roughly pushed the guests in front of him away. In just a few seconds, Laurent came to the window, hit the glass with his body and jumped out of the house.

At this time, a loud blast stroke his head, as if he was hit by a thunder. All of a sudden, his head started buzzing and he felt bad nausea and dizziness. Losing his balance, he almost fell on the ground with his head.

Before Laurent could see anything in the darkness clearly, a metal arrow directly shot in his right eye. His blood was darker than common people, with a special smell of sulphur. The great pain made him break out in a frightful yell but his voice was blocked by Silence Wall. Laurent finally realized the fact that he got attacked.

However, it was too late. The second metal arrow flew directly into his throat. Laurent struggled a bit and soon his body stopped moving.

Lucien couldn't believe that killing this evil baron who had just merged with a demon was this easy. He was also very glad, since casting a spell silently cost him more power than usual, and his remaining spiritual power was only enough for using about two apprentice spells.

Beside the Baron Laurent lied several naked and half-naked women and men, all unconscious. The panicked crowd running toward other directions paid no attention to what just happened here.

Using Mage Hand, Lucien and the other three apprentices started collecting the baron's blood. After putting three glass tubes of blood into his pockets, Lucien stood up and said to them,

’’Time to go.’’

’’Yes, sir.’’ Philosopher, White Honey and Smile answered.

When they were about to leave, all of a sudden a man jumped out of the house from the nearest window like a ghost and dashed toward Lucien with a sharp dagger in his hand, aiming at Lucien's heart!

He was waiting in the house. Now he knew it was the best chance to kill this powerful sorcerer! And he only got this single chance!


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