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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy - Chapter 74.6


Chapter 74.6

Vol 2, Chapter 74.6: The [Corpse Lover Homicidal Maniac]'s helplessness

TL: flarewk

[Corpse Lover Homicidal Maniac]'s helplessness:

’’Es rappelt im Karton,dong,dong,dong,dongdong~dongdong,dong,dong,dong~dong,dong,dong,dongdong~’’

Early in the morning, after arriving at the bathroom, I hummed a melody while stretching out the tips of my toes to test the water's temperature. The temperature of the bathwater prepared by Xue Li wouldn't have any problems to it, it's merely just a habitual gesture of mine.

Afterwards, I submerged into the bath, soaking my body in the warm waters which had rose petals scattered within, dipping my hair in the water as well.

Rather than having a bath late at night, I much prefer bathing during early morning.

Of course, it's not only because of morning baths having scientific claims of improving blood circulation, but it's to wash away the dirt which was accumulated for the entire night, notwithstanding that the bath's fragrance too aided in making my mood feel better.

’’Es rappelt im Karton,Ton,Ton,Ton,TonTon~TonTon,Ton,Ton,Ton~Ton,Ton,Ton,TonTon~’’


If that's the case, it's not bad as well~

Xue Li who accompanied me together to the bathroom upon seeing me humming a melody again, gave off a smile while saying to me.

’’Looks like your mood today isn't bad at all, dàxiaojie.’’

’’Huhuhuhu, but of course? Since today's my birthday, hmm?’’

As no matter who it was, they wouldn't be dreadfully crying on their birthday, wasn't it? Hence it's perfectly reasonable for me to be appearing that delighted..........

’’That eager for Jun Cheng-shàoye's birthday gift, huh?’’


Mm.........although it's usually convenient for Xue Li to have such a special ability to be able to read people's mind, but during such moments, I feel that it's a little troublesome instead.

Wanting to bully even your own dàxiaojie, huh? Maid-xiaojie who liked to make fun of people?

’’Huhuhuhu, that's not the case, Xue Li, don't spout nonsense, I'm not really especially eager for anything.........’’

I flipped my body around and placed both hands by the sides of the bath, kicking the water while smiling and looking at Xue Li as I said.

’’Oh my? It can't be that I'm mistaken? Even though the hummed melody is already expressing out feelings of eagerness towards presents? Isn't it? 'Noises resounded out from within the box', huhuhuhu.........’’

Xue Li clutched her mouth while elegantly chuckling, but no matter how I looked, it's a smile that contained signs of mockery.

Uuu, I've accidentally hummed out a melody which represents the mood of my inner desire.

And it's perfectly natural for the extremely observant Xue Li to be discovering it as's my loss.

As expected, I'm a little, overly happy already, huh?

The other me within my heart was way even more overly ecstatic, humph, are you a kid?

I'm already over the age of being enthused onto the celebration of my birthday.

However, since I heard that Cheng Jun would be preparing a birthday present for me, then.........being a little eager for it should be acceptable as well, right.........

As no matter what he gives, I'm guessing that the other me would be so delighted to the point of not being able to sleep for the entire night, and just being eager for the gift yesterday night alone already lasted the whole night throughout, causing me to not have a proper rest.

Of course, I wouldn't be like that other me who was just as naive as a piece of white blank paper, being able to accept any kind of gift, for the present that satisfies thisdàxiaojie number very few in existence.

Cheng Jun should also know as well, that I'm not lacking in anything. For those things that he's able to give me, I already have them, except for just one.........

Of course, it's impossible for Cheng Jun to proactively hand over his corpse to me, but if he's able to hand his 'heart'over to me, I'll be very satisfied.........huhuhuhu.........

Uuu, hold on, what am I thinking.

Seizing onto the opportunity of my birthday to want something that I desired from others, if I'm to conduct such acts, wouldn't I be the same as the other me, turning into an unreasonable child already?

Really, I must be a little too overly enthused as well, immature of me.

’’Then again, it can't be that dàxiaojie is hoping for Jun Cheng-shàoye to store his heart into a gift box, as a form of birthday present to be given to you, hm? No, it's slightly off for it to be a physical materialization of a heart, what you wanted is Jun Cheng-shàoye's 'heart', right?’’

’’.........Of course that's not the case~ Huhuhuhu~’’

’’Oh my, you hesitated, hmm?’’


’’Even though it is.’’


’’Really no? Dàxiaojie, your ears had already turned red, hmm?’’

’’UUu........! I hate you.........I don't care about you anymore, Xue Li!’’

This maid is really so mischievous!'s because of that.........which was why that no matter how long it was, I would never win against Xue Li, huh.........

I flicked my head towards one side, but Xue Li still very prominently shifted to a position that's within my sight of vision, hence I just simply turned back to a lying-up position from a previous crouching form, ignoring Xue Li.

She went to the sides of the bath, stretched out her both arms to wrap onto my shoulders, kissing my earlobes while saying by the sides of my ears.

’’Even if it's not a complete heart, aren't you hoping to obtain a gift encompassing 'sincerity'from Jun Cheng-shàoye?’’

(TL: sincerity in CN is 心意, and 心 means 'heart', which is a double meaning Xue Li uses for the heart terminology)

That, I indeed am unable to deny..........

For if I'm to deny those very thoughts of mine, it equals to having denied my personal self. So as a result, I could only admit to it, huh.........

I flipped around once more, soaking half my head into the bath as I *pu lu pu lu* ejected out bubbles, thereafter stretching out my head to unwillingly admit towards Xue Li.

’’ win again, Xue Li. There's just a slight moment when I had that sort of thinking, but I immediately dissuaded that sort of naive thoughts, okay!’’

Upon seeing me personally admitting to it, Xue Li also didn't continue to latch onto this point to continue teasing me, merely giving off a few faint chuckles before patting onto my shoulders, indicating that she's about to start helping me wipe my body.

Even if I'm to be mad with Xue Li, I would eventually have my attitude softened by her smile.........speaking of which, I haven't seen Xue Li displaying out expressions other than it being a smile.........she's really a perfect head maid indeed.

After being awe-stricken by it within my heart for a moment, I stepped out of the bath and shook my hair, sitting on the small bench that was already prepared for me.

Xue Li started to wipe my body from the front.

Because she had always helped to meticulously wipe my body since young, no matter which body part of mine that Xue Li made contact with, I wouldn't find it embarrassing already.

Of course, I would still feel a little strange when certain places were being touched.........

Just like right now, when Xue Li was wiping my breasts, my body would turn a little hot, primarily because Xue Li's hand techniques were really a little bizarre.........was there a need to be so meticulously wiping my breasts? Really........

’’Oh myyy, as expected, dàxiaojie's breasts have became slightly larger, hm?’’

After finished wiping my breasts, Xue Li went on to grope them a few times, and said out a little surprisedly.

’’Mm? Xue Li, you're even able to feel out something like that?’’

’’That's of course;for dàxiaojie's state of growth, I'm always recording it down daily with a fluctuating value down to point 2 decimals, huhuhuhu.’’

Uuu, was there a need to be till that extent.........sometimes, Xue Li would be having some sort of mysterious obsession over such bizarre areas.

I originally only knew that my height and weight was being recorded down, but didn't expect that even the size of my breasts was being noted down as well.........then, for my three sizes, had Xue Li already completely understood about them since a long time ago?

’’Huhuhuhu~ So how's the size of my breasts right now? It's already quite impressive, right?’’

’’That's right, the growth rate of your breasts recently have once again massively increased, increasing into another level. Later on, I'll be changing your bras into a new cup size. Congratulations to dàxiaojie for your figure becoming even more perfect.’’

’’Huhuhuhu, but of course.’’

’’Oh myyy, such vivid memories. Dàxiaojie, all the way till you're 14 years old, it's still only roughly the size of a fried egg, and even then I felt anxious for you. But I didn't expect that it would actually grow to be that big during these 3 years, and as I look at those set of numbers that increases day by day, I feel both surprised and happy, hmm? Huhuhuhu~’’

Xue Li's chuckling was slightly higher pitched than usual, with the corners of her mouth raised up way more, seemingly as if it's really hard for her to conceal her delighted emotions.

Really, was there a need to be that delighted? It's just like as if that her breasts had grown even, her breasts were already quite big enough.

Speaking of which, Xue Li's chest was rather astounding, that should be the 'huge breasts'that men loves the most.

Had the me right now finally matched up to her?

As a man, Cheng Jun should also like bigger ones as well, right?

(That's of course, Cheng Jun definitely will like it. Last time when I was hugging his arm, he became extremely happy from it, and while we're watching movies together, he too kept staring at my breasts, with my heartbeat subconsciously speeding up as a result~ huhu, I really want to embrace Cheng Jun within my arms, using these grown-up breasts to cover up his face, letting him listen to my heartbeat, while I gently caress his hair, saying 'Good boy, good boy' definitely will be pure bliss.........ah, next time when we go out to watch a movie, we'll book a couple seating, that way there won't be any need to be mindful of the gazes from others, we can do some embarrassing stuff already. You must work hard for it, okay? Hurry up and go invite Cheng Jun then? I really want to have a date with Cheng Jun once more.........I'm not sure what sort of birthday present Cheng Jun would be preparing, I'm so excited for it~ aren't you excited for it? Actually, you're so happy that you just want to break out into a dance, right? So, how about letting Xue Li prepare a set of victory lingerie? If it's possible, I want my first time to be at.........)

Don't suddenly come out! The other me!

I used my palms to forcibly slap my temple, afterwards firmly pressed onto the area above my lips, which then finally made the other me give out an unwilling tone as she returned back to the depths of my mind.

Uuu, really, I've accidentally let her run out once again.........

Plus she's so naggy as well, it's really annoying me to death.

Even though when right in front of Cheng Jun, she wouldn't be saying much at all, blabbering nonstop within my head instead;a true closet female pervert, huh.........

(That's because it's to not let Cheng Jun feel that I'm too noisy~ I must leave a good impression onto him. Since there will be a lifetime's duration to privately talk to each other, it's fine to talk about anything then when the time comes, isn't it? as well, stop making pervy jokes right in front of Cheng Jun, aren't there many topics out there to talk about? Speaking of which, when facing me, Cheng Jun isn't that willing to talk, instead chatting rather naturally when in front of you.........why is that the case?)

(TL: the private talk here is referring to the closed door pillow-talk between intimate couples living together)

Enough already........!

’’Get the hell back inside!’’

’’Oh my? Dàxiaojie?’’

’’'s nothing. Sorry, I must have given you a fright, Xue Li.’’

I clutched onto an eye of mine, with my smile having completely vanished, while frowning as I apologized towards Xue Li.

But there's a bout of pique accumulated within my chest, it unable to be rid off even after a long period of time.

It's really so maddening........!

As long as she appears, I'll be completely unable to maintain onto my own emotions, and would always be uncontrollably mad at 'myself'.

’’No, I'm fine, but dàxiaojie.........did Moe Bing-xiaojie come out?’’

’’Moe Bing?’’

What sort of naming was that?

’’That's a name given by Jun Cheng-shàoye to the other dàxiaojie, being used to differentiate between the both of you.’’

’’A name given by Cheng Jun, huh.........Moe's really kind of him indeed, huhuhu.’’

She wasn't any such 'Moe Bing'at all!

(TL: 'Moe'is a term used to describe an innocuous, naively cute adorable endearing lovable girl)

My second personality which was originally a little blurry had become even and even more 'assertive'recently.........I'm referring to being 'assertive in her own way of doing things'.

Even during when I'm sleeping, she would be able to have control over my body to carry out actions that I'm not aware of. Prior to my date previously, she even swapped off my undergarment without consent;rather than wearing that sort of shameful undergarment, I might as well just simply take it off!

And eventually, I did indeed took it off.

She.........the difference between Moe Bing and me was, she would feel shameful when she's 'not wearing', huhuhuhu..........

Gradually, without my consent, she was even able to appear within the surface layers of my consciousness;to a certain extent, she had already obtained my body's acknowledgement.

If this goes on, would she possibly replace my dominant position, becoming the true 'Ji Lian Bing'afterwards.........

(It won't happen, for I am you, and you are me. I'm born from those set of feelings that likes Cheng Jun. These are also a part of you, so how can I be replacing you? Unless that you reject Cheng Jun, hate Cheng Jun, or even hold a grudge against Cheng Jun.........but these sort of situations won't ever be happening, isn't it? You're attracted to his corpse, while I'm attracted to him, and that doesn't clash at all, huhu.’’



Lifting my head up, I wiped off the watery droplets on my face, closed my eyes with a hand supporting my forehead as I shook my head and sighed.

So this was the feeling of helplessness, huh..........

I really can't help it against myself.........

-ch 74.6 end-

(3518 words to tl)


daxiaojie (大小姐) = a respectful addressing way to greet a lady, aka 'young miss'(and also possibly indicates a very respectful/ influential origin).

Victory Lingerie (决胜内衣) = Extremely hot and eye-appealing lingerie that will ensue victory for the girl who donned them, for their very respective purpose to seduce said target into ahem ahem aheming


-shaoye (少爷) = honorific, tagged behind as a respectful addressing way to greet a man, aka 'young master'.

-xiaojie (小姐) = a honorific politely addressing a female. The english equivalent would be 'Miss'.


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