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Throne Of Magical Arcana - Chapter 16


Chapter 16: Street Corner

After he saw Jackson, John spoke to Lucien calmly, ’’You haven't been officially trained, remember, don't panic and hit accurately. The only weapon they have are daggers, if we utilize the length of the wooden rod, they can't get close to us. Also, don't stop, there's too much of them. If they surround you and attacks from several directions, there's no way to defend.’’

He briefly reminded Lucien about the possible dangers because Lucien might panic or attack recklessly.

Actually, Lucien had a deep understanding in this, he nodded in agreement, and answered humorously, ’’Don't worry, John, I'm the brave man who broke through the witch's secret room.’’

John stopped talking, they hid their wooden sticks behind their back, preventing the passers from noticing them, and approached Jackson quickly.

It was a street in the Market District, ten minutes away from an Aaron gang den. The street was bustling, with many merchants, adventurers, and mercenaries passing through. Therefore Jackson didn't notice John and Lucien at all.

Several paces away from Jackson, Lucien and John exchanged glances, and drew their wooden sticks out, gripped them with both hands, and rushed toward the nearest two gang members.

Lucien realized that his target was the gang member who kicked him away and broke his plan to assault Jackson. Lucien got near him, swung the wooden rod, and strike fiercely toward his head.

Although he didn't have enough strength or enough training, Lucien still learned something from the previous several fights: Not only does he need to be calm, concentrated, steady and accurate, but also ruthless. Whenever he decided to attack, there's no space for mercy, or himself will suffer from that.

The slight sound made by the wooden stick alerted that gang member, yet there's no space for him to dodge. He got hit by the rod before he could even turn his head.

BOOM, Lucien's rod punched the spot under the gang member's ear, he felt a heavy blow and immediately went black, and fell onto the ground.

John, on the other side, was not as ’’cruel-hearted’’ as Lucien was. He didn't target the head, but instead, he held the wooden rod with both hands, like a greatsword, and hit the gang member's right arm.

Although it's not a fatal spot, since John, a formal squire, was much stronger than Lucien, his's strike still knocked the gang member up and fell on the ground. There's a swell on his arm, disabling him from moving.

After knocking down a roughneck, Lucien didn't stop but ran around the enemies. He heard a strange sound and turned his head, then punched toward another roughneck's head, hitting his face.

That guy fell on his back and drew two traces of blood in the air with his nose.

He didn't pass out, but intense pain and a buzzing head kept him rolling back and forth on the ground.

Now the gang members in the from finally realized what happened, when Jackson saw there's only two of them, his eyes became vicious, signally all twelve remaining fighters to surround them.

They drew the daggers, their blade reflects the morning sun, casting cold lights.

Lucien kept the hit &run principle in his mind all the time, and ran irregularly around the crowd, sometimes forward, sometimes left, and sometimes he even drew back a little bit. However, once he noticed an opportunity, he leaped back, utilizing the wooden rod's advantage in length, and punched the gang member's heads or necks.

The key point of such strategy is to not be panicked or greedy, even though the enemies separated and besieged from multiple directions.

The street was long and wide, and the crowd already scattered and fled. As long as Lucien wasn't passively defending in a corner or got entangled with a single enemy, about four or five gang members wouldn't be able to block Lucien.

Of course, this was a challenge on his physical strength, most people won't be able to do that for more than several minutes. Soon, another roughneck fell on the ground, however, Lucien suddenly noticed that John, on the other side of the battlefield, was ambushed and encircled.

Although his physical strength was much better than Lucien and other gang members, John wasn't heavy handed enough. Although he knocked down several gang members, they could still move and fight. They lied on the ground and tried to stab John's ankle. While he was dodging those attacks, John fell into the ambush of the rest gang members and got surrounded. Space for him to run became smaller, without his agility and outstanding swordsmanship, John would be stabbed by the daggers for multiple times. But even so, his conditions appeared to be in peril.

After a second of hesitation, Lucien clenched his teeth and leaped forward, swung the wooden stick toward the back of one of the roughneck's head.

’’Watch out!’’ ’’Johnny!’’ The three gang members behind Lucien yelled and reminded their fellow.

The guy named Johnny reacted quickly, he threw himself on the ground, and Lucien missed the hit.

However, that gave John the chance to leave the encirclement. His sweeping strike forced the gang members around to step back, which allow him to jump through Johnny.

Johnny jumped up and stabbed at John;s back, while the other three roughnecks, chasing after Lucien, already stood in front of John.

However, after he forced Johnny to fell down, Lucien didn't run away like he suavely did, but stayed where he was. Now he swung the wooden stick and hit right on Johnny's back.

Along with a muffled sound, Johnny fell on the ground, and the dagger slipped out of his hand.

But at the same time, Lucien fell into the encirclement of the gang members who was previously surrounding John. He could only run back and forth in a narrow space.

HSS, Lucien felt a burning feeling on his back and realized that he was wounded by a stagger. But still, he didn't give up or panic, because he understood the strength of a formal squire from Gary, especially when that squire wasn't hiding his strength anymore.

None of the gang members could be that strong, or they could easily be one of the leaders.

John attacked while he's running, every strike was accurate and fierce. Unlike Lucien, who would miss even if he found an opportunity, and would miss a fatal spot even if he didn't miss and hit;every time John attacks, there would be a gang member wailing and falling.

After ten seconds, the gang members chasing after John were all lying on the ground.

Finishing dealing with his enemies, John immediately came and aided Lucien. Jackson knew that the gang members remaining won't be able to stop them. He didn't think much but turned back and ran away. There was a location for Aaron's gang in the front, he could assemble some more fighters here and attack back.

PAP, Andre, who tangled with Lucien was knocked down and passed out. The remaining gang members, some tried to run away, while some became fiercer, swiping his dagger and wounded Lucien again, Lucien starts bleeding.

Withholding the pain, Lucien totally trusted John. He stepped forward and smote the fighter facing him. While John's cleave knocked out both of the attacking roughnecks.

’’Are you OK?’’ John asked with worry.

Lucien shook his head, ’’I'm fine, don't let him run away!’’

Thus, they held the wooden stick, and rushed after Jackson, at the same time, a weird thought emerged in Lucien's mind, ’’That actually feels like a black hand Mafia.’’

Jackson was already some distances away. Yet after he had become one of the ringleaders, he fought and exercised much less, and got fatter. He wasn't as fast as he used to be. More importantly, John was a formal Squire, tall and strong, after several seconds John got close to him.

’’A little bit more, a little bit more......’’ Jackson already saw the end of that street and kept stimulating himself.

However, John didn't need to get close enough, after he felt the distance was ok, John threw the wooden forward, punching hard at Jackson's back. Jackson felt his internal organs twisting, he staggered and fell to the ground.

John followed, and step on Jackson's back with his knight boot.

Lucie just got badly beaten, plus the two wounds, he was really worn out-out, several seconds later he arrived, and breathed heavily.

Jackson attempted to intimidate them, but before that, John laughed while gasping, ’’Hit him like a MAN, Lucien, as the payment for beating you.’’

’’HOO, oh sure.’’ Lucien soothed his breath and raised the wooden rod. John flipped Jackson's body with his foot.

’’You dare......’’ Before Jackson could finish his angry speech, Lucien smote him on his face.

Several teeth flew out, and drops of blood spilled. Jackson's painful call choked halfway in his throat, and his ear buzzed. He could hear nothing and saw golden stars flying in front of his eyes.

That punch destroyed Jackson's hope, this two bastard would actually beat him.

’’You...You, what do you want?’’ Jackson swallowed his words, with blood in his mouth. He felt like his sound was from another world, distant and unrealistic.

John kicked away Jackson's dagger, and said seriously, ’’Our only purpose is for fairness and justice, um, thee bullies did beat Lucien, and we did beat backed;but lest thee did destroy his room, furniture, and his properties, we shall beest demanding compensations for these matter.’’

’’You're John, right? Aren't you afraid of the sheriff officers? Or do you want to be expelled by Sir Wayne? If you were no longer a formal Squire...Ha, think of you family and your friends.’’ After Jack recovered from his ringing ears, he intimidates John.

’’Huh, you wanna another one?’’ Lucien swung the wooden rod, it was almost broken after the fight.

Jackson's anger and grievance were like water seething and boiling, but he's clear that Lucien would absolutely willing to hit him again. He shut his mouth and looked at John.


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