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Throne Of Magical Arcana - Chapter 47


Chapter 47: Victor's Trouble

Translator: Kris Liu Editor:

Weakly, Lucien asked in a trembling voice, ’’Pi... Pierre... Do you know who the other three madams are?’’ Lucien found himself only being able to recall the eyes of the last young lady, of her dangerous, blue eyes.

’’Nop, but I could imagine what happened.’’ Pierre shrugged his shoulders, ’’Ms. Silvia has many noble lady friends, and some of them are knights who have awakened the Blessing. Well... you were staring at her legs so impolitely, so one of her friends probably just gave you a lesson using her knight power.’’

’’I see... I wonder if the younger lady was Princess Natasha. Her power was so overwhelming. Except Princess Natasha, I don't think there's another female knight in Aalto who has such power. And the middle-aged woman standing beside her might be her guard...’’ Lucien said to Pierre thoughtfully.

’’No matter who they are, my friend, the noble ladies have nothing to do with you, and never will.’’ Pierre patted Lucien on his shoulder, ’’Noble ladies would never waste a second on common folks like us.’’

Although everyone was endowed with the Blessing, offsprings of nobles always had a better chance of awakening the power. Therefore, nobles would never marry common people but only nobles in order to keep their blood pure.

’’Ms. Silvia is my goddess but is too far away from me. All we can rely on is music, buddy,’’ said Pierre earnestly, although he was the one who flushed his face just now.

In the following several hours, Lucien was being tortured by his sleepiness. At noon, Lucien refused Pierre's invitation of having lunch together and was going back home to get some rest.

When Lucien was walking downstairs, he saw Elena was talking joyfully with a tall and young man who had shining blonde hair and a very well-featured, pretty face. From his fancy clothes, Lucien could tell the man was a noble.

Soon the man bid farewell to Elena and walked upstairs, passing by Lucien. He was really a very good-looking man.

Lucien came downstairs and talked to Elena half jokingly, ’’You have feelings for him?’’

’’Come on, Lucien... You're my friend, and you can't tell that was fake smile on my face?’’ Gently rubbing her face, Elena answered in a low voice, ’’He's Mekanzi Griffith, the second-in-line of the Griffith Family, Director Othello's student, and also, the no.1 playboy in our association.’’

’’The Griffith Family?’’ Lucien heard the name before.

’’Yes, Griffith.’’ Elena nodded, ’’If I'm not mistaken, you know Lott, right? Mekanzi is his elder cousin. He's very good at playing harpsichord and violin.’’

’’I see... but why you don't like him? And why were you still pretending?’’ asked Lucien.

’’Well... I know I shouldn't talk like this about a noble, but he's a bastard. As a notorious playboy, Mekanzi is known for his misbehavior. He especially enjoys conquering women who do not have interest in him, who treat him coldly. It is said that once there was a girl from a common family who refused Mekanzi a few times, in the end he, he...’’ Elena pursed her lips with strong disgust.

’’Be careful, Elena.’’ He said with concern, ’’But in a couple of years, you'll be married, I guess.’’

’’Get married...’’ Elena slightly sighed and her eyes looked sad, ’’After seeing so many elegant musicians and gentlemen in the association, now it's impossible for me to marry an ordinary guy.’’

What Elena said was true. Once a person had enjoyed many delicacies, plain bread and water became hard to swallow.

’’Then what's your plan, Elena?’’ As a friend, Lucien did care about her.

’’Well... probably to be a mistress of a noble or famous musician...’’ Elena laughed when she saw Lucien's astonished face, ’’I'm just joking! I've saved some money and I'm gonna learn music like you, Lucien!’’

’’Wow, that's really cool, Elena.’’ Lucien was impressed. An independent and hard-working girl was always impressive.

’’I know! Ms. Silvia is my idol. I wish someday I could also be an elegant and beautiful female music master like her. For such a music goddess, nobody would say that staying single in her age is a big deal, because she doesn't need a man at all she has the world of music! Although I know many musicians in our association have a crush on her... well, Mr. Victor is not included.’’

Mr. Victor's wife had passed away almost ten years ago. Since then Victor remained single and put all his passion into music. Everyone in the association knew that, including Lucien.

’’So are you gonna be Ms. Silvia's student?’’ asked Lucien.

’’I'll try, but Ms. Silvia rarely looks for new students.’’ Elena nodded. Her green eyes were filled with happiness and excitement, ’’Or I can be your student, Lucien, when you become a good musician!’’ she smiled.

’’It will be my pleasure.’’ Lucien also laughed.


With plenty of magic materials, Lucien didn't attend the apprentice meeting for the following several times. He had copied the journal Arcana in his spirit library before he buried it at the foot of the wall to let Smile take it back.

From the marks left by Smile, Lucien could tell they were pretty disappointed and were still looking forward to his presence. But Lucien did not want to rush he still needed a few more weeks to fully absorb the knowledge that he gained from both the journal and the last meeting.


Time went by. When Lucien was able to cast nine apprentice-level spells consecutively at a time and was very close to moving to the next level, intermediate apprentice, there was only one month left before Mr. Victor's concert was held in the Psalm Hall.

Being uninspired, this musician again became anxious and fretful. The tune of the fourth and also the last symphony just wouldn't come in Victor's mind. Soon he got too stressed to teach so many students, so he had no choice but to suspend the class for those non-music students for a whole month.

But his unusual testiness was still very obvious in the music students' eyes.


Something that sounded like an ink bottle fell on the floor and all of the students downstairs raised their heads. It was not the first time that day.

’’Well... we gotta do something. Breaking stuff definitely can't help with getting inspiration.’’ Lott shrugged his shoulders.


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