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Throne Of Magical Arcana - Chapter 128


Tod’s sword was covered with a thin layer of red light. From an angle, Tod started an attack with his sword aiming straight at Natasha’s neck. No matter how powerful Natasha’s Blessing was, losing her head would still mean the end of her life. Also, Tod’s sword had a special kind of power. When the sword cut a target, the wound would bleed continuously, regardless of how great the person’s self-healing ability was.

At the same time, Tod’s skin turned into a silver color and his body was covered with a layer of metal, as if he were a real Steel Golem. That blessing power could at the same time enhance his defense capabilities and his strength.

Natasha finished pulling out Tod’s lance from her abdomen with one hand, throwing it away. In the other hand, her sword, covered with small flashes of lightning, parried the incoming attack, but she wouldn’t be able to continue after Verdi if she had to deal with Tod.

"Wyon!" shouted Natasha, "Cover me!"

As Natasha called his name, Wyon immediately activated his Blessing. His body started emitting a bright white light and four pairs of big white wings appeared on his back. His sizer grew to almost twice that of common people.

This was Wyon’s Blessing, the Angel of Strength!

Catching up with Tod, Wyon wielded his huge sword with both hands and directly hacked at Tod’s red sword. Riding on his horse, Tod swiftly changed his direction and blocked Wyon’s attack. Both of them were using their full strength, trying to defeat each other’s sword. The power of collision of the swords summoned forth gusts of wind. Both of their gauntlets started to crack from the great power of the impacts.

While many of the white and shining feathers of Wyon’s wings were falling, Tod remained relatively calm. Obviously, Tod was in a more favorable position in that confrontation.

Facing those terrible odds, Wyon knew that he could not yield. As the princess’ main knight in that battle, it was his duty to fight for Natasha until the last second of his life. Spurring his horse with his boots, Wyon followed right behind her and prevented the princess from being attacked by Tod.

Not far behind them, Borscht couldn’t stand his wounds anymore and fell from his horse, moaning in his last breath, "Vivian…"

After knocking Borscht over, the other knights and squires switched their target to Lucien, who looked relatively weak among the other warriors on his team.

Thanks to his Ice Revenger, Lucien had stayed relatively calm so far, although his arm was already numb from hacking and blocking the attacks. After all, strength was not his forte.

When another smite stroke Lucien’s back, his Star Shield finally reached its limit and shattered into small shining pieces.

Lucien was gathering his spiritual power in order to recast Star Shield, but a second smite came at him. Luckily, he was still charging forward, or he would be dead already. He was certain that the one attacking him was a level two knight, since his Star Shield was capable of handling three or four attacks of a level one knight, and unless his spiritual power was drained, his shield would always be there protecting him.

That was why a sorcerer was, to some extent, stronger than a knight of the same level.

However, facing a level two knight, Lucien, a first circle sorcerer, was being pushed.

At that moment, Natasha was again only a few meters away from Verdi. To the side, there were only several knight squires who were protecting Silvia. Behind Verdi there was a broad open field and Melzer Black Forest further ahead.

If Natasha could break out their siege and make it to the black forest, Verdi would lose his precious chance to kill the princess tonight, which he would probably not have again in this life.

If Natasha made it through the night, Verdi himself would be the one who was going to be sentenced to death, and all efforts he made would become useless.

Even without his shield, Verdi lowered his head and looked rather determined. Although he was a narrow-minded man, as a knight, Verdi still had strong willpower and a bold heart.

Being clearly aware of the fact that, in terms of experience in fighting, he might be slightly inferior to his cousin, Verdi knew that what he needed at that moment was a perfect defense, to stop Natasha.

Crossing his arms in front of his chest, he roared and activated his Blessing again. The roaring was so powerful that even his horse was stunned a bit. The ground started to shake vigorously, and then multiple thick walls suddenly rose up from the black soil, blocking the path between Verdi and Natasha.

A few stars in the night sky suddenly started to shine brightly. Their light seemed to cover Verdi’s armor, and a translucent force shield showed up in front of him.

The Shield of Truth was actually a Blessing that combined the Blessings called Earth and another one called Stars.

That demanded all the power Verdi had. His Blessing had showed its true power.

Natasha’s eyebrows frowned a bit, but then she started to charge forward with an even greater speed. Soon, her black lance directly pierced through the first few walls. Although the rest of the walls were destroyed by Slayer as well, they made her charging speed decrease considerably.

When the tip of Natasha’s lance hit Verdi’s force shield, the transparent shield shook with ever-widening ripples on the surface surrounding the lance tip. Verdi took a step back, but in the next second he successfully withstood the powerful momentum of Natasha’s blow and stabilized the shield.

One second, two seconds… Natasha’s was pushing her Slayer forward with all her might, but it only penetrated a few centimeters into the shield.

A cold smile appeared on Verdi’s face as he saw that the other grand knights were finally about to catch up with Natasha, readying their swords to strike at her.

However, at that moment, a white light beam came down from the sky and hit his shield with a tremendous power.

The light was burning hot, as if it was the righteous flames of God.

It was the Holy Strike!

Although the level one divine spell did not actually do any damage to the Shield of Truth, Verdi was badly distracted.

"The Church!" Verdi blurted out. Knowing that all of Natasha’s and her knights’ divine and magic items had been used up and reached their limit, this divine spell was totally out of Verdi’s expectation and only one possibility crossed his mind. If the Church found out what he was doing there right now, that would be the end of him!

As the Blessings were affected by the owner’s willpower, Verdi’s Shield of Truth trembled a bit when he got distracted for that second.

However, that one single second was already enough for Natasha, a grand knight, to completely turn the tables.

Using all her strength and power, Natasha grabbed her black lance and pierced Verdi’s force field like a drill. The translucent shield instantly cracked and broke into thousands of shining pieces. Slayer continued moving forward and pierced through Verdi’s left shoulder, near the joint, directly knocking him off his horse.

Being nailed by Natasha’s lance, Verdi got crazy. To prevent the lance from completely drained his strength and life, he pulled out his sword with his right hand and directly chopped off his left arm together with his left shoulder. Then, free from Natasha’s lance, he rolled to the other side. His purple blood burst out and sprinkled everywhere on the ground.

It was Lucien who cast the spell Holy Strike just now. He activated Sun’s Corona at the very crucial moment.

In order to become a powerful sorcerer, staying calm and focused was of great significance to adjust the tactics for fighting based on the different situations.

Facing the several enemies who just arrived and were trying to stop Natasha, Cacharel suddenly swooped down on one of them with his body weight. Then, his whole body stretched like a piece of rubber, tightly tying the grand knight and his sword like a rubber rope, but at the same time, several horrible wounds appeared on Cacharel’s body.

This was Cacharel’s Blessing. He could stretch his body and strongly constrict the enemies!

On the other side, Daniel, who had already been seriously injured, jumped from his horse and over some enemies, knocking down a couple of the knights.

They were willing to use suicide tactics so that their princess could stand a chance!

Natasha followed Verdi’s roll and used the lightning power on her sword, Thunder, to paralyze him. Her next attack was seeking Verdi’s throat, but a strong air wave hit her hand mid-swing, pushing her hand and the sword slightly to the side. Thus, Natasha’s sword missed Verdi’s neck by an inch.

It was Silvia who cast the spell with her magic item.

Natasha’s turned her horse around to try again and quickly adjusted her wrist to strike down at Verdi once again.

However, at that time, Silvia suddenly jumped out, standing between her and Verdi. She was staring at Natasha with her beautiful black eyes.

Silvia was protecting Verdi with her own body, hoping her former lover would not dare to hurt her!

Great pain could be found in Natasha’s gray eyes as she hacked at her lover without any hesitance. She clearly knew that, at this point, any hesitance could get her killed, along with the knights who were loyal to her, the friends that had supported her in that dire moment.

Until she felt the coldness of the sword and the great pain, Silvia could not believe her eyes. With unwavering determination, Natasha’s sword split Silvia’s body in two.

The princess did not stop, though, and rode her horse forward to do the same to Verdi.

At that very moment, all of Verdi’s knights immediately turned around to try to stop Natasha, regardless of the great risk they would face when they showed Lucien and Wyon their backs.


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