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Throne Of Magical Arcana - Chapter 33


Chapter 33: The Ring

Translator: Kris Liu

Grabbing his dagger, Lucien cautiously approached the pile of ash.

The shiny item was actually a carved silver ring, inlaid with a small blue gem on top.

’’It belonged to the zombie?’’ Lucien was surprised. He picked the ring up and started

scrutinizing it carefully.

There was a line of letters on its surface, which was written in the common tongue.

’’Human nature can be colder than snow.’’

The ring was just plain-looking, but when Lucien rubbed it gently he felt a mysterious and

amazing power coming from the gem. After a few minutes, when Lucien's power started slowly

recovering from the magic backfire, he carefully examined the ring again using his spiritual


Lucien's injured soul was slightly shocked as soon as his spirit entered into the ring. He felt

inside the gem what seemed to be the power of blizzard, but its structure was way more

complicated than that of the apprentice-level magic.

’’It's a magic ring! Maybe that's why the zombie seemed much stronger than the others.’’

Lucien was excited, ’’It seems that the ring's even superior to Benjamin's Truth Badge. I wonder

which power level the ring belongs to...’’

With his remaining spiritual power, Lucien couldn't even understand the magic structure in the

ring, not to mention how to leave his own spiritual imprint on the structure, in order to use the


A sorcerer with the first circle spell called Identify could directly understand the magic

properties of all level one magic items, without having to analyze their inner structures. One's

ability in using Identify would grow along with their accumulated knowledge, and thus the

person could progress and start using the items of higher level.

Sometimes there was extra information in some of them, including their makers, for what

purposes they were made, and so on.

According to the witch's notes, all of the magic items could be divided into different standards:

apprentice level, level one to nine, and legend level.

The evaluation criteria was based on the power of the magic item: if the power was equal to a

first circle magic or to the ability of a level one knight, it was, correspondingly, a level one

magic item. Nevertheless, there were four ranks within each level low, medium, high and

perfect. Taking a ring enchanted with the third circle spell Lightning for example, if the ring

could be used once a day, it was a low-rank level three magic ring; if it could be used three

times a day, it would instead be considered a medium-rank level three one; if the ring had some

extra benefits like increasing the magic resistance of the user, it would be a high-rank level

three item.

If a magic item had some kind of permanent augmentation effect, it would be a level higher

than the other common ones. For example, Mind Blank was an eight circle spell, and a magic

item with the immunity towards this ring-eight magic would be recognized as a precious level

nine magic artifact.

Furthermore, the grading was also applied to magic weapons and armors.

Lucien did not know the ring very well, so he dare not wear it casually in case there was any

curse on it. After putting the ring in his pocket he was in a pretty good mood.

However, when he noticed all the bodies and blood around him, he knew that he had more work

to do. Most importantly, he needed to learn how to preserve the aquatic zombie's brain tissue.

Lucien did not know how to use the apprentice spell called Organ Preservation yet, but the

zombie's brain tissue should be able to last from three to five days, which should be enough

time for Lucien to master the spell.

According to the notes, Organ Preservation was a spell that could actually be used for keeping

many other things fresh, besides organs. Twenty four hours duration each time. No magic

reagent required.

After opening the zombie's skull with the dagger, Lucien saw its black brain, which looked like

countless disgusting worms entangling each other. Carefully, Lucien put the brain into a bag

together with his icestones.

Knowing lots of money would be needed for learning magic in the future, Lucien plundered all

the money from the bodies, including the two hollow-headed ones in the river. He got thirtythree

Nars and fifty-two Fells in total.

Looking at his bulging money bag, a smile appeared on Lucien's face.

However, when Lucien was collecting the money he noticed he couldn't see things clearly and

his head was buzzing sometimes. Finally he realized that these were the sequelae from his

spirit damage. There was no magic potion mentioned in the notes that could be used for this

kind of injury. Therefore, the recovery might take a while.

Then, Lucien started doing the labor. Holding his breath, he wrapped up the guts scattered on

the ground and threw them away into the river, along with the bodies. Gradually he started

getting used to the scene and even took a closer look at Skar's kidney. Lucien believed that soon

all of them would become fish food in the Belem River.

After rinsing away the blood on the ground, it was about time he left this place.

’’It seems like the heresy has nothing to do with the aquatic zombie.’’ Lucien thought to himself

while he was walking, ’’Then what about the red-eyed rats...?’’

Lucien decided that tomorrow morning he would go to Lord Venn's manor to find John before

going to the Musicians' Association. He had to talk to John about the heresy, but, of course,

without telling him what actually happened down here.


Several pastors in training would come down to the sewers once every three days to clean up

the trash in the river using spells.

But the person stepping out of a shadow after Lucien left was definitely not a new pastor.

’’The Lord of Argent, the forever lasting silence...’’ The person giggled in a mix of disgust and

amusement, continuously talking to himself, ’’A different name, a different identity?

Interesting... That person must have been bewitched by him. I can't wait to see his shadow

coming upon the land. A battle between him and the Cardinal of Aalto will be very interesting...

’’Umm... Probably there is some kind of legacy left by the previous ancient magic empire that he

could utilize.

’’But the church would interrupt his plan, I bet.’’

The person looked around. A cunning smile appeared upon his face.

’’The pretty smart young guy just created the new apprentice magic, Sulphuric Fire Wall, by

himself. Impressive... He can be very useful to me...’’

Then his figure split into countless small shadow pieces and he suddenly disappeared.

Only his giggles were left there, echoing in the pipes.


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