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Throne Of Magical Arcana - Chapter 31


Chapter 31: Zombie in the Sewage

Translator: Kris Liu

After a few more steps the old man finally broke the siege of darkness. However, his eyes were

no longer accustomed to the weak light from the moss.

It was just a blink. When he opened his eyes again, some kind of pungent, dark green liquid hit

his face directly.

’’Ow!!’’ The shrill cry from the old man scared the rest of them. Jackson looked back

subconsciously, even though he could not see anything.

With both hands covering his eyes, the old man was rolling on the ground in horrible pain. The

skin of his face burned and turned black instantly. His scream was so bitter that Jackson and

the rest of them shuddered with fear. Several second later, the old man fell into the river and

the scream disappeared.

Jackson knew there was no way to escape. They would either kill the shadow, or be killed by it.

Their only hope was to fight it!

’’Run! Run close to that f*king thing!’’ Jackson yelled and dashed to the shadow.

Then he saw it was Lucien!

Jackson was furious. Hatred replaced his fear and the only thing in his mind was to tear the

f*king bastard up into thousands of pieces.

When he was about to throw his dagger towards Lucien, he saw a blue beam of light in Lucien's

hand. Jackson hurriedly dodged to the left and barely avoided it.

Unfortunately for them, the other thug following behind him was not that lucky. The light

beam hit directly in his face and a thin layer of ice quickly filmed his eyes, nose and mouth.

Freezing cold invaded the guy's brain and made him lose most of his power before he could

smash the ice.

The guy was choked. Then he banged his head fiercely on the ground.

At this time Jackson finally realized that the person standing in front of him was no more that

weak poor guy. However, he became a wizard, an evil wizard with terrible power!

Jackson was not an idiot. He understood that by no means Lucien would let him go. Grabbing

his dagger, he leaped at Lucien's throat with all his strength.

Suddenly, Jackson felt a heavy pressure fell on him and then his legs caved. Then his body fell

down directly onto the ground.

’’F*k!’’ Jackson swore desperately. He did not know what was going on there, but he knew that

losing his footing at this point would be fatal.

Longer before Lucien cast Acid Splash, he had already activated his defensive magic

Disarming Loop, without saying a word.

Lucien walked towards Jackson, looking at him wielding his dagger in vain. Without saying

anything, Lucien grabbed Jackson's hand and slowly pushed the dagger into his neck.

The gravity affected the blood and it didn't squirt out from his neck too much. It was ideal

because Lucien did not want any of Jackson's dirty blood on his clothes.

Jackson's great anger and pain were choked in his throat. His eyes were wide open and his

eyeballs almost burst out, while his arms and legs were twitching against the wall. Jackson's

nails were scratching on the ground, but soon his resistance was no more.

The other guy did not take Lucien much time as well.

Standing beside the underground sewage river, Lucien saw the old man's body floating quietly

downstream with his face soaking in the water. Lucien felt relieved, because he thought the old

man would be the biggest threat among them. Who knew if the old man had some kind of evil

power from his heretic belief.

All this happened within just twenty seconds. The darkness was still covering the area some

distance away. The two injured beggars were still writhing in agony on the ground. Some

beggars and gangsters were still floating on the water. But they were too scared to find the

broken steel net to escape.

Lucien did not want to kill them all by himself, and he was also not able to. His power had a

limit. So the easiest way was driving the rest of them into the Belem River and leaving them to

the ghosts there.

But there was one problem. Lucien also could not see anything in the dark area, so he had to

stand there for now, waiting for the magic to expire. At the same time, he was adjusting his

respiratory rhythm in order to recover his power.

Casting the four spells was very tiring. Lucien's remaining power was only enough to use either

Darkness or Freezing Rays once.

Suddenly the light returned within the spell area. The light startled Skar and he couldn't help

but close his eyes. The fear of death scared him to his knees. He trembled and prayed, ’’May God

forgive me... May God forgive me...’’

Slowly opening his eyes, Skar was shocked to find how young the wizard was. In the dim light,

the wizard had fine features.

Skar had lost his mind and surrendered. He could not tell whether the man standing in front of

him was an evil wizard or a hateful ghost.

It was a good chance to cast Eyes of Stars on Skar, when he was suffering a mental breakdown.

The apprentice magic could mesmerize the enemy or make the person fall into a trance state.

The two effects were different: The former, mesmerization, required the caster to look into the

other person's eyes for almost ten minutes, while the latter, trancing, only needed some eye

contact, which was more helpful in a fight.

If Lucien could take control of Skar, he could use him to kill the rest of them.

When Lucien was about to cast the spell, a sudden short scream pierced the silence and echoed

in the whole space. Even Lucien felt very strange.

As suddenly as the scream of agony started, it stopped.

Lucien stopped his spelling and took a step behind his Disarming Loop. His Freezing Rays were

ready to go.

At this time, both Lucien and Skar saw the horrific scene: In the river, a strong and pale hand

was holding tight at a gangster's neck, whose skull was half opened. A black tongue was licking

the white brain inside with some effort.

The owner of the tongue was a humanoid monster, whose body was so swollen that its skin

appeared almost transparent. Parts of its skin were hanging, showing its rotten flesh beneath.

Under the cover of the monster's seaweed-like long hair, there were facial muscles that could

fall off at any time. The place where the eyeballs should be was completely hollow, and there

were two tiny white flames burning inside the two eye sockets.

Another beggar's body, whose brain was completely gone already, was floating towards the

river through the big hole on the steel net.

’’The Great Master of Argent, the forever lasting silence, may you bless your servants...’’ A

beggar sitting next to the wall started praying desperately.

The monster had a frightening power that reeked of doom. Even Lucien was extremely nervous

and terrified, although he was quite a distance away from the monster.

Aquatic Zombies! These were the monsters in the Belem River! They were zombies!

Lucien suddenly recalled the witch's note, which described the features of the undead creature:

’’Aquatic Zombie: immune to Mind magic; No Morale; Immune to poison, sleep, paralysis, stun,

disease effects; No fatigue, exhaustion, breath; Do not feel cold; Strong resistance towards ice

and acid; Extremely afraid of Fire and Light magic.’’

But what frightened Lucien was that the note did not mention anything about the flames in the

Zombie's eyes. Something was definitely not right.


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