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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy - Volume 2 - Chapter 76


Vol 2, Chapter 76: Advance/ retreat, Difficult decision

TL: flarewk

I'm really not that willing to see those groups of [Crowd Actors], as the sensation of seeing those huge amounts of repetitive titles was extremely bizarre, it placing one's heart at unease.........

But it's way better than this lady right in front of my eyes!

What I've bumped into was a lady, who had a tall slender figure, donning a revealing low-cut dress, along with high heeled shoes being put on, having a hair dyed with a vibrantly golden color, had make-up being worn, lips painted with freshly red lipstick, and with the scent of perfume on her being very heavy, it even turning out to be a little pungent.

Just by looking at her outer appearance, she's like a nightclub's girl being made extremely pretty with makeup........

However, she had a title which was in stark contrast with her outer appearance!

[Eye collecting Murderous ghoul] !

What's in front of me was indubitably a murderous ghoul, plus from this lady, she didn't have any intentions at all onto concealing that matter!

The first sentence she said upon seeing me was a remark that's saturated full of danger..........

Plus, that title too in an instant became a bloody red color that's complete with a killing aura!

I hastily drew out the military short knife from my waist and held it in front of me, cautiously looking at the other party.

The golden haired club-girl upon seeing my actions placed a finger propped against her cheeks, as she looked at me with an extremely interested expression while saying.

’’Oh? Since you've immediately made a defensive gesture, that means you knew about my identity, right?’’

’’Why would a person like you appear in this sort of place?’’

Why would a murderous ghoul suddenly appear in this place?

According to logic, this area where Xue Qing was living, it should be the location where these bunch of people was fearing the most.........but this lady proactively stepped into Black Street instead..........

Don't tell me..........

My mind roughly had a guess, while Tong Jia Lin right in front of me continued on saying.

’’Hehehe, to describe others as 'this sort of person', isn't it too impolite already? Furthermore, little boy, you should be very clear within your mind on why I would be appearing here, hm?’’

’’How would I know on why you'll be here.’’

The golden haired lady shrugged her shoulders with a look of indifference, and hugged her arms as she surveyed around the surroundings while asking.

’’You too are a person belonging to 'this place', huh? But, I remembered hearing the just updated report saying that there shouldn't be anyone left in this street? The target should then be a white haired little girl.........little boy, have you seen her?’’

White haired little girl, what's she saying should be referring to Xue Qing.

As expected, it's roughly the same to my guess, that the target of this lady would be Xue Qing.

Just by slightly deducing onto it would entail out to what was exactly going on already.

Up until now, Xue Qing had always been carrying out tasks of killing people, plus she herself too admitted onto that matter, and told me that those she had murdered were some murderers that were deserving of death.........

Just like this [Eye collecting Murderous ghoul] right in front of me.

It's up to Xue Qing to locate them and kill them afterwards, before handing over to Xiang Yue Xun to settle their corpses.

Judging from the amount of 'components'being stored in the 'components storage room', the number that Xue Qing had slayed off should be already ten plus, by right.

Hence, she would get targeted, huh.........

I can't reveal out Xue Qing's location, as this lady definitely must have came here for the sake of dealing against Xue Qing!

I maintained my facial expression to be unchanged as much as possible, directly replying.

’’Never seen before.’’

’’Ara, you lied, huh?’’

It's immediately being seen through.


Why would it be that everybody was able to see through my lies!? Was my face that honest looking? I just couldn't conceal the things that's inside my mind?!

Tong Jia Lin stretched out her tongue while licking her freshly red lips, propped up her arms together as she squeezed out her cleavage and persuaded me.

’’Little boy, I advise you to hurry up and say out everything that you know, hmm? If not, this big jiejie can only pluck your eyes out already........if you seize the opportunity right now when my mood still isn't that bad, to tell me the location of that white haired little girl, not only I won't be doing anything to you, but I can provide you with a little 'adult incentives'as well, how about it?’’

As she spoke, Tong Jia Lin opened up her mouth and revealed out her tongue, with one hand of hers making out a circlish shape while moving it up and down, seemingly hinting me onto something.

.........Tsk, boring.

My inner heart had completely no fluctuations at all, and I even wanted to laugh as well.

To be frank, speaking objectively, this lady's looks still wasn't that bad.

But it's perhaps due to me having recently seen a little too much beautiful girls already, hence there would be a sort of contemptuous sensation developing.

With regards to her figure, this lady pales against Li Li;concerning with her pretty appearance, this lady can't be compared to Lian Bing, and even her seductiveness wasn't as great as Xue Qing's, she didn't spark up those malicious thoughts within me at all.

My meimeis were even more cuter than you by countless number of times.

With just that slightly good-looking appearance of yours, you wanted me to go sell out Xue Qing?

What sort of a hellish joke was that, even if you're to actively express out that you would be sleeping with me for a couple of nights, I wouldn't even be bothered with you at all!

That's right, I never make any sort of decision that would go against myself. Even when I'll be placed in danger right after this, I also didn't want to let myself have regrets.

Since I've already made up my mind, I'll give a response to this lady in front of me then.

After taking in a deep breath, I curled up the edge of my lips, and disdainfully spoke towards the lady right in front of me.

’’So sorry for that, I don't have a single bit of interest in you at all. If you're to ask's because you're too old already! Auntie!’’

Her body and expression froze at the same time.

Tong Jia Lin gaped her eyes wide, her mouth half opened, along with her cheeks slightly twitching.

As if she's seemingly desperately controlling herself to not have her facial appearance be distorted from it.

From her tone however, I'm still able to discern out her discomposure.

’’.........Hehe, little boy, you're so funny.........looks like you're tired of living.’’

’’That's not the case, I still quite rather cherish my own life. I'm just afraid that after I've agreed to you, not only you won't be letting me off, you'll even make me die right on top of your belly.’’

’’You're overthinking it already, little boy, because.........I won't be giving you any more chances to get close to this big jiejie already, hm?’’

At the very next second, the red status on top of her head shone, with an appalling killing aura emanating out, it entirely directed to me.

Her face expression had completely distorted, she had utterly turned into a female ghoul!

Tong Jia Lin took out a blade from unbeknownst where, it's shape was extremely bizarre, the sharp edge of the long thin blade was gorged inwards, and rather than saying that it's a knife that's being used to 'cut'anything at all, it's more apt to describe it as a tool that was being utilized to 'gorge'out a certain something.

’’Disobedient little boy, the knife you're holding in your hands isn't yours, right? If my guess is correct, it should be that white haired little girl's instead. There's an abnormal atmosphere painted right on it.........undoubtedly, it's also a 'murderous weapon'that had killed off countless number of people as well.’’

Just from a knife alone, she's able to discern it out to such levels already?

This lady wasn't just some nobody.........

Such a melee weapon as like a knife, is different from a gun. As long as a gun is held, anyone could become a murderer, but for a knife.........everyone's pattern of using it is different. Just like me holding a kitchen knife to chop vegetables, the knives in their hands too had a very different utilization. Depending on the user's level of skill, the knife could be the strongest and the quickest weapon, but could also very well be the weakest and the slowest weapon.........

Hence, even if I'm to wield a military short knife within my hands, I still didn't have any sort of comforted sensation.

It's not only because I basically wasn't able to adeptly utilize this knife, it's even more because that the other party was a 'professional'.

In her eyes, I probably was like a small child who was holding a toy, and wouldn't cause the least bit of damage at all.

’’Other than a blade's shape, material and level of sharpness, the feeling of its handle, the flexibility of the blade itself, along with the steel utilized by the blade;it will all make the sensation of using a knife be hugely contrasting, and to us people who rely on it as a means of survival, that's a question of life and death.’’

Tong Jia Lin used her fingers to press onto that curled-up portion, with that blade actually effortlessly changing its shape, it being just as pliant as a penknife.

’’And you, little boy, is evidently not a person who 'knows how to use a blade'.’’

’’Heh, you said it out to be a little too overbearing already. I daresay that my level of using a kitchen knife must be way more skillful than yours. Looking at your appearance, you don't seem to be that type of woman who cooks at home.’’

’’Hehe, little boy, you sure are humorous.........a pity, slicing vegetables and slicing meat, they are two completely different concepts, hmm?’’

The hairs on my entire body stood upright, the other party was already in a state right about to implode! I stuffed the magatama in my pockets, and used my both hands to grip onto the short knife, lowering my body while entirely focusing on looking at the other party.

’’Especially, when it's another kind of feeling while slicing up human flesh!’’

Here it comes!

Her speed was extremely fast, she almost instantaneously appeared right in front of me!

Her face instantly magnified several times, with that bizarrely shaped blade acting just like a lively snake as it pierced over from a freakish angle.

Gritting my teeth, I leaned backwards, waving the short knife within my hands, sweeping it right before my eyes.

*Ka Qiang!*

I very fortunately blocked onto the other party's blade, because in actuality, I knew since long ago that the other party's target was my eyeballs, hence went for a gamble to enact out such actions.

That strange blade's material wasn't as heavy as mine, hence when we crossed our blades, the one who was being knocked away was her.

However, the side who suffered a bigger injury was me instead!

The area between my thumb and forefinger received a potent impact, with my arm trembling as well, causing me to nearly not be able to firmly grasp the short knife within my hands.

Her strength was massive!

Had this woman transformed right from a gorilla?! Just merely a go made my arms numb from shaking!

As expected, was it still a little too much?

I thought that my own reaction had became way more faster already, and it's because due to having the split portion of mental strength from Li Li. If not, I probably wouldn't be able to even fend off this strike, with my eyes thus just simply becoming gorged out.

But on my body's still clearly lacking!

After receiving a blade, I wasn't that deathly stupid onto going on the assault to the other party, hastily retreated backwards instead, while switching the short knife to my left hand, and swang about my right hand which became a little numbed.

Tch.........just only escaping out from Xue Qing's side, and encountering such a female murderous ghoul thereafter.........

Wasn't the me today too overly unlucky already?

I'll first take my retreat right now, this woman wasn't a person which I'm able to handle.........though it seemed to be a little embarrassing, but it's way better than dying over here.........

Plus, I'm guessing that Xue Qing should have almost caught up with me.

One side is to have my fingers being chopped off, while the other is to have my eyes being gorged off, huh?

That's really........

Just when I've thought up to that point, I heard footsteps resounding from right behind me.

It's Xue Qing who caught up already, huh!

With that thought just only appearing within my mind, a man's voice floating from my back had my thoughts dashed as such.

’’What are you doing playing over there, 'Eye Gorge', didn't that lord tell us to proceed together, having the target surrounded and killed?’’

It's some other person, and from the tone alone, it seemed that he was somehow acquainted with Tong Jia Lin.

Tong Jia Lin's vision looked over me towards my behind, and upon seeing the person right behind me, she extremely exaggeratedly unveiled out a shocked expression as she said.

’’Oh my? 'Eviscerate', why did you come over here as well?’’

Eviscerate.........don't tell me.........

I slightly turned my body around, looking at the man who was walking towards me.

It's a shallowly thin-faced man, donning a beret and wearing a black colored leathery jacket with very deep sunken eyes.

And his status shockingly was..........

[Eviscerating Murderous ghoul]

[Edward ·Cain]

The second murderous ghoul appeared on my retreating route!

-ch 76 end-

(3167 words to tl)


Advance/ retreat, Difficult decision (进退两难) = a cn idiom using to describe out the daunting situation at hand;it's tough to make a choice onto proceeding forward or to take a step backwards: a stalemate-like scene, as to speak.

Like in death note when Light knows the ’’name’’ of L during L's formal meet-up introduction to him, but is unable to kill him of due to paranoia of the triggering set of events afterwards.

The area between my thumb and forefinger = Well, I could use the term 'purlicue', but then later on the most of you probably would be confused on whatdafudge was dhat (even I had to google it)

Eviscerating quick definition (from google) = disembowel (a person or animal).

[disembowel: an act of cutting open and removing the internal organs of an creature]

Edward ·Cain (爱德华·该隐) = Now, when I'm searching for the 'Cain'term, I came across a very interesting interpretation of it.... the descendants of Adam and Eve, them being Cain and Abel respectively.

TLDR, Cain is a murderer out of envy.

Link to wikipedia about it →Cain and Abel


jiejie (姐姐) = I wanted to use 'elder sister'but it kinda seemed awkward........then I remembered that I have used this term before, hence you guys may find it familiar... so it's utilized instead!

meimei (妹妹) = younger sister


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