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Throne Of Magical Arcana - Chapter 43


Chapter 43: A Real Professor

Translator: Kris Liu Editor:

After he roughly went through some of the formulas in the article, Lucien found that the formulas in this world were basically consistent with what he had learned before, at school. If there was no calculation mistake, the sorcerer should be able to locate and find the planet. However, including the author, no one ever managed to arrive on the target planet.

’’So weird...’’ Lucien thought to himself, feeling confused. Then he saw the author's introduction:

Oliver Constantine Grand arcanist;Legendary archmage;Level three in the profession of ’’the Hand of Annihilation’’.

’’It looks like the title of grand arcanist is even superior than legendary archmage, and the two titles are not overlapping. They should belong to different evaluation or ranking systems the latter is decided by how powerful the sorcerer or sorceress is, while the former depends on one's contribution to the study of arcana...’’ Lucien was guessing. Then when he looked at the other authors' titles in the journal, his thought was proved right: All of them had two different titles, for example, ’’level eight arcanist, 9th circle Astrology mage’’, ’’level six arcanist, 8th circle Element mage’’... Lucien also noticed that, in most cases, the authors' levels in arcana were lower than their magic power ranks. Therefore, it seemed the achievement in academic study was even harder.

Some of the rest of the articles were:

’’Study of String Vibration in Some of the Magics’’

’’Brief Introduction of Differential Method and Infinite Series’’

’’Thoughts about Seven-bridge Problem’’

’’The Mutual Transformation Between Electricity and Magnetism in Magic’’


’’A New Element Detected by a New Method’’

’’A Forever Debate: Whether Spiritual Power Exists in the Form of Wave or Particle A Study of 'Spirit Storm'’’


While Lucien was reading the book, other apprentices were observing him in secret.

Half an hour later, Lucien already had a general idea of the journal.

The study of arcana in this world could be understood as science on Earth. The development of mathematics and physics here was close to the one at the middle of the 18th century on Earth. Calculus had been basically built up, while there was a very rapid growth in the development of geometry. Also, the development in Mechanics and electromagnetism had been pushed further in this world. At the same time, some spells here were beyond the comprehension of Earth's science, for example, Space Jump.

As for Element Magic, it was close to the development level of chemistry in the early nineteenth century on Earth. Researchers, or say, arcanists, had determined what particles made the elements and had realized that earth, fire, wind and water were actually not elements. Besides, they had started measuring atomic weight as well.

But the journal was published twenty years ago, Lucien speculated that the current development level of arcana should be even more advanced.

After he closed the journal, Lucien found that all the apprentices present were looking at him. He smiled and asked, ’’It's a very interesting book. Can I keep it for about two weeks?’’

’’As long as you can answer my questions, Mr. Professor.’’ The voice of Philosopher sounded very old.

’’Of course, Philosopher. You may ask now.’’ Knowing that the elder apprentice was trying to test him, Lucien was pretty confident. He believed that his knowledge should be enough to answer some apprentice questions.

Philosopher took out a stack of papers filled with words and numbers, ’’Professor, since you specialize in Element and Astrology, I have some questions for you related to the first article in the journal... When I first met these formulas which can predict the orbiting of stars, I was so fascinated, but I couldn't understand how they were derived and why they actually work. Can you explain it for us, sir?’’

It seemed like a shared question for all the apprentice present. All of them turned around and were waiting for Lucien's explanation.

Within Lucien's expectation, what Philosopher asked was related to celestial mechanics. He answered calmly, ’’Your question is too big to be fully explained at a time, because it involves too many different aspects. Tonight I can explain to you the basic principles of the formula and how to use them, are you okay with it?’’

’’Sure, Mr. Professor.’’ Philosopher answered politely.

’’This symbol represents gravitational constant. Some of you may wonder what is gravity. Well, gravity is the force that makes you fall back to the ground when you jump up without using any magic, the force that makes apples drop. These phenomena never follow the will of God, and they should not be taken for granted...’’

Lucien was trying to make his explanation simple. And when the other apprentices interrupted him to ask why, he just answered in this way, ’’In order to explain this question, many more concepts and principles will be involved, and they can not be comprehended when you are apprentices. After you become real sorcerers and sorceresses, these questions will be easier to be studied.’’

That was actually because Lucien himself did not fully understand the underlying principles of the formula as well.

Philosopher sighed with emotion, ’’One can never learn enough in the world of magic. Before I thought I had made some progress in this field, but now I just realized I'm way far from that.’’

The rest of the apprentices also nodded. Toward these formulas, although the mysterious ’’Professor’’ did not explain ’’why’’, he indeed clarified ’’how’’, from which they were provided with new ideas about how to analyze and construct many new magic structures.

After Lucien finished his ’’lecture’’, Philosopher fell silent. After a few seconds, he grabbed his quill and started writing numbers on a piece of paper excitedly. Other apprentices were also lost in thought.

’’Mr. Professor, I want to apologize for suspecting you were a liar...’’ White Honey was a female, who did not speak very much before, ’’You're the most elegant and erudite sorcerer I've ever seen.’’ Although she was trying to make herself sound like an elder woman, she was too excited to hide her original charming voice.

From her comment, Lucien, Smile and Oak immediately drew an important conclusion: White honey was a member of more than one apprentice group.

Lucien answered in his pretended harsh voice, ’’I accept your apology. But actually, I don't really care what other people think of me. My knowledge and power is always mine.’’


Later, when White Honey, Smile and Oak were exchanging magic materials, Lucien also bought some of them.

Laying the right hand on his forehead, Philosopher made a deep bow towards Lucien. It was the manner of the ancient sorcerers.

’’I want to extend my sincere thanks to you, sir, my mentor.’’ Philosopher said, excitedly, ’’Your explanation solved many of my questions. I'm hoping that, with your help, I can figure out how to analyze the key 1st circle Astrology magic, in order to become a real sorcerer. Mr. Professor, to show my appreciation I hope you can accept this set of labware. Besides, you can choose any one of my stuff here.’’

’’Mr. Professor, I heard that you need Corpse Mushroom, and I've brought them here. I'm not sure if you're willing to solve a question of mine...’’ Mercury was another female in the group, who sounded quite nervous but also excited.

Other apprentices were looking at Lucien respectfully, hoping to learn more from him.

Lucien started feeling that he was a real ’’Professor’’ now.


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