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Throne Of Magical Arcana - Chapter 45


Chapter 45: Lucien's Magic Lab

Translator: Kris Liu Editor:

When Lucien had found most of the materials that he needed, it was time for him to call it a day. ’’I gotta go now,’’ said Lucien in his pretended harsh voice, ’’We can continue over the next meeting.’’ He also had to go back and review his physics and chemistry knowledge in order to explain more questions in better ways for the group members.

To show their thankfulness, all of the apprentices stood up, laying their right hands on their foreheads, and bowed low to Lucien.

’’Mr. Professor, can we have the honor to keep you staying a bit longer? Each of us is going to share our recent thoughts by presenting them to the others later. It would be our great pleasure to have you here.’’ Philosopher hopefully asked.

The discussion part was open to anyone. All of the apprentices present were hoping Lucien would possible make comments on their ideas. Even some random words from such a knowledgeable sorcerer could benefit them a great deal.

For Lucien, the invitation was an extra surprise tonight. Although Lucien could understand many advanced formula based on his previous knowledge, he, on the contrary, was having a hard time analyzing some of the apprentice spells. Concealing his excitement, Lucien was trying to make himself sound as calm as possible, ’’All right.’’

’’Thank you, Professor.’’ White Honey first showed her appreciation.

It was a productive discussion, from which Lucien also gained a lot from the other group members. Many of his questions related to apprentice magics were solved and his knowledge gap was filled. At the same time, the other apprentices were also every encouraged to see that Mr. Professor was actually paying attention to their discussion.

In the early morning, after exchanging some more information, the meeting was drawing to a close. Lucien was stopped by Philosopher when he was about to leave.

’’Mr. Professor,’’ asked Philosopher hopefully, ’’do you mind leaving your contact information to me? So if we can find any Revenant Dust, we can contact you immediately.’’

However, Lucien shook his head, ’’Sorry, I'd rather not. Owl knows how to contact me.’’ Cautious as Lucien was, he would never trust anyone easily.

’’Well...’’ Philosopher nodded disappointingly, ’’Will you attend our next meeting two weeks from now?’’ The other apprentices present were also waiting for Lucien's answer eagerly.

’’I don't know yet,’’ Lucien's attitude was ambiguous, since he did not want his attendance to be regular, ’’I might be in Melzer Black Forest at that time, preparing some experiments. Anyway, I'll let Owl know in advance.’’ But Lucien's vague answer was good enough for the members. At least this great sorcerer didn't refuse them directly.

After Smile made sure that it was safe outside, Lucien and other apprentices left the basement in succession. Having the suitcase in his hand, and some new magic materials in his pockets, Lucien walked home with no companion. On his way home, Lucien spread his spiritual power which covered a certain range to detect if there was anyone following him. And all he found was a raven.

He didn't feel even slightly relieved until he was finally back in his shack.


One week later, using the magic which could turn stone into soil and mud, Lucien successfully dug a pit very close to his place. The three meters long, two-and-a-half meters wide pit connected to his shack with a small stone stairway was Lucien's new and also his first magic lab. Standing on a small stool, Lucien was carving lines on the wall with a silver dagger which came from the labware set. He was creating a magic circle in order to block energy waves caused by spell casting or magic experiments.

In addition to that, Lucien cast some more magic circles to protect the lab. Using ’’Echo Elimination’’, no one would notice that there was a basement under there by simply stamping on the floor. Other magic circles were used for placing magic traps which could be triggered when necessary.

After the carving work was done, Lucien pulled out a small bag of black powder. The powder was made from Black Curving Vine and it could quickly stick to almost everything. Carefully picking it out with the dagger, Lucien colored these lines with the black powder, and then he poured mercury on them little by little. Amazingly, the mercury did not drip at all, instead, it was instantly absorbed by the power. Now the outline of the magic circle was very distinct.

Pressing his palm in the centre of the pattern, Lucien spread out his spiritual power and activated the magic circle. The silver lines were lit bit by bit. After a burst of silver light, the magic circle completely disappeared in the wall as if nothing ever existed there at all.

Lucien stepped down from the stool, feeling exhausted. Building a magic circle could be very tiring. The more troublesome part was that, ten days later, it had to be replaced with a new one when the power of the circle was gone. For real sorcerers or sorceresses, they could maintain their magic circle using their own spiritual power, or building much more complicated ones which could recover the power automatically by themselves. Some parts of magic creatures, like their fur, horn or blood, could also do the job.

Then it was the last step. Casting the spell in an opposite way, Lucien built a long stone table from the soil. Placing all the glasswares and small stoves on the table, Lucien was more than happy and satisfied.

The lab was ready. From now on, Lucien finally had his own place to practice spells and conduct experiments. Obviously, this basement, although not very spacious, was much better than the cold, stinky sewers.

Standing on the stairs, Lucien nodded with great satisfaction. Then Lucien went back to his place upstairs and locked the entrance with magic after making sure the magic trap circle was also in position.

It was already in the early morning. As soon as Lucien's head hit the pillow, he fell asleep. He had to go to work in the library a few hours later.


’’Like I said...’’ Pierre stared at Lucien with concern, ’’You gotta control yourself a bit.’’

’’I just didn't sleep well last night.’’ Lucien shook his head slowly.

’’By the way, what musical instrument are you learning, Lucien?’’ Pierre suddenly switched the topic.


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