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Throne Of Magical Arcana - Chapter 46


Chapter 46: Silvia

Translator: Kris Liu Editor:

’’Piano,’’ Lucien answered, ’’Mr. Victor has improved his harpsichord and renamed it 'piano'. Soon he will register the new musical instrument in the association.’’

While Lucien had made some progress in learning magic, he never slacked off in studying music. After all, he needed a decent job to make a living, and more importantly, to disguise his identity. Being a musician would be ideal enough. After all, no one would easily suspect an elegant and young musician to be an evil and notorious sorcerer.

’’Harpsichord... Piano...’’ Pierre repeated thoughtfully. Suddenly he became excited and dashed into the bookshelves. A moment later, Pierre came back with a book in his hand, ’’You're gonna need the book! I gained a lot from it! By the way, did I ever tell you that in four months I'll take the qualification test of the association? If I can pass it, I'll finally be a qualified musician!’’

Like other associations, the Musicians' Association also practised monopoly. The evaluation of musician was completely controlled by it.

’’No, you never mentioned it,’’ Lucien took over the book titled The Art of Harpsichord Performance, ’’but I believe you can do it, Pierre,’’ said Lucien sincerely.

In the next hour, Pierre did not give Lucien any time to study the book. Since he knew that Lucien was also a music student, Pierre tried to seize every chance to share his thought on music with his buddy.

However, today was definitely not a good time for discussion since Lucien was too sleepy to follow Pierre. His eyelids were so heavy that he could barely keep his eyes open. Lucien did try to stop Pierre many times, but Pierre never let him have a chance to cut in.

Fortunately, at this time, a lady wearing a long white dress and a black pillbox hat walked into the library. She was a very elegant lady, her waist was slender and her legs rangy, as if she just walked out of a fine picture.

Lucien also noticed her long white stockings, which made the lady's legs looked even se*ier. However, that was not Lucien's focus. Instead, he was thinking about where that rayon-like material came from. Probably it was a byproduct of alchemy?

’’Good morning, Ms. Silvia,’’ suddenly switching his attitude, Pierre greeted the lady politely and slightly nudged Lucien, ’’Anything I can do for you today?’’

Lucien then realized she was the Silvia that Pierre was talking about all the time. Her long black hair was like silk, shiny and soft. Under her small lovely nose, there were cherry-like lips. For sure, she was very beautiful and graceful.

’’Morning Pierre, I need to borrow several books. They are...’’ said Silvia with a sweet smile on her face. She had got used to people's special attention, so Lucien's long stare didn't bother her.

Pierre's face instantly flushed with excitement, since he never expected that Silvia would remember his name. He nodded several times and dashed into the shelves again to get the books for his goddess.

Lucien stayed behind the counter. A sweet and familiar fragrance slipped into his nose. Not until a few seconds later did Lucien realize that the smell was very similar to that of the black veil he found in the dump site, the expensive cloth called Black Nightingale.

But Lucien couldn't make sure, and there was also no need for him to figure out whether Ms. Silvia was the veil's owner or not. After all, the smell was still slightly different.

Out of nervousness and excitement, the more Pierre wanted to impress Ms. Silvia, the more clumsy he was. After a few minutes, he started feeling embarrassed.

’’You need my help there?’’ Lucien turned around and asked. Then Lucien walked directly toward a bookshelf and pulled out one of the books Ms. Silvia was looking for in front of Pierre's face. Of course, it was not because of Lucien's good memory, but his amazing spirit library, which could even store the arrangement of the whole library.

’’Lucien!’’ Pierre's mouth dropped open, ’’When did you become so familiar with the place?!’’

With a pile of books in his arms, Lucien came to Silvia and asked politely, ’’Ma'am, do you want me to take these books to the reading room?’’

Of course, Lucien couldn't claim that he had no man's thoughts when he was looking at such a beautiful woman like Silvia. But Lucien knew that a romantic relationship was too luxury and impractical to be put in his future plans for now. Therefore, Lucien's indifferent attitude contrasted sharply with Pierre's nervousness.

’’Just leave them on the table, please. Someone else will get them later.’’ Silvia's voice was husky and se*y, ’’What's your name? I never saw you before.’’

’’My name's Lucien Evans. I'm new here.’’ answered Lucien slowly. Then he added, ’’I'm Mr. Victor's student.’’

’’I see.’’ Silvia smiled sweetly, ’’No wonder... I heard that Mr. Victor had successfully improved harpsichord and named it 'piano'. Please tell him that I'm really looking forward to his concert, Lucien.’’

The quick change of Lucien's attitude was a bit strange for Silvia. When she just walked in the library, Lucien was staring at her legs like a pervert, while now it seemed that Lucien was not interested in women at all.

After Lucien finished registering the borrowed books, Silvia thanked them and left the library. Lucien noticed that there was a lady wearing a black pillbox hat waiting for Ms. Silvia. Standing there straightly like a spear, the slim lady was taller than Lucien by about half a head. Behind the lady stood a beautiful young maid and an elegant middle-aged woman.

Noticing that someone was looking at them, the poker-faced, middle-aged woman instantly threw Lucien a cold eye. At that moment, Lucien felt he was suddenly thrown off a cliff and all the colors of the world faded. As if the woman had a rough ocean in her eyes, Lucien couldn't stop trembling in front of the huge waves of the ocean.

Lucien lost his ability of thinking. He didn't fully recover until he could only see the woman's back. The woman and the slim lady changed a few words and the latter looked back at Lucien with some amusement in her eyes. But Lucien could also feel the great pressure in it and her authoritative aura.

’’Who are they...?’’ Lucien was astonished. He had never met someone like them before in this world, especially the middle-aged woman. It felt like her gaze could easily disarm Lucien completely.

Pierre came close to Lucien and made a long sigh, ’’Silvia, she's my goddess. I know... I was not very impressive though.’’ Then he nudged Lucien, ’’But buddy, you can't just stare at Ms. Silvia's legs like that. That's... too much.’’

But Lucien paid no attention to what Pierre just said.

’’...Wait, why do you look even paler now, Lucien?’’ Pierre asked, surprised.


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