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Throne Of Magical Arcana - Chapter 49


Chapter 49: Symphony of Destiny

Translator: Kris Liu Editor:

Victor didn't loosen his fist until the gate of the hall slowly closed. With a long sigh, he turned around and said to Rhine and the rest of the orchestra, ’’I'm going back to my office to finish my work. Everyone, keep practicing please.’’

’’Mr. Victor, please don't push yourself too much.’’ Rhine put down his violin and walked to Victor. His face looked serious, ’’I don't think you can come up with a good melody with your current mood.’’

Victor's mind was being bothered by fatigue, depression and anger at the same time. He nodded, ’’Thank you, Rhine. I just... need some rest.’’

’’Lucien, Lott, you two accompany Mr. Victor to his office. Felicia and Herodotus, you two keep practicing.’’ Rhine said to the students.

On the way to the third floor, Victor didn't say anything. Neither Lucien nor Lott knew what to do, so they just followed him silently.

Before leaving the office, Lucien noticed that Victor was looking at a lifelike portrait hanging on the wall. On the portrait there was a beautiful young woman with a smile on her face. She had black hair and black eyes.

When Lucien closed the door, Victor was still staring at the portrait like a statue.


When Lucien and Lott came back to the practice room on the fourth floor, they saw Felicia and Herodotus were lost in thought.

’’Well...’’ Lott tried to break the silence, ’’All director Othello asked was to give a smooth concert, Mr. Victor might feel less stressed now.’’ Apparently, his words didn't help.

’’Come on... I care about Mr. Victor's performance very much, okay?’’ Lott hurriedly added, ’’You all saw my cousin Mekanzi. If Mr. Victor's concert can be a huge success, I can call myself the student of a top musician, which will help me with my qualification test.’’

Felicia puckered her mouth a bit, ’’Yes, we are all linked to Mr. Victor. I'm worried about him. If the concert goes wrong, I can't imagine what is waiting for him.’’

On the other side, Herodotus leaned his forehead against his violin, murmuring.

Lucien got ignored again, but he didn't care at all. He was also busy with thinking. In order to repay Victor's kindness, Lucien was looking for a musical masterpiece from his world as a plan B. Before that, he had gone through all the songs in his spirit library to make sure there was nothing similar to what he was going to choose. The work was actually easier than Lucien thought, since all the songs were stored in Lucien's spirit library and he could easily search them in his storage. Then Lucien had to find a proper way to give the music to Mr. Victor.

Fortunately, Lucien had finished the difficult part - translation. When Lucien was practicing reading music here, he marked many masterpieces from his world with the notes he had learned here.

During this period of time, Lucien had a better understanding toward the music trend in this world. Being affected by the church, music in Aalto featured traditional structure and religious style. Lucien wanted to choose one that fitted the trend. Therefore, Bach came first to his mind since his music also had some religious taste.

However, after comparing Bach's work with many musical masterpieces in this world, Lucien found they were somehow too similar to each other! He was glad that he was cautious enough.

Then Lucien turned to Beethoven. Fortunately, none of Beethoven's work overlapped the music from this world. Lucien didn't want to waste much time on selecting, and thus he soon decided to use ’’Symphony of Destiny’’. Lucien still remembered when he first heard it, he was shocked by the great momentum of the symphony.

The most difficult part that Lucien had to think about was how to ’’give’’ it to Victor. Lucien couldn't just directly hand Victor a piece of paper with such an excellent music masterpiece on it, telling Victor that he found it in a book in the library. On the other hand, it would be even more suspicious if he claimed that he came up with the melody by himself, since a beginner like him writing a piece of symphony like this would obviously make no sense.

Lucien wished he knew how to do hypnosis, but his current spiritual power was not enough to infuse a whole piece of symphony into Victor's mind.

Finally, he decided to rewrite Symphony of Destiny, but instead of revitalizing it, Lucien was going to ’’degrade’’ it. Lucien needed to destroy the whole structure of the masterpiece but leave some fragments for Victor. Lucien was hoping that his teacher could get inspired from these fragments.

After writing a small piece of melody down on the paper, Lucien sat down in front of the piano and heavily pressed the keyboard with his hands.

’’Dang dang dang dang!’’

It was so loud that Herodotus almost fell off his chair. Following the magnificent beginning, the rest part of the melody was like a disaster.

’’What the heck are you doing?’’ Lott asked while frowning his eyebrows.

’’I want to help Mr. Victor. What I saw today made me feel depressed but also angry, and this combined emotion just gave me some inspiration. I'm going to write it down.’’ Lucien explained.

’’What?’’ Lott almost laughed, ’’Are you saying you are writing a symphony?’’

’’How long have you been learning music? You don't really understand how to play piano yet!’’ Felicia's voice became higher.

Spreading his hands, Lott replied directly. ’’No, you're not able to help Mr. Victor, Lucien. I understand your will but you are just a beginner.’’

’’You think everyone can write a symphony just because they have so-called 'inspiration'?!’’ Herodotus sneered, ’’What you just played was rubbish. Stop showing off in front of Mr. Victor to please him, you jester!’’

’’Lucien, please stop.’’ Felicia shook her head with depression, ’’Can you just stop? Don't make the situation harder.’’

But Lucien also shook his head firmly, ’’No. I'm inspired. I can write a good one.’’

Lott, Felicia and Herodotus were staring at Lucien as if he was a madman.


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