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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy - Volume 2 - Chapter 74


Vol 2, Chapter 74: Contradictory intentions, Opposing motives

TL: flarewk

Though it was being separated by a blanket, it's a little too horrendous having pushed down a loli as well as pressing her down under my body and so on..........

After thinking for a moment, I started to feel her body through the blankets..........cough, don't be mistaken! I'm merely just confirming onto her shape! Eeeh, saying it as such seemed to be a little wrong as's roughly just analyzing out what sort of posture she's currently in, for convenience of me carrying out my next step of actions.

After confirming onto her posture, I forcibly moved the position of her hands and legs, arranging her out to be in an upright stance.

Afterwards, I retracted my arms and curled up the bed quilts, and while hugging onto her using my waist, I trapped her inside within it.

Lastly, I used the beddings to tie up the quilt pile..........a spring roll containing Xue Qing stuffings is now completed!

Heh heh, any customers who wanted to have a taste onto the just freshly made spring roll loli?


From the quilts resounded out Xue Qing's moans, she sounded to be in discomfort.

Eeeh, I've inadvertently became too conceited already.

Right now, she should be having problems with breathing, so let's first expose out her head then.

Flipping up the top portion of the quilt roll and poking out Xue Qing's head, I immediately felt onto a sensation of gravitational pull, with a *pu ha* sound appearing thereafter, having hot breaths being blown onto my face.

A Xue Qing whose head was only being exposed outside, had her face turning just as rosy red as an ripe apple, with sweat dampening her forehead, and her hair becoming a little unkempt.

Her tiny mouth panted for air in an opening and closing motion, it looks a little like her seemingly having the flu or a fever.

’’Jun Cheng, so hot.........’’

Xue Qing had a very heat unresisting constitution, and right now, while having her clothes on along with me using the blankets to bundle her up that tightly, it's natural for her to feel that it's hot.

When a person feels hot, their body would also naturally feel weakened as well, and that's one of the reasons on why I would choose to use blankets to suppress her.

’’Your blankets are indeed a little too thick. Recently, the temperature's been rising up, so you're able to change into a thinner one too. That sort of very light blankets with air pockets isn't bad at all, or perhaps silk blankets as well, so just go ask for it from those astounding uncles;they'll probably be able to get it to you the day wait! Now isn't the time to be saying that!’’

Why did I suddenly worry about her life already! Had I actually unknowingly formed that sort of mentality that I must take care of her needs?

Nonono, right now, I must temporarily shake off that sort of mindset! Until there's a resolution for our disagreement, I mustn't be having any tiny bit of sympathy for her!

After firmly resolving myself, I propped up the blanket roll which had Xue Qing wrapped up and spoke to her, face to face.

’’Uh yeah, surrender quietly! Xue Qing!’’

’’'s so uncomfortable..........’’


It seemed that it's impossible to be having a conversation this way.........sigh.........

With the outcome that I still slightly unloosened the bedding that was tying up the blankets, this way, she wouldn't be feeling constricted in her chest already.

Afterwards, I used my sleeves to wipe off the sweat on her tiny face, using a gentle voice while half squatting in front of her and said.

’’I know that you're scared of heat, and if this goes on, who knows, you may even faint as well, hmm? As long as you agree to not want any body parts from me, I'll let you out from this, okay?’’

But I didn't expect that Xue Qing would simply just shake her head without even considering about it.

’’Ehhh.........then how about we negotiate once more, I'll give you an entire piece of fingernail this time, but you mustn't want anything from me in the future already! At the very least, before I grow out my nails again.........’’

I hadn't finished speaking when I was being interrupted by Xue Qing shaking her head.

’’Can't, endure it anymore.’’


Just then, I understood. So the nodding of her head wasn't directed to the disagreeing of my words, but it's due to her body's reaction!

The center of the rolled blanket was also surging about;she should be twisting her body around..........when would a person be tightly clutching onto their legs while twisting their body about? Does it still need to be said! Of course it's when they are in an urgent need to pee already!

Xue Qing's body started to slightly tremble, with her cheeks becoming more and more red.

’’Almost, coming out.’’

’’Ey? It's coming out already? Eeeh, it can't be that you want to pee, right.........e-, even if you're to say that, I also won't be letting you out!’’

I also wouldn't know whether she would be tricking me or not.........but, even if you're to pee inside just like that, I also wouldn't be letting you out!

I had that sort of resolve already! At the very most, I'll just help you to wash it after that!

’’Hurry up and surrender, Xue Qing, you also don't want your blankets to be dirtied, right? As long as you're willing to give up, I'll let you out from inside~’’


Xue Qing still shook her head, as she lowered her head and curled her body up afterwards, with the frontal side of the rolled blanket puffing up as a result. What was she doing?

I obtained the answer to that at the very next second.


A blade tore through the rolled blanket, it just so perfectly piercing outwards through the gap at my abdomen. It's fortunate that I'm at a half-squatting state, if not, right now I'll definitely would have taken in a blade already!

I was given a fright by the suddenly appearing blade, with my legs slipping and sitting onto the floor while retreating backwards.

Hold on, when she said that its coming out, it didn't refer to her wanting to pee, but it's that she really wanted to come out from there, huh!

I just had that thought earlier, when it turned into reality!

*Pzzzzt! ! !*

The rolled blanket was being sliced into two halves in a single stroke!

Xue Qing's upper shirt was rolled up to her chest, revealing out the entirety of her little tummy as well as her cute bellybutton, with her highly raised right hand reversed-holding onto that military short knife.

Oh crap! I actually forgot that she was carrying knives on her! Am I an idiot!

My plan had already failed! After regaining onto her freedom, Xue Qing would definitely chase after me like just now, and would want fingernails from me!

There's no choice already, so I can only jump out from the windows to escape, huh!

Without even thinking at all, I immediately spun around and ran towards the direction of the windows which I had earlier opened beforehand. But Xue Qing had also long anticipated onto my actions, and simply hurled the knife out from her hands!


The sound of air being pierced resounded, with me too immediately falling onto the floor.

For a moment, I thought that I had been penetrated already, with the result that when I turned around, I saw the short knife precisely pierced through my trousers at my kneecaps area, and had penetrated right into the floor.

I hastily stretched out my hands, wanting to pull out that short knife, but my hands had just only reached the handles when Xue Qing appeared right before me, pressing down onto my shoulders, reverse-pushing me down onto the floor, with the situation being the exact opposite of what it was earlier!

The hands that were pressed on my shoulders were still slightly trembling, with her petite mouth too pursed up as well, an appearance of seemingly enduring onto something.

When a person feels hot and damp at the same time, they would feel like peeing, it's a normal physiological reaction.

And so, that also means that Xue Qing just now really felt like's a chance!

While using force to tear up the trousers on my legs, I cried out to her.

’’Xue Qing, aren't you in a hurry to pee! Just go to the toilet then!’’

Always holding it in wasn't good for the body, so don't bother about me already, just go and relieve yourself (and perfect for me to flee as well)!

’’.........can't, endure already.’’


I hadn't reacted to the meaning of what she's saying.........till I heard that tiny spurting sounds of *xiu xiu xiu*, with me feeling the sides of my clothes being damp afterwards.

While becoming perplexed, I instinctively stretched out my hands wanting to go touch it, but had my hands being grabbed by Xue Qing.

’’Don't touch, it's dirty.........’’


Dirty? Don't tell me..........

So, 'can't endure already'was referring to this, huh! So she had already peed outtttttttttttt!

’’I told you to quickly go to the toilet already! Isn't this having your pants peed! Don't you find it embarrassing!’’

’’.........Sacrifice, for justice.........’’

’’Is it really suitable to be using that idiom here!’’

Or was it that, she'd rather have her pants peed than to be willing to let me go, huh! Snatching away parts from my body was your justice, huh?!

Speaking of which, not letting me to use my hands to have contact with it was because she felt that it was dirty..........but it's not considered to be dirty if it was being peed onto me, huh!

Xue Qing too felt a sensation of shyness never ever being felt before, as she gave out an *umu* sound with her lips pouted up, with the redness on her face too not yet receding away as well.

But, even if it's like that, she still persisted onto her gestures, forcefully pressing onto my shoulders and using her thighs to clutch my waist, disallowing me from wildly moving about.

’’Hey! Just hurry up and go to the toilet! It's already dripping down your legs already!’’

’’Don't want.’’

I too wasn't sure if she had completely given up since having being exposed, as I heard the watery sounds becoming louder, with my stomach immediately being completely drenched.

’’Jun Cheng, will run away.’’

’’But don't push me down while peeing out without restraint, uwa..........’’

It's a sight that was unbearable to look at..........

Even the smell of it was wafting through the air already..........

Wouldn't girls feel extremely embarrassed upon hearing the sounds of someone peeing? That goes beyond saying for getting a whiff of it, or even peeing onto someone else already! I'm begging you, can't you have a little bit of reaction for what a normal girl would be having!

Then again, if she was being thought of as a pet, peeing onto her 'master'just like that, it indeed seemed to be a rather common occurrence as well..........

No, what the heck am I thinking!

Afterwards, the watery sounds gradually turned softer.........she finally finished peeing.

’’Mm.........a little, excited.’’


Don't awaken some sort of strange fetish!!

’’Well then, continue.’’


Continue of course would refer to continuing taking away a few stuff from my body already!

And I saw that she moved the position of her hands, pressing onto my chest single-handedly while slowly lifting up her upper body thereafter, employing her other hand to raise her skirt up high plus using her mouth to hold onto it. A bluish white color of striped panties was being exposed right in front of my eyes, and because the distance of it was extremely close, I could even see that drenched stain on the panties, along with that ravine which had became extremely prominent...........

But it wasn't for the sake of my enjoyment for her to be flipping up her's in order to unsheathe that dagger which was being tied onto her thighs!

Just as expected, Xue Qing hoisted out the dagger and stepped onto my chest with her tiny legs afterwards;its strength wasn't that small either!


I'd say, what were you planning to do!

What closely followed next, was that she used that leg as a pivot point, spinning her body round 180°, with her back facing me..........and using her butt to sit on my face!

Her drenched panties had directly covered up onto my face! Due to the compression, there's a bit of leftover liquid from the panties being wrung out into my mouth..........

Uwa! What the hell!


I instantly struggled, wildly shaking around those three remaining limbs that were still able to move, with the result that they were being captured in just mere moments.

That leg which was able to move was being fixed into place by her leg, while my both hands were being grasped by a hand of Xue Qing and was being conjoined held together.

As such, my body was being fixated, completely losing out its movement capabilities.

I could almost foresee onto what was going to happen next.........

Pee liquids too flowed into my nostrils, and I immediately felt the insides of my nose feeling onto a sourish sensation;that rather strong-smelling odor made me unresistingly cough out.

’’ *Koko* (muffled sounds)..........’’

Xue Qing too had a reaction because of my coughing, as she wriggled her butt around a couple of times.

’’Uuu.........Jun Cheng.’’

She called out my name.

’’It won't, be very painful.’’

Her voice contained a strand of concern within, along with a slight.........excitement as well?

’’It'll be done, in a moment.’’

Simply just like a nurse, comforting a child who was afraid of having his backside injected, having a gentle tone.

But it's completely not that sort of thing already, okay!

’’Uuu! UuUUU! Muuu!’’

I desperately moved my fingers around, only hoping that it'll cause some kind of a hindrance onto her, but my both hands were immediately being tied up with some sort of thing already.

She caught my left hand, and I felt the icy cold blade making contact with the root of my left hand's nameless finger..........

Not only does she want my finger, she even wanted my entire finger, huh!


Please, someone come help me!

Anyone's fine.........

I! Don't! Want! My! Finger! To! Be! Sliced! Off!

-ch 74 end-

(3120 words to tl)


Blankets with air pockets (太空被) = It's the closest translation to that already, but not quite the term in which I'm looking for. It's those sort of blankets (with pockets of air in-between the sewing patterns);if anyone knows the proper term for it, do correct me in the comments below!

Sacrifice oneself for justice's sake (舍生取义) = the full meaning of what that meant. (e.g. soldiers sacrificing themselves to defend a country)


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