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Throne Of Magical Arcana - Chapter 44


Chapter 44: Knowledge is Money

Translator: Kris Liu

Mercury took out a small box, in which there were three Corpse Mushrooms.

One was darker than the other two. She asked politely, ’’You can take them all if

you're willing to answer my question, sir.’’

Corpse Mushroom was required in many magic potions. The average price was

about ten Nars. And the darker ones were even more expensive. If they were

badly in need, the price could be doubled or even more.

Lucien couldn't resist the offer. He nodded, ’’All right.’’

Mercury found the article in the journal titled ’’A New Element Detected by A

New Method’’ and asked, ’’My question is about the basic elements... The

author defines 'Tai' which is extracted from sunstones as an element in this

article, but I thought only earth, fire, wind and water were basic elements...’’

Her voice was slightly trembling, as if she knew that the answer to her

question would overthrow all of her previous knowledge about Element magic.

In fact, the question was related to the important difference between the

ancient and the contemporary magic system.

’’Well...’’ After a while, Lucien finally responded, ’’Honestly speaking, I'm not

sure neither. I studied the ancient magic system like all of you. In the past, I

often found conflicts between some theories and my own experiment

practices, and thus I started putting more thoughts on it. The reason that I'm

able to explain those formula is not because I already have a deep

understanding of them, but because many of the corresponding questions have

been existing in my mind for a long time, and the article just solved them.’’

It was very suspicious that a sorcerer who claimed himself to have nothing to

do with the Continental Congress of Magic could understand all of the formula

in the article, but Lucien was too excited to realize the fact when he first read

the journal. Now he had to restrain himself a bit.

’’That's why I was only explaining the application of the formulas. As for the

principles lying behind them, they're also strange to me.’’ Lucien continued.

He did not want to take even a slight risk of being suspected, ’’This article

showed the process and the result of an experiment, with only a few formulas.

I can only share some of my thoughts roughly toward the theories mentioned

in it, but I can be wrong.’’

’’No problem, sir.’’ Mercury answered firmly, and turned to the other

apprentices, ’’And I want to invite all of you here to join our discussion.’’

This kind of instruction could be very expensive. Without the questioner's

permission, others were usually not allowed to listen to it. Important

information sometimes would be protected by a special magic called ’’secret

communication’’ in order to avoid eavesdropping.

’’I heard that there has been a longtime discussion between sorcerers and

sorceresses on whether the belief of four basic elements of the world is just a

myth.’’ Lucien started analyzing, ’’Many believe that the real elements should

be more abstract, and should be more than just four kinds.’’

The other apprentices nodded thoughtfully. Many of them had the same doubt

as well when they were conducting magic experiments.

’’I'm not sure what are the real elements instead. But from this article, it seems

like they have redefined element and found many new ones through different


The experiment in this article was an example. The author showed his way to

find the new element By using the 9th circle magic Fire Storm to bombard

Sunstone in an enclosed magic circle, the author obtained a beautiful and pure

crystal called Tai, which was both more flexible and lighter than Mythril.

Lucien speculated that there was no periodic table of the elements in this

world yet. But in this magic world, elements here were probably totally


In order to show the conflict between the ancient element theory and real-life

practice, Lucien took a few apprentice element magics for example. After

hearing his idea, the rest of the apprentices present were very excited.

’’Mr. Professor... I, I believe you're right! Being explained in this way, many of

my experiment questions can be easily solved!’’ Mercury was very grateful,

’’Thank you so much, Mr. Professor!’’

Hanger, who was standing in the corner all the time, also could hardly conceal

his excitement, ’’Mr. Professor, what about spirit? Is it also composed of certain

elements? I don't have the materials you need, but you can choose anything

you want in my bag.’’

The other apprentices now held no suspicion of Lucien's identity. They all

firmly believed that Lucien was the most knowledgeable sorcerer they had ever

met, and were all eagerly hoping that the great sorcerer could share more of

his ideas with them.

Disappointingly, Lucien shook his head, ’’Sorry, I haven't dipped into

Necromancy, so I cannot answer your question.’’

After putting the three Corpse Mushrooms into his pocket and taking

Philosopher's suitcase, Lucien asked, ’’Do you have extra Corpse Mushroom or

Revenant Dust? I want to buy more, or you can ask more questions.’’

The brain tissue of the aquatic zombie was enough for about seven to eight

experiments, and each of them would consume one Corpse Mushroom. Lucien

hoped that he could collect the materials as much as possible.

’’Since the church has been keeping an eye on us for a long time and it's too

risky to cultivate the mushroom by ourselves, Corpse Mushroom is very rare

these days. Except Mercury, I don't think other apprentices here would be able

to offer you more, Mr. Professor.’’ Philosopher answered respectfully. He

seemed like the leader of the group.

Like White Honey, Philosopher was a member of another two sorcerer groups.

But the other sorcerers and sorceresses he had met were all very arrogant.

They would only help the other group members who could offer something

they really want, or give instructions to their own apprentices. Therefore, he

was very grateful for Lucien's help.

’’Compared with Corpse Mushroom, Revenant Dust is even harder to find.’’

White Honey added, ’’The formation of revenant requires strong grievance and

resentment gathering in a certain way. Although using the blood of some evil

creatures can summon revenants, the blood is even more precious than the

dust itself; after all, this is Aalto.’’

Lucien was kind of disappointed, but he quickly moved on. Later he answered

more questions raised by the other group members and got more materials

and magic reagents in return. Lucien's knowledge earned great respect for him

among the apprentices.

Besides respect, Lucien also earned a whole set of magic labware, three Corpse

Mushroom, many other magic materials and reagents. Just like the saying

goes, ’’Knowledge is Money’’.


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