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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy - Volume 2 - Chapter 70


Vol 2, Chapter 70: Upset, Unsettled

TL: flarewk

It's fine, as I've thought up of numerous meaningless stuff while being unable to sleep last night, hence, I've also came up of a solution in advance to face against this sort of current situation.

As long as I give off proper responses, making things turn towards the direction which I wanted wouldn't be of any problem at all.

I calmed my emotions down and gave off a smile, replying composedly.

’’Ahh, I do like her, if not, why would I be going out with her?’’

Gave out a perfect response which I had already long prepared for.

But in reality, what was it truly like?

I myself also didn't quite understand, should be feelings of like, I guess.

Although I knew that she's extremely dangerous, I had already been used to be staying by her side.

I wouldn't find it annoying when bickering with her, and towards those gestures made by her both seemingly purposeful yet unintentional at the same time, I would also have my heart having fluttery sensations upon it.

Especially for Moe Bing..........when facing her, I would always have some sort of inferiority complex. And I would even fall into self suspicion as well, is it really a good thing to have this sort of girl as my girlfriend? It can't be that I'm dreaming, right? Can I have feelings of like for her? Such similar thoughts kept repeatedly popping out from within my mind.

This.........perhaps this would be a 'like'then.

’’Really? Which part about that person does gege like, then?’’

’’Which part that I liked, huh.........probably her gentle personality..........’’

Was it really like that.........that the part which I liked about her was her gentle personality? I somehow felt it to be not quite right.........

I'll have a palm across my heart while asking myself once again then, about which part of her exactly that I liked.

I didn't want to lie towards Ke Ling, as well as to myself. I closed up my eyes, and started to recollect those memories of being together with Lian Bing.

The most deeply rooted impression was still expectedly that scene, me being hunted around by her like a prey at the science departmental building.

At that time, I only felt fear, but thinking back to it right now, the smile at the start which glistened under the starry light, it gave off a bizarre beautiful sensation which would make one be willing to die out for I at that moment was only able to see onto her smiling expression..........

And also, the first date that I had ever since I was born.........whenever I recalled back to the date that day, my face can't help unveiling out a smile.

That, perhaps, is the normal happiness that I was yearning for.

Both personalities of Lian Bing had areas which attracted me, and it wouldn't be a complete Lian Bing if there's a lacking at no matter which side it was.

And so, the conclusion was out already huh.

’’No, not only her gentle personality. I just like her, I'm attracted to every single part of her, if it's to be clearly explained, I really can't say it out properly, ehehe.’’


Upon hearing the sincere response I gave after having some considerable thought being placed into it, Ke Ling unveiled out an expression of chagrin.

Good, very good, that's the pace I'm looking for!

Making her clearly understand that her brother had a girlfriend already, with mutual feelings toward each other so excellent to the point of being unable to intervene at all, hence, she would then be helplessly giving up on me.

However, though my thoughts were constructive, I had forgotten already, that it wasn't just Ke Ling alone, as there's still Xin Ran's presence around.........

Just when Ke Ling pouted up her cheeks not knowing on how to carry on the conversation, Xin Ran suddenly butted in.

’’Then.........does Ji Lian Bing like gege as well?’’

Ke Ling's eyes immediately sparkled, as she ferociously asked.

’’Yeah! Isn't she a wealthy dàxiaojie from a plutocratic family? Why would such an aristocratic dàxiaojie be falling in love with gege? Have gege never suspected about that before? Perhaps she has other intentions by wanting to get close togege..........’’

She had really guessed onto the mark on that one.

It was due to my corpse which caused Lian Bing to approach me at the very start..........Mm, perhaps it still currently is, merely not being that anxious about it already.

Mm.........about that incident, I wouldn't say it out even if I'm to be beaten to death, for regarding 'that sort of dangerous matter', I can't mention a single thing about it at all, it's enough for just myself alone to be encumbered into it, and I mustn't ever drag my family members along inside as's only about that which I'm never ever taking a step back!

’’Even if you're to say something like that, there's completely nothing to be gained from scheming against me. Or it should be said, that it's precisely because she's a rich dàxiaojie, which is why she appeared to be very sincere when she chose me, isn't it?’’


It sounding perfectly reasonable, and making perfect sense.

My both sisters didn't press on interrogating me anymore.

Phew.........looks like I've safely passed this round already.

’’Then, gege really likes Ji Lian Bing, heeh?’’

’’Ahh, just like what I've said.’’

Ke Ling had her head lowered with a gloomy appearance as she asked.

’’..........Compared to Ke Ling, gege still liked her even more?’’

’’Why must this be compared, I like the both of you just the same.’’

I didn't think that there would be a day when I'll be asked with this sort of question, it seemed that girls just liked to ask this sort of troubling question of choosing an option between the two.

Can't it be the third option instead?

’’No! It must be said clearly! Even if gege really likes both, there definitely will be a person that gege likes even more!’’

I'm not sure what sparked up Ke Ling already, for she suddenly smacked the tabletop as she stood up, puffing up her cheeks while displeasedly saying to me.

’’A person's most favorite thing can only be one.........only be one!’’

S-, she turned dark already!


Crap! Now how am I going to reply to this, it seemed that replying either way would only make things become even more terrible!

’’Ke Ling, too overboard.’’

Luckily, Xin Ran timely came out at this moment to stop Ke Ling, and after making Ke Ling sit down, she persuaded.

’’Don't make gege troubled.’’


Phew, excellent job, Xin Ran!

You really are gege's kind and understanding meimei~ I'll just make an exception to hug you to sleep for tonight then~

Although Ke Ling still had a face of being unable to accept it completely, but under Xin Ran's persuasion, she temporarily receded back.

At this moment, the dishes that we've ordered coincidentally arrived as well, hence we started eating our lunch.

Haaa, such heart fatigue..........

I've finally made it through noon, but what about afternoon thereafter.

If I had known, I wouldn't be raising up this sort of suggestion at that moment already..........

After that short quiet lunchtime had ended, it finally went into today's main purpose.

Selecting a birthday present for Lian Bing.

After all, Xue Li-xiaojie had purposefully told me about this matter, so I must be seriously treating it as such.

However, I really can't think up of anything which Lian Bing would want, hence I had hoped that my meimeis would be able to provide me onto some substantial opinions..........the me previously had thought it so.

But who the hell would know that things would develop up to this state right now!

Mentioning to Ke Ling about stuff pertaining to Lian Bing, it indefinitely would be akin to be pushing myself falling into a fiery pit!

But! But! I could only say it out already..........

I didn't expect however, that Xin Ran helped to say it out prior to me proactively mentioning about it.

’’So, where to next? I remembered that gege said that he wants to select a birthday present for his girlfriend, right.’’

’’Well, that's the plan indeed..........’’

I nodded my head, secretly observing Ke Ling's reaction afterwards.........the main purpose onto going out today was to select a birthday gift for Lian Bing, and Ke Ling definitely wouldn't be pleased once again.........

As expected, Ke Ling sharply noticed the ambiguity within my words and instantly remarked.

’’Heeh, going to select a present for that Ji Lian Bing, huh? That sort of dàxiaojiedoesn't seem to be lacking anything at all~’’

’’Err, mn........that's why, I'm hoping that you two will be able to give me some suggestions.........’’

’’Is it~ I think that it's better for gege to choose it instead, since it'll be more sincere that way, isn't it? Humph!’’

’’Y-, you have a point, ahahaha..........’’

Though I've made Ke Ling not to force upon herself, and to display out her truest side even in front of me, expected, I still missed that initial adorably well-behaved Ke Ling.........

’’Well, it's better for me to choose..........’’

About what I should be giving exactly, I had completely no clue at all..........

Somebody please come and help me, I'm almost about to explode already!

The pressure which came from Ke Ling pouting around, as well as the worry of not knowing what to give to my girlfriend for her birthday present were being entangled into a lump within my mind at the same time, causing aches to my stomach repeatedly.

What the hell was all of these.........

Even though Ke Ling had never seen Lian Bing before, she was already discreetly comparing herself to her, huh?

If these two were to really see each other, what kind of shuraba would be occurring then?

Eeh, just thinking about it felt extremely bad already..........I had better try my best to prevent the two of them from seeing each other.


I deeply heaved a sigh of breath, and ferociously scratched my head.

Just at this moment, Ke Ling suddenly pulled onto my shirt, and spoke with a pitiful tone.

’’Sorry, gege, it's Ke Ling who is too spoilt already.........gege, please don't hate Ke Ling, alright? Ke Ling upon seeing gege treating his girlfriend so importantly, can't help but become jealous..........’’

Her head was slightly lifted up, with eyes having tears fully collected within, as if it's about to fall off anytime.

First issuing out a slap, then providing a sweet treat thereafter huh.........

But even though I knew that this sweet treat was schemed since long ago, I still want to unhesitatingly bite onto it!

How could I let my meimei be sad! Seeing Ke Ling cry once was enough already, I can't let it happen a second time!

’’It's fine! You also have a point too, Ke Ling! It's indeed true that it'll be more sincere when I'm choosing one myself! I'm not blaming you, okay?’’

’’Heehee, I love gege the most already~’’

Her expression only took roughly 0.5 seconds to change from gloom into delight, and even I became gapingly dumbfounded just by looking at it.

That transformation of Ke Ling really caught me by surprise, she's really a little demon type..........

A haraguro.........

What's next was an aimless window shopping already.

We walked around different kinds of stores to see if there were anything suitable, but ultimately, I hadn't discovered a gift which appealed to my taste.

Just like that, having browsed through quite a couple of places, we still hadn't found any suitable presents yet, with Ke Ling instead buying quite a couple of new clothes, having an appearance of enjoyment therein. Perhaps she had intentionally neglected about the matter of selecting a present already.

It's almost dinner time already, and I still didn't have any good choices yet. Just when I was preparing to head back to a clothes store that we went previously to purchase that outfit which I had been planning as a backup present, Xin Ran pulled onto my sleeves and pointed towards a certain direction while saying.

’’Gege, over there.’’

Trailing the direction to where Xin Ran had pointed, I looked over, it's a antique shop called 'Hall of Past Fates'.

Antiques, huh? Does she like these sort of things? Plus currently, there's a lot of fake goods too.........ahh, even if it's true, I definitely wouldn't be able to afford it.........

Forget it, I'll just have a last minute gamble then. Since I've here already, I might as well take a look around inside.

Upon entering, I saw an uncle who had the title [Owner of Hall of Past Fates] right on his head while sitting on a taishi chair. He retained a mountain goat-like beard, and wore a pair of golden threaded glasses, with a clutch placed right by the sides of the chair, as he currently had a cup of tea lifted while sipping it.

That uncle raised his head to throw a glance at me, and immediately said.

’’Mm? This isn't the place for a brat like you to be here, get out.’’


Didn't he want to have any business over here already!

Tch, do you think that I'll get out just by you asking me to get out? I'll purposely not get out, then!

’’Oi oi, what are you doing? Didn't I ask you to get out already!’’

Originally phasing through today rather gloomily, and now being subjugated to this sort of treatment, I immediately felt like going against with what he said.

And so, I continued walking onwards into the store, and noticed that thing thereafter.

Shaped like the letter 'C'of the English alphabet, with a tiny hole being dug on top, a magatama*.

(P/N: type of jade, see footnotes)

I also didn't know what quality of jade it was, for it looked to be slightly aged, but nevertheless still sparkling and transparent-looking.

The moment that I've seen onto it, my mind decided that it'll be it already.

I'll choose this as her birthday present.

I couldn't explain out why as well, it's probably due to instinct, I guess.........I somehow felt that this was the most suitable gift, or perhaps, it's something which I liked the most already?

Anyway, the instance that I noticed onto that magatama, I unhesitatingly made up my mind.

’’Uncle, that!’’

I pointed at that magatama. The moment that I've only exclaimed out half of that sentence, the uncle had his eyebrows raised as he said.

’’..........Oho, so this brat is also a 'customer'.’’


’’You saw my shop's name before you came in right? Wanting to buy stuff from my shop here depends on fate itself, and you, seemed to have fate with 'that'.’’


’’Since there's fate therein, I'll just accept a friendly offer then. 699, how about it?’’

(TL: about USD$107)


’’How about it? Are you buying it or not! If not then get out!’’

’’I'm buying! Of course I'm buying!’’

’’Fine, then I'll wrap it for you.’’

The uncle didn't trouble onto us anymore, as he adeptly wrapped up the magatama and handed it over to my hands afterwards.

And I paid him the money as well..........the money that's left on me was just so coincidentally 699 yuan.

He had just so perfectly guessed onto the money that's in my wallet, huh.........

Up until we left the area, I still felt that something's not quite right. This antique store seemed to be a little too bizarre, and that shop owner uncle had an even more unexplainable sort of bizarreness to him.

But then, I had finally bought a gift already.

No matter what, the primary mission had finally been achieved..........

To home then.


’’And as such, the magatama is now handed over to his hands..........’’

’’Is it really fine like this? Didn't he say that he'll go give it to someone else?’’

’’It's fine, if it's to be given to that person, it'll still be the same.’’

’’Uhh huh.........I don't really get it, but anyway, the matter that you asked me to do is considered to be finished, right?’’

’’Mm, it's done, thank you. Here's the reward that you wanted, a ghost exorcising talisman.’’

’’It's a small matter. But, Yu Hui, to be giving such a precious item over to that little boy, is it really alright? Plus, he's using it to give to someone else too.........really, I don't even know what to begin saying already. It's been quite a while since I've opened shop here, and I've seen quite a couple of 'authentic goods'as well, but that magatama that you wanted me to pass over to him is..........sigh, a pity.’’

’’That.........originally was something which belonged to him.’’

’’Returning it to its original owner, huh..........’’

’’Mm, returning it to its original owner.’’

’’Oho.........I've even acted intentionally just now, thinking of simply frightening him off as well, but I didn't expect that he'll immediately take a liking to that magatama the moment he came in. Even though I've intentionally mixed that magatama amongst a pile of beautiful stuff, he still managed to seek it out with just a single glance..........such things as fate, it's indeed truly unexplainable..........’’

’’..........If it's fated, treasure it even more so.’’

’’I don't get it.........perhaps I still won't understand that even up till my death..........’’

’’Then just, continue with your past fates during the next cycle of reincarnation.’’

-ch 70 end-

(3808 words to tl)

TL: still owes 2 more chapters


dàxiaojie (大小姐) = a respectful addressing way to greet a lady, aka 'young miss'(of a very respectful/ influential origin)

shuraba (修罗场) = a fight between girls over the love for a boy

Magatama (勾玉) = see pict (something like that).


gege (哥哥) = elder brother

-xiaojie (小姐) = uh, postfix for 'miss'


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