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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy - Volume 2 - Chapter 72


Vol 2, Ch 72: Mistakenly entering, Deviating path

TL: flarewk

What would it be like if I'm to simply ignore Lan Hua just like that, but if that was done, would she be carrying a grudge against me?

I'm able to tell by looking at the color of her status, that it's due to her liking me which resulted in her harassment, and afterwards, from various indications, I'm able to see that she should be that type of girl belonging to the legendary genre of yanderes..........

I originally merely thought this sort of females who possessed an extreme deviation of emotions would only exist in the 2D world, but I didn't expect that I'll actually be encountering upon's really such a low probability striking event already, and could even be said to be lucky, eh?

Eeehh, being pestered by a yandere wasn't a good thing at all..........within my mind floated up all sorts of unpleasant scenarios, like being imprisoned, tied up, bred, hunted, or even being chopped up.........!

I shrunk my neck, unresistingly unveiling out a painfully agonized expression.

Calm down, even if it's a yandere, they wouldn't be suddenly killing out from nowhere. If they were to be nonchalantly massacring and whatnot, it's simply just having fallen into madness, a criminal who had their thinking limited already, wasn't it?

Just like Yuno G*sai, that type of malicious yandere who was still an exception amongst the exceptions, and usually speaking, it wouldn't be developing to as that.

I searched around for information about yanderes within my mind. Let's once again carefully analyze them then.

Speaking from a usual stance, girls which carried yandere traits wouldn't directly cause the male MC any trouble, as being together with the male MC would then be their primary motive, and would merely be thinking up of solutions in order to remove off those people or things which had hindered them.

And before being discovered by the male MC, they would firstly endure, and endure, and endure up till their very limits, to the point where they couldn't hold it in any longer, before carrying out their actions.

And afterwards, when all sorts of their terrible actions had been discovered, they would be entering a..........Mm, that so-called stalking state. Just like what the previous Lan Hua had been doing to me..........

At this point of time, if the male MC purposely wanted to seek death, falling in love with other females, or perhaps going out with two girls and whatnot, it would cause the yandere girl to be entrapped within emotions of sinister darkness, evolving to the next phase which was the most frightening outcome;having all sorts of terrifying massacring plots...........

And hence, from here one can then derive out the counteracting solution. It'll be alright as long as I go toward its reverse flow, continuing to respond to the other party's affection, and thus by right would be able to maintain a relatively harmonious relationship with the yandere..........or even speaking from at a certain standpoint, it's probable that I would be living in happiness as well.........

’’Isn't the main issue's that I'm not able to respond to it!’’

Self denying the outcome which came out after thoughts and analysis.

Don't even talk about responding to it already, I've even rejected the other party just now!!

Aaaaaaaa! And that's why, what kind of situation exactly is this! I completely am not able to understand it at all!

There's a decisive slight different factor between Lan Hua and a normal yandere, and that was, she knew about the matter that I had a girlfriend! Notwithstanding that when Lian Bing made the confession to me, she was just right beside as well!

Plus, I also didn't purposely seek death by choosing the route on going out with two girls at once, and had decisively rejected off Lan Hua.

Thinking about it as such, right about now she should be forming vengeance through love, and by right would be wanting to kill me off, ehh?

However, the response from her was.........Eeehh, sending me a text message in the middle of the night to harass me?

Plus, looking from the contents of the text message, not only it contained text emojis, but she also had the time to go tease me as well, hence her mood doesn't seem to be considered that terrible could even say that it's a manner of being in delight.

It's so bizarre..........

I don't get it! Grand Master!

(TL: reference to MC from Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru;see footnotes)

Expectedly, experiences borrowed from mangas and light novels weren't of any freaking use at all..........

*Whroom whrooom*

2017-4-4 01:35

[It can't be that Jun Cheng is worrying, that even though I'm already rejected, why am I still pestering you regardless, right?]


This person, don't tell me that she could read minds?

Not using any text emojis implied that Lan Hua had turned serious already.

I thought for a moment, but still responded with a [Mm, that's right, I don't get it].

And after a moment thereafter, Lan Hua replied.

2017-4-4 01:37

[I don't blame you~, Jun Cheng, but it turned out that I liked you even more after that. Although I'm really sad, but now, I liked you even more already~ fufufufu~]


Having someone saying that they liked me, even if it's me, I would also feel quite embarrassed.........

Afterwards, she then begun to uncaringly narrate out stuff about her.

The gist of its contents being summarized up was: Ever since from the first year of high school sitting right by the sides behind me, she started to be mindful about the things regarding me →When she realized about it, she had already fallen in love with me →But due to the hesitance within her heart, she had never dared to confess →Not expecting that Lian Bing would be taking the first step ahead to confess to me →With resentment within her heart, she wanted to snatch me back →Wanted to understand me even more, hence started to stalk me →Rejected by me..........

Speaking till this point, Lan Hua expressed out her current heartfelt intentions.

She said.........

[I don't want to give up.]

[I know, that Jun Cheng's girlfriend is Lian Bing, but I still don't want to give up.]

[So, I'm going to.........]

A long, meaningful pause, which made me uncontrollably think towards the bad outcome for the situation. Don't tell me that she wanted to do something towards Lian Bing.........!

I hastily interrupted, sending a text message over.

2017-4-4 02:02

Sent a [Aren't you and Lian Bing good friends! What are you going to do to her! Don't be rash! Lan Hua!]

[Don't be rash, huh.........fufufu, don't worry, Jun Cheng, I won't be doing anything to Lian Bing.........]

[Since we're friends, then it's fine to share her boyfriend with me, right? It's time to confirm whether our friendship is truly deeply rooted or not.]

’’What the hell........!’’

[That's natural too, right, because I understand Jun Cheng even more so than Lian Bing, and paid attention to you even more so than anyone else, Jun Cheng!]

Afterwards, it's a huge pile of personal information regarding about me!

It's so intricate till it made the scalp of my head turn numb!

Even private investigators weren't able to be achieving onto these sort of levels!

Such utter insanity.........!

There were even some matters that even I wasn't aware of before being put down in that list, as because it's too overly detailed, it instead made me have some sort of insurmountably huge sensation of being impressed.

Just by looking at this set of data, I'm able to understand what sort of person I am already.........

Mn? Hold on.........

My brain suddenly flashed through an idea, as it thought up of that other matter which caused me a headache.

Through Lan Hua, would I be able to locate, onto people who were similar to me already?

But, to be exploiting a yandere and whatnot..........Eehh, I somehow felt a sensation of it to be a form of seeking death..........

I'll first note down this thought then. About whether I should be using.........Mm, I'll see how the situation turns out.

2017-4-4 02:12

[As of now, it's alright as long as I'm still able to see Jun Cheng.........looking right now, and will always be looking in the future, fufufu~]

Uuu! She said that she's looking at me right now.........! What means was she exactly using in order to look at me!

Surveillance cameras?!

I hastily asked.

Sent a [You installed surveillance cameras inside my room?!]

Basing on those gazes that I've felt, it doesn't seem to be just merely one of them!

Where were they at!

I once again started to rummage about within my room, but still wasn't able to locate not even a single one of them at all, and I suspected that they very possibly could be pinhole cameras.

2017-4-4 02:20

[That's right, in order to always continually look at Jun Cheng, so that's a must~ Fufu, you're so cute, Jun Cheng? Even you're to keep on searching, you'll never be able to find it~?]

Had she seized the opportunity when I've brought my meimeis out to go shopping yesterday, to secretly sneak into my house to install those surveillance cameras?

It definitely must be that already, since there weren't anyone at home for the entire day yesterday.

But, where were they being installed.........

No, just this way wouldn't have it being located at all..........

Eeeeeeeh, I suddenly don't feel like staying in this room anymore, it felt so extremely uncomfortable! It's just like having a transparent room, it simply having zero privacy already!

But, if I'm to leave this room, where should I go sleep then.........

Should I just go to the living room's sofas to tank it for the night?

2017-4-4 02:22

[It's no use, hmm? Jun Cheng's house is already completely under my sight's range, ahh, but I didn't install any at the meimeis rooms, fufu.........Jun Cheng, you can't be thinking of going to sleep together with your meimeis, right?]


Even though it's a text message that didn't have any sound at all, I could almost hear onto the ending note of that sentence, of Lan Hua's voice which became even more and more chilling!

If I'm to really run to Xin Ran and Ke Ling's to go sleep together with them, perhaps she would turn sinisterly dark already!

However, I originally wasn't planning to sleep together with my meimeis in any case.

If I'm to really do such a thing, wouldn't it be equal to like jumping out from a fiery bowl into a fiery pit?! Even if my head was to be squished by a door already, I wouldn't be doing out such foolish stuff as well!

Since that's the case! To hide from Lan Hua's gaze.........I can only.........!

I directly leaped onto my bed, used the blankets to cover up my face, curling my body up into a ball, merging one with the blankets to form a 'Blanketmon', only having a 'airhole'left behind to ensure that my breathing would be smooth.

Since I didn't know where Lan Hua exactly was, I'll conceal myself up then!

*Whroom whrooom*

The phone rang, as the final piece of text message for tonight arrived.

2017-4-4 02:22

[Fufu, Jun Cheng right now is like a hamster, so cute~ Goodnight then~ My little mouse~ (づ~3~)づ╭❤~ mua~]


Even though I'm residing in my own room, I couldn't feel onto any sense of security.

Even though my body was covered up in blankets, I only felt my entirety being chilled.

Damn it.........just like what Lan Hua had said, I've seemed to have truly turned into a hamster that was being trapped within a cage already.........

With unsettled feelings being embraced, I started to imagine wildly, and also wasn't even aware what time it was before uncontrollably falling into sleep.........


During morning, when I was suddenly shocked awake, I instantly realized that something very terrible had happened!

’’Aaaaaaaaaa! Oh crap!’’

I actually would have moments where I'll be oversleeping!

Lian Bing's birthday's party is at 8 o'clock, and right now, it's 7.30am already!

Looking at the address that Xue Li-xiaojie had provided me, rushing there within half an hour was completely an impossible task........what's more was that I still needed to wash up and change my clothes, and no matter what it was, I'll ultimately still be late. embarrassing.........

It's all to blame on those text messages sent by Lan Hua yesterday during late night, causing me to feel worriedly unsettled. The moment that I recalled there's a certain corner in my room possibly having some surveillance cameras and listening devices being installed, I simply couldn't go back to sleep with an ease of mind.

With the result that ultimately, due to the fatigue on my nerves, I've uncontrollably fell asleep.

Ah, it's not the moment to be wasting my time right now, I'd better hurry on over to there!

I immediately washed up, afterwards changed into my tuxedo, and notified mymeimeis before dashing out of the house.

No matter what, going by normal routes wouldn't have it making it in time already.

I suddenly remembered onto that place called Black Street.

If it's through that street, I'll be able to make it just in time to the place of that birthday banquet already!

Uuu.........I'll take a last final shot, making a gamble on this then!

In order to grab a shortcut, I proceeded towards North Hill park, and reached the vicinity of that vending machine which I had often frequented.

On the bench laid a homeless uncle who had newspapers covered up on him while sleeping.

And afterwards, I astoundingly discovered that the place had already been restored to its original appearance! Don't even talk about a pool of blood, there's not even a scent of the nauseating blood left behind, as they were all cleared off spotlessly.

Xiang Yue Xun had said before that there would be people coming to clear it up.........who exactly were those people..........

Ahh, right now wasn't the time to be thinking about that.

I remembered that on that day, this was the path that Xue Qing and I walked past.........I trailed across that dilapidated path, went round in a circle but still wasn't able to reach inside that street.

Ehhh? Had I went the wrong way already? Why did I once again return back to this vending machine?

’’Oi! Brat, what are you looking for?’’

That homeless man who had been sleeping all along tugged up a corner of the newspapers and looked at me while asking.

’’Umm, I'm finding a street.........’’

’’Ah, I got it, you're looking for Black Street, aren't you. Really, what are all the youngsters up to nowadays, not even able to locate a street at all! I'll bring you there, just don't go about blindly anymore, it's such an annoyance!’’

’’Eeehh, sorry for the trouble..........’’

The homeless man gave off a yawn, and after scratching out a snowy white blanket of dandruff from his head, he brought me into a small trail. After walking for a moment, when we nearly reached the exit, he stopped and pointed towards inside, saying towards me.

’’There, just walk ahead and it'll be Black Street!’’

’’Ehhh, but.........I've walked past that path just now.........’’

’’Just go when I ask you to go, what's with all of these nonsense! Now get in!’’


My butt had been ferociously kicked, and I who received onto that propelling force stumbled forward a couple of steps.

Regaining back to my senses, I noticed that I'm actually inside Black Street already.........!

-ch 72 end-

(3374 words to tl)


MC = main character

Sinister darkness (黑化) = emanating out dark aura filled with sinisterous intent due to jealousy

Grand Master (大老师) = A nickname given by CN netizens to Hikigaya Hachiman, the MC from Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru.

That nickname is given in sheer respect to the MC for his profound determination in always being isolated from everyone else.

In here, Jun Cheng is referencing to him, probably because that MC is well revered with 2D troupes, and is probably knowledgeable about yandere thoughts as well.

Blanketmon (棉被怪) = I deliberated for quite a while to get the perfect word for it, the correct translation would be 'blanket monster', but then an idea struck me, and thus it's named after Digimon!

P/N: Yuno G*sai = Mirai Nikki's yuno gasai


meimei (妹妹) = 'younger sister'

-xiaojie (小姐) = honorific addressing females in a polite stance. think of it as 'miss'


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