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Throne Of Magical Arcana - Chapter 41


Chapter 41: Apprentice Group

Translator: Kris Liu Editor:

Facing the threatening power, Smile subconsciously tried to avoid looking at the face shaded by the hood, as if there was a dreadful and evil pit hidden inside. He even thought it was possible that the sorcerer in front of him was a user of black magic.

After putting on Ice Revenger, it kept infusing a steady cold flow into Lucien's body, strengthening his willpower. At the same time, Lucien could also sense the tension in the air built by the ring.

With Ice Revenger, Lucien could be immune to all the apprentice-level magics working on his mind. The person who wore the ring could, at the same time, have the Frightful Presence buff forcing people surrounding him or her to feel frightened, which was usually a buff of knight.

Without asking for permission, Lucien entered the room and closed the door behind him. Under the alert gaze of Smile, Lucien casually found a chair and sat down, then he started talking again in the pretended harsh voice,

’’I knew the apprentice by accident. She made an appointment for me to meet the sorcerer who came from the headquarter of the Continental Congress of Magic. I was looking forward to meeting him to find the land where sorcerers and sorceress can feel free to study magic. But before the meeting, she died, and I never had the chance to meet the sorcerer. I was planning on asking the young lad named Lucien the same question as well, but your owl was a step ahead of me.’’

Knowing that the sorcerer sitting in front of him was not his enemy, Smile finally relaxed. Rubbing his hands, he started explaining why he was also looking for the mysterious sorcerer,

’’I met the her several months ago, and I invited her to our secret apprentice group meeting. Later she told us that she met a great sorcerer from the Congress. In her description, on the land where the Congress sits, all the sorcerers and sorceresses don't have to hide anymore. We encouraged...’’

’’I understand,’’ Lucien nodded, ’’We are sorcerers, not rats. We deserve much better than this.’’

Smile raised his head and started feeling close to this unexpected visitor. Sorcerers and sorceresses always understood their shared struggle and fear. Facing the same enemy, most sorcerers and sorceresses united to help each other and to escape from the search of the church.

’’Yes, sir. You must understand our excitement.’’ Smile lowered his head and looked at his hands again, ’’We also asked her to invite the great sorcerer to come to our meeting. Although he didn't show up for the first time, the sorceress brought a journal called Arcana from him to us.’’

Lucien remembered the journal. It must be the same one the sorceress mentioned in her notebook.

’’Arcana?’’ Lucien pretended he never heard of the journal before.

’’Yes, sir. When she first mentioned the Congress, some of us didn't believe it. After reading it, all of us started yearning for the place. The journal was old, very old... it was published about twenty-five years ago. But the ideas in the journal were amazing, way beyond imagination... It was like a new world.’’ Smile's face lightened up a bit.

A few seconds later, Smile continued in a depressed voice, ’’But she was found by the church before our next meeting. I know it was dangerous, but I still don't want to give up. I moved from Purple Lily into this pub, hoping I could find any clue related to the Congress. Before, I was afraid that the church might still be watching her place, so I waited for almost a month and finally sent Doro there tonight.’’

Lucien saw Smile's face was changing with different emotions excitement, astonishment, sadness and depression. He was pretty sure Smile was not lying. Hearing Smile's explanation, Lucien felt kind of disappointed, since he was hoping that Smile might know something more about the Congress.

’’Her death is our loss.’’ Lucien said slowly, ’’I'm afraid the sorcerer you were talking about might get caught with her at the same time. A sorcerer from the headquarter can easily catch the church's attention.’’

’’I guess so...’’ Smile nodded with a sad look.

’’What a tragedy!’’ yelled the owl Doro.

’’Smile, can I take a look at the journal?’’ Lucien was trying to see if he could find any information from it.

Smile shook his head and replied, ’’Sorry, sir. The journal is not here now. We take turns to read it. The journal was very hard for us apprentices to understand, but I guess for a real sorcerer like you, it won't be a problem.’’

The power of the ring made Smile think Lucien was at least a sorcerer of the first or second circle, instead of an apprentice like him. Toward Smile's assumption, Lucien neither admitted nor denied, since Smile's respect might bring him some benefits.

’’So...If you don't mind, sir,’’ Smile asked Lucien with a bit hesitation, ’’you can join us. The journal will be passed on to another apprentice over the next meeting.’’

Lucien thought about the potential risk, but he also didn't want to miss the chance to find the apprentice group in Aalto.

’’What do you usually do during the meeting?’’ Lucien asked.

’’Aalto is the last city of ancient Sylvanas Magic Empire, and there are still many sorcerers and sorceresses teaching their apprentices secretly. Apprentices gather together to exchange information, magic materials and views. We work together and help each other.’’ Smile explained.

’’I see... But the church is watching us all the time. How did the founders manage to start the group at the very beginning?’’ Lucien wanted to ask more questions to make sure it was not a trap.

’’Well... there're several apprentice groups. Most apprentices here belong to one of them, while some join more than one group. The founders of our group first met each other by accident in the Melzer Black Forest when they were seeking the same magic materials.’’ Smile answered in a patient way, ’’...I know you're very cautious, sir, and I completely understand. Every one of us all felt the same way when we first joined the meeting group. You'll see that it's a very secret group. Except the one who introduces you to the meeting, you can hardly can recognize anyone else there, because we'd all dress like the way you're dressing now.’’

’’If you can join us, sir, it will be our pleasure. And I'm pretty sure you can also find what you need there, at least we can try.’’ Smile added.

Despite the man's harsh voice, Smile felt the man in the black robe was not a vicious sorcerer, instead, he appeared to be quite calm and understanding. If their apprentice group could have a real sorcerer as a regular member, these apprentices, including Smile himself, could definitely benefit a lot from it. Even if the man was actually not as powerful as he appeared to be, Smile didn't think he would do any harm to the group.

Lucien was persuaded. He knew sooner or later he had to find a group instead of always working alone, and the magic potions and reagents were also too tempting for Lucien to refuse, ’’Well... My lab was damaged several days ago, if your group can provide me with a whole set of labware, I'll be more than willing to go.’’

’’I don't think it will be a problem, sir.’’ Smile grinned.

’’Thank you, Smile. Then where is the group meeting, and when?’’

’’This Saturday evening,’’ answered Smile, ’’It would be held in the sewers, but we haven't agreed on the specific location. Please tell me how to find you when we decide, sir.’’

’’Don't hold your meeting in the sewers.’’ Lucien warned Smile seriously, ’’The church is lately keeping a close watching there. Don't ask me what happened there, and don't ask why I know this. Just tell all your group members not to go down there recently.’’

’’What?!’’ Smile was shocked. Even thinking about what would happen to the apprentice group if he hadn't met the mysterious sorcerer tonight made his heart beat really fast.

’’We can develop a set of code first. Then when you decide where and when to hold the meeting, find the eighth house opposite to the ruin of the apprentice's place and leave the secret code on the corner of the wall. It's easier and also safer for both of us.’’ said Lucien.

The house sat right beside auntie Alisa's place. It was very convenient for Lucien to see the code on his way.

After agreeing on the secret code, Lucien stood up from the chair and was about to leave. Simile stopped him and asked,

’’Sir, can you give me your pseudonym? We don't use real names during the meeting.’’

Lucien thought for a few seconds and replied, ’’Well... call me 'Professor'.’’

Lucien slightly dusted his black robe and walked toward the door. Before he left, he turned towards Smile, ’’I almost forgot... I'm working on an experiment recently which requires Corpse Mushroom and Revenant Dust. I'm running out of these two materials. If you guys can provide some, I'd really appreciate it.’’

Then he opened the door and stepped out of the room, ’’Good night, Owl.’’ Lucien nodded politely. ’’Owl’’ was Smile's pseudonym.

Smile watched the mysterious sorcerer closing the door gently and heard his light footsteps downstairs. Like a dream, the room became quiet again, as if the man never had never been there.


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