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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy - Volume 2 - Chapter 73


Vol 2, Chapter 73: Obtaining, Loli

TL: flarewk

I didn't expect that things would actually be that smooth.

After I've returned home from Xue Qing's residence, I too used my phone to check onto stuff regarding Black Street, but there wasn't anyone who was able to clearly say out where that street was exactly located at.

Hence, I only wanted to give it a try, but hadn't expected a homeless uncle to actually know on how to get there.

But if it's to be explicitly said, I also didn't feel that surprised onto him knowing where Black Street would be, for the title on that homeless man's head was also a[Crowd Actor]..........

Same as those passerbys who were in front of me right now.

Excellent! I'm already at this mysterious street! Although I've made a promise with Xue Qing previously to go to her house again to play with her, I'm in a hurry as of right now, so let me firstly complete those other issues of mine!

I didn't know where the other exits would be leading to, but there's one that I still know of where it'll be leading towards!

I started to run, dashing over that bakery store right ahead, afterwards turned left at the next junction..........there it is! It's that alleyway!

From here, it's directly linked towards Dajinhua departmental building, and thereafter, around the vicinity of there should be that Jingxuan hotel where it's hosting a birthday banquet party for Lian Bing.

Alright~, let's not delay the situation any longer, hurry up and go!

While taking out my phone to confirm onto the current time, I dashed into the alley.

The time right now was just 5 more minutes till 8.........I'll make it, barely!

After dashing out of the alleyway, I lifted up my head wanting to confirm onto which direction that hotel was at, but noticed instead.........

That I'm still within the premises of Black Street!


What's the matter already?

I remembered we had went out of this alleyway during the previous time, reaching the departmental store after that already..........but right now, what's in front of me was still indubitably Black Street.

If I'm to asked why, it's due to those titles on the passerbys'heads still being the never-changing [Crowd Actors]..........

Eyyy? What the hell is going on here?

I attempted to turn around once again running into the alleyway, and afterwards..........

Back to Black Street again! ! !

Disbelieving onto my rotten luck, I repeatedly attempted it three to four times, with me then realizing afterwards, that I really couldn't go out already!

As expected, I can't walk out of this street with just myself alone!

Previously, it was Xue Qing who brought me in and out of this place, and when I had entered earlier, it was also due to that kick from the homeless uncle.........then that means, it's a requirement to have a person from this street leading someone before that person would be able to freely enter or leave?

I'll go ask help from Xue Qing then!

I'm not able to make it by the current time already, and since I'm late, there's no need to be that anxious then.

Carrying onto these sort of self-despairing thoughts, I once more returned back to that luxurious mansion where Xue Qing home was.

I originally wanted to knock onto the door to enquire if there was anybody at home, but then noticed that it simply wasn't closed at all, hence just pulled open the door and went right in.

’’Xue Qing?’’

No response.

I walked into the living room to take a look, and went to the second floor, Xue Qing's bedroom to glance around.

’’Xue Qing, you there?’’

The bedding was tidily laid, with pajamas being laid out right by the pillows. Looks like she should have already finished changing and had went out.........

I unyieldingly opened up every single room to take a look, and even went inside that 'components storage room'to glance around.

With the result that there's still no one around.

Returning to the porch, I then realized that the slippers I've bought for her were being tidily arranged on the shoe cabinet, while the sports shoe that she wore when going out likewise having a pair missing.

Looks like she had indeed went out.

Speaking of which, since you're going out, close up your door properly.........was it because there's those uncles around, which was why she wasn't afraid onto losing her stuff?

No, going by that personality of Xue Qing, it's probable that she simply doesn't care at all.

There's no choice then. Since Xue Qing wasn't around, I can only randomly seek assistance from a passerby to bring me outside.

Although my heart felt a little opposed onto wanting to cross paths with those passerbys, there's only this solution as of now.

When I stepped out from Xue Qing's home, the sky had turned dull and sullen, it feeling as if it's about to rain.

And the biggest change, was that those group of [Crowd Actors] on the street were all gone already!

There's not even a single person around at all!

An ominous feeling started to spread around within my heart, as I started to hasten around everywhere in search for the traces of others.

But no matter where I went, there weren't anybody present at all!

What closely followed next was that I attempted to sprint wildly about to everywhere, going inside of alleys when encountering one, jumping into windows when chancing upon them..........

And the outcome was that I still wasn't able to get out..........

’’What the hell is all of these!’’

hell is all of these.........

all of these.........



I clutched my both hands onto the sides of my head, howling up towards the heavens, but I actually was able to hear onto my own echo!


There's completely no one around, huh..........

If this goes on, don't even mention about being late already, perhaps even till the end of the birthday party, I'll still be stuck right in here..........

’’What the hell!’’

The helpless me nonchalantly located a bookstore, walked into it grabbing a book afterwards and went to the shop's entrance, sitting down.

I'm like a casualty who had floated adrift to an isolated island, placing his last hope onto that passing ship that he had no idea onto when it'll ever be appearing;with my eyes looking on endlessly to the point of boring through anything already at 'the street that only had me residing in it', yearning to encounter onto a person who's able to bring me out from here.

And afterwards, I met Xue Qing right at that place.

Falling into the situation where my fingernails were being wanted.


Recollecting back about it, it's roughly something like that.

And right now.........

I'm running with all of my might inside this completely isolated Black Street, with Xue Qing chasing after me just like a spirit, silently and stealthily following onto me.

No matter how much I ran, I still was able to hear onto those footsteps that resounded from behind me.

*Bok*, *bok*.........

It's the sound of footsteps stepping on the asphalt road.

Even though Xue Qing's stature was so tiny, with her pace too by right way more smaller than me;I'm running, but she actually was able to catch up with me just by walking!

If the reason was to be said, it's probably due to Xue Qing being a resident of this place and was extremely familiar with this street.........

Xue Qing said, that the next time we met.........there would be something happening, and right now, I finally understood what it was.

It's simply because of me comprehending it, which was why I didn't know onto what to do.

Having my relationship getting better and better with Xue Qing would imply that she would want to be even more closer with me, and would want to turn me into the 'most ideal state'.

And to that [Active type Handicapped Admirer] Xue Qing, being completely disabled was then the most ideal state!

Hence she would be wanting hair from me, wanting fingernails from me, but what she really wanted, it wasn't those things itself, instead hoping to see 'onto the me who was deprived of those things'!

To be frank, if it's just an entire piece of fingernail, it's fine for me to endure out the pain and pluck it out giving her anyway.

But, I'll barely be dealing over with it 'this time', what about 'the next time'then?

That's right.........what I'm afraid of was if there would still be a next time, of what Xue Qing would then want from me..........

Basing from those 'components'that I saw at her house, would it be fingers? Or eyeballs?

No matter which it'll be, I just can't accept any of them at any rate!

I'll still be able to grow out fingernails after losing them, but after losing my fingers, I wouldn't be able to grow them out already!

If this goes on, I'm afraid that I'll turn into a part of that storage room's specimen..........

If I'm to integrate myself into becoming the main character of a horror story, there probably would be a 'Ahh, this person is doomed'sort of feeling already.........ahahaha.........

No way, no way, no way!

Calm down, An Jun Cheng!

Don't be too overly depressed already! Quickly think! Move, brain!

As long as I'm still in Black Street, it'll be impossible for me to shake off Xue Qing, and to be randomly running amok on the streets just like that, there definitely would be a moment where I'll be caught!

I must turn the situation around to subdue her!

That's right, repeatedly running away like this wasn't a solution too, and since I'll indefinitely be caught up, I may as well gamble onto it!

It'll be alright as long as I make her lose her ability to move around, resulting in her not being able to continue on chasing after me!

Firstly, I'll need to restrict her movements, and as such, I'll need to run into a building, and the best spot would be..........her home itself!

Once again returning inside of Xue Qing's home, upon entering the door I immediately closed it up, simply running into the living room after pulling off my shoes, and took a pair of chopsticks and along with a vinegar jar, dashing up the flight of stairs.

While loudly shouting towards the door entrance.

’’Xue Qing! Remember to change your shoes when entering!’’

She definitely would change into her slippers well-behavedly, with me gaining onto some extra time in return.

Immediately rushing into Xue Qing's room, I firstly opened up the windows.

For precaution's sake, I first prepared my escape route.

Jumping out of the windows was still a solution as well. Though I may very likely twist onto my ankles if I'm unlucky, it's still more preferable than being captured by Xue Qing when my plan fails;way better than forcibly being GG-ed.

Next up was to install a trap, sticking the chopsticks into the hems of the door, thereafter placing that jar of vinegar upside down in the middle of those two chopsticks, with a simple door opening trap being completed. Afterwards was to tie one end of the bedsheets to the corner of the bed, with the other end being held in my hand.

Next, was to wait 'at that spot'already, as I used my other hand to grab onto the bed quilts..........while holding my breath and silently awaited my prey's (Xue Qing) arrival.

*Pa ta*, *pa ta*..........

I heard the sounds of slippers stepping onto the wooden floor.

She's walking upstairs, excellent!

The instance that Xue Qing pushed the door open to walk into the room;the door opening trap activated, with that jar of vinegar dropping thereafter, about to crash onto Xue Qing's petite head!

She of course instantaneously reacted to it and jumped towards the side. For a trap as simple as that, going by her reaction speed, it's impossible for her to be struck by it.........but!

Just at this moment, that hand of mine grasping onto the bedsheets raised up, and formed into an intercepting line that trips people!

As long as a person jumps, they wouldn't be able to freely move about in air, hence no matter who it was, they wouldn't be able to dodge against this trap!

And Xue Qing was no exception to it, and was being tripped by the bedsheets while in the midst of jumping sideways!

*Plonk!* *Bam!*

She fell down, and the jar of vinegar dropped onto the floor.

With that sound being my starting signal, I spread open the quilts, and simply pounced onto her without warning!

Half the jar of vinegar was being spilt over onto the floor, with the scent of vinegar exuding throughout the room, while Xue Qing who had fell onto the floor had her figure being covered up by me using bed quilts.........

I've pushed her down already!

But I still mustn't lower my guard, for Xue Qing's body is small and petite, and can very easily tunnel out from within the quilt gaps, hence just using my four limbs weren't just enough, I must use onto my entire body to go hold her down, pressing her down under my body!

At this point of time, I also couldn't consider much onto her feelings already, for the sake for my own personal safety, I must harden up my resolve and press her down! Hence, I immediately was like a toad, using my figure to compress onto the blankets, with my cheeks that's across the blankets being able to feel onto the soft flesh on the other party's cheeks..........not only her cheeks, I'm able to feel onto other body parts as well, and although the sensation of it wasn't as intense since it's separated by the blankets, it still arose the maliciousness that's within my heart..........

Eeeh, hold steady, hold it steady. My state of mind as well as my body must both hold it steady..........

Xue Qing too as well, after struggling a couple of times within the blankets and noticing that she wasn't able to escape, she stopped moving.

I too gradually changed my movements, from the posture of messily pressing onto the sides of the quilts from the very start into gradually closening in on its range flattening the quilt out.

Soon enough, the shape of Xue Qing's figure was being prominently displayed out, while I too pressed my hands onto her arms, with my knee propped onto her the sides of her thighs clutching onto her waist, taking a step closer onto limiting the area of her movement capabilities.

This way, she should be completely unable to move already.........

Phew.........I did it!

I've captured this dangerous loli!

-ch 73 end-

(3087 words to tl)


Jingxuan Hotel (景轩酒店) = a hotel that really existed irl in china

GG (pronounced 'gee gee') = slang for 'good game'. It's usually the statement of people who loses the match (in moba games) Other similar slangs include ’’GGWP’’, ’’’’, ’’good game’’ etcra


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