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Throne Of Magical Arcana - Chapter 11


Chapter 11 : Discoveries

The garbage that was determined to be unfit to throw into the sewerage were numerous, it took Lucien about seven times to put all of them onto the carriage, and made his clothes super dirty.

Actually, there were church-hired labors every morning taking the garbages out of the city, preventing the dirtiness and spread of diseases. However the Musician's Association didn't want to wait till the next morning, the building looked ugly with all those garbages.

Lifting up the last stack of garbages, Lucien carefully entered the hall, and walked toward the front door without making any noises.

’’God damn! Wolfe, could you please give me a second to look at the music?’’ Lucien heard a familiar but slightly more shrilling voice. At the same time, a man in red coat hurried down the stairs and complained. He suddenly bumped into Lucien, who was right in his way.

CLATTER. One of the garbages fell from Lucien's hand, even though the carpet is thick and soft, it still makes a loud sound.

The man in red coat shambled and soon regained his balance, it's the musician Victor who just walked up.

Victor took a deep breath and picked up the broken lantern on the ground. ’’I'm sorry.’’ He passed it back to Lucian, who was still trying to take care of other garbages on his hand.

Another brown-haired man in dark blue coat walked down, there was an obvious forward thrust from his jaws. ’’Victor, the association is not opened for you, I own the right to command my body. If you want to do whatever you want, then go home.’’

He made gestures to emphasizes his words, there's a clear smile provoked on his face. ’’There are only three months left between now and your first concert in the Hall of Chant, I can really understand that you are nervous and sensitive. But don't tell me that you aren't even prepared with your music? I've been looking forward to them for a long time I even plan to write an article for you on The Music Review after I heard them.’’

’’Bah, if you can, why don't you have a concert in the Hall of Chant by yourself?’’ Victor whispered, turned back and let the building.

Wolfe suddenly looked angered, he curses with a low voice, ’’If it weren't you, three months later I will...’’

Lucien continued to walk toward the front door when the quarrel ends. At that time, he glanced at the broken lantern on top of the stack. Its glasses were already worn out but there's still the socket with nice decorating designs. He thought this is made of metals?

With such thought, when he put all the garbages onto the carriage, Lucien touched the lanterns socket with his hand. He found that it's really a metalware, like copper, but harder and more flexible. A copper-like metal? Although there's not much from the lantern, it's probably still gonna worth several Copper Fiers if I sell them to the blacksmiths.

’’Money?’’ As an actual Fier-less rag, Lucien would associate everything he saw with its worth in terms of money. Maybe there's something else valuable in the stack? Like used paper, broken quills and study like that?

Lucien suddenly found a ’’treasure’’ and became full of excitement. Even though it's so worthless to the riches, it may be the first twilight in Lucien's path to change his life. With five Silver Niars , I can learn the basics of reading and writing. Even if I'm not learning magics, knowing the language means that I can understand the world's current state. With the knowledge and experiences from another world and a library of books, there'll always be a better way to make money.

Excitement, hesitation, and desires for a better life pumped Lucien with energy. He pushed the four-wheels carriage and walked out of the city. There was still worries in his mind。 Digging and finding the sellable objects from the garbages is not technical at all, what makes it difficult is a normal person's dislike of dirtiness, as well as the threaten of others' fists.

It's going to be fine unless the gangs are involved in this. Those several scattered beggars, I can take care of them by myself. After fighting together with Gary and Correa in the sewerage, against those red-eyes mice, Lucien had some confidence in his ability. Although his physical strength was weaker than those exercised adults, calmness, and a clear mind was more important in a fighting.

Not long after he left the Musician's Association, Lucien saw a young man in silver hairs, walking leisurely to the association's building. Rhine? What is he doing in the Musician's Association?

After he made up a conclusion that bards like The Rhine are yearning for a place like a Musician's Association, Lucien put it behind and continued on.

When he arrived the city gate, he saw Andre, who still had some ideas about who that guy called Lucien is. Andre knew immediately what Lucien is going for when he saw the garbages. He smiled and allows Lucien to got passed the city guards without doing anything.

No one is following me, so the gangs are really not involved in this. Lucien felt strange but relieved.

Lucien didn't slack off that easily, he exited the city gate, and walked down the Beleń River for about twenty minutes until he felt that the surroundings were quiet. He brought the carriage into a brushwood nearby and started digging for sellable stuff.

A broken lantern, several pieces of rusty metals, eight quills that run out of inks, a lot of papers, and etc.

At the end, Lucien drew out a piece of square, misty and transparent crepe, with some slight aromas even if it was tossed among stacks of garbages for half an hour. There's an apparent hole on it as if it was hooked by something sharp. Looks like a veil, probably from a female musician.

Staring at the veil and gently stroking its texture, there's not many erotic undertones but only judgments on its value. It should be a pretty decent crepe, but what am I gonna do with it? Yeah, I can sell it to the tailors, who can cut it out to make laces for dresses or robes.

Wrapping those goods with several waste papers, Lucien hid them nearby. He then continued on with his carriage and walked toward the garbage dumps down the Beleń River.

In less than ten minutes, Lucien arrived at River Beleń and saw the garbage mountains, but what made Lucien surprised is that there wasn't as garbages as he thought. There's still a distance between the garbage disposal and the limpid, emerald-like river waters, which meant that those garbages weren't swept away by the river. Is it that they put them together and use divine arts to clean them?

It's really quiet around, Lucien didn't see anyone around but himself, and bursts of disgusting smells. No one else is digging for valuable stuff here? Are they afraid of pandemics or they just simply don't have such habit?

No matter what, Lucien looked at the stinky dumps just like he was looking at piles of cash. After he processed his garbages, Lucien started to walk here and there, ignoring the stink. In comparison to the traceless pandemics, an empty pocket was more persuasive to Lucien, also, there's magic and divine arts in this world for healing.

Of course, he was still afraid that he would get infected with some diseases, therefore Lucien carefully used papers to wrap his hand and started digging.

As a upper-class organization, the garbages from the Musician's Association is more valuable than from other places, yet Lucien still found some sellable goods here.

Considering that other may realize with he passed the city gate, plus it's his first time to do such thing, Lucien only takes a half worn-out sack, and moved all other stuff to the nearby hideaways. He went back over the same route, and hide the lanterns and etc. in the sack. He put them in the carriage and tried to make them flat, like something covering the carriage to prevent it from being dirty.

For the veil, which can be put his pocket, Lucien just brought it with him.

When he got through the city gate, the guard basically just casually glanced at him, and let him in,

He walked the carriage to Andre and Magg, who held their noses, Lucien laughed quietly at them, ’’I'm Lucien, I'm coming for the payment from the Musician's Association.’’

Magg stepped back, and poured out several Copper Fiers while cursing, ’’Damn, go fu*k off with your money and that stinky cart!’’

Andre stood further, with the usual smell on his face, ’’Seems like it's your first time to deliver the garbages to River Beleń, no wonder it took you so long to came back. Well, if you doesn't make your way back before the sky goes dark, there's gonna be more problems than entering the city. There's Kelpies haunting around at night.’’

Why didn't the church wipe out all those Kelpies? Of course, Lucien was not going to ask that. With doubt and rejoice that no one noticed his plan, Lucien left the City gate District hurriedly and returned the four-wheels carriage to its owner.

After that run, he made a net profit of five Copper Fiers. However, for Lucien, the stuff in the sack and his pocket, was the key to earning five Silver Niars as soon as possible.

Finally went back home in the Adrien District, Lucien hide the other stuff, and hurriedly carry the veil to the Market District.

Not knowing that if such kind of silk can be washed with water, Lucien decides to not do anything but keep it as ’’dirty’’ as it was.

However, when he actually stood in front of a tailor's shop, Lucien started to hesitate, worrying about being cursed and liked out, just like when he sold promotions as an intern back then. He flushed, fumbled through his speech, and thus concluded that he doesn't have such talent.

Worrying about those is actually worrying about being embarrassed, well, is there anything more embarrassed than I am now? Will such pride transform back bread to white bread, or will it bring me beef, cod steaks, and wine? Will it give me the ability to read and write?

After his travel, Lucien had experienced a lot, even swayed between the edge of life and death. At that moment, it didn't take long for him to make his decision and temporarily leave his pride away. He walked into the tailor's shop whiteout many second thoughts.

There's an old, grey-haired man wearing glasses sitting in the shop, he asks when he saw Lucien entered the shop, ’’What's that matter’’. Clearly, Lucien's dressing didn't make him look like someone who can enter an upscale tailor's like that.

Lucien smiled earnestly, ’’Good afternoon sir, do you need a piece of crepe, I've got one that is pretty nice...’’

Without letting Lucien finish, the old man interrupted him: ’’How is it even for possible for you to have a good crepe, get out, goddamn deceiver!’’

He walked out and pushed Lucien while cursing, and didn't give Lucien any chance to take the black crepe out, ’’Even if you do, it must be stolen from somewhere. Old Julio is a legitimate tailor, I acquire all my materials from Rauch's Trading House.’’

Lucien was pushed out of the shop, he frustratedly started to look for the next tailor and decided to change his way.


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