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The World Online - Chapter 659


Chapter 659: 659

Chapter 659-Combat Puppet

Translator: ryangohsf

Editor: Nora

Under the cover of the golden light, the ruins slowly started to rise from the bottom of the ocean . The first to connect Atlantis to the bottom of the ocean was a thirty odd meter thick pillar;it seemed impossible .

The huge pillar was similarly covered in the golden glow;it utilized a mysterious strength to raise Atlantis City . If Ouyang Shuo saw this situation, he would have suspected that this pillar was the ocean calming god needle that Sun Wukong wielded in the legends .

When Atlantis completely appeared on the surface, it once again caused a titanic tsunami . The entire Mediterranean ocean region could feel the strength of the wave .

Huge waves crashed into the cities near the ocean . Many merchant ships and fishing boats, who were late to return, struggled under this tough weather .

The nearby Gibraltar ocean region suffered the most;each wave was higher than the last, the highest reaching several meters . Even with the buffs of both the Mazu Temple and the Silver Prayer House, the voyage squadron still had two Mengchong warships that toppled .

As for the cima boats, they were already stored within the turreted ships during the first wave of tsunami .

On Dragon Head, Zheng He looked out at the huge waves outside of the boat and laughed in amusement . He knew what the Lord went to do, so it seems the Lord had caused this .

Truly a case of team kill! Zheng He thought as he organized the rescue mission .

Even with the blessing of the Mazu Temple, the voyage squadron suffered, much less the Spanish Squadron . Based on incomplete intel, at least fifty Spanish Invincible Squadron warships capsized in the Atlantic .

Those smaller ships even directly snapped into two .

Atlantis used such a brutal and overbearing method to announce its return .


The ruins covered in the golden light did not simply rise from the ocean floor . A mysterious power started to reassemble and fix it, forming a complete Atlantis-style island .

The new island still followed the orthodox three-layer concentric circle dragon . In the center was the Sea God Temple, which shone once more . It glistened with a blue light, the only building in the area .

The Sea God was a key element of Atlantis civilization, and his position was even higher than that of the imperial family . Even the Atlantis technology crystal like warships and flying devices were modeled after beasts of the ocean .

The inner circle island was the survivor land, the core circle of Atlantis civilization . The imperial palace, temples, technology centers, art centers, altars, and other core buildings were all built here .

Based on the rules, only those with blue and above magnetic ohlite stones could step into the inner circle . For others, the inner circle was a prohibited zone .

The Atlantis people that were able to survive till now were undoubtedly fortunate .

The middle circle was formed up from the city ruins on the deeper parts of the ocean . This was also the core area of Atlantis civilization . Flying devices and other technology factories, normal temples, houses, parks and such facilities were all built in the middle circle .

All the unique technology of Atlantis was basically designed in the middle circle . One could say that the middle circle was a super factory .

Although the ruins were broken and a total mess, their building materials were still precious . Each stone was carved by the Atlantis people with much effort, and it could be restored .

One could foresee that repairing the buildings in the middle circle would be a long-term mission for the Atlantis people .

However, 10 thousand years of loneliness had shrunk their population and talent pool . To fix and repair the middle circle alone would be an unusually long process .

On the other hand . this would be a great chance for the players .

Ouyang Shuo remembered that in the last life, Atlantis crazily gave out missions to attract players to help them fix the buildings .

A massive wave of players swarmed over . In less than half a year, the restoration was completed, a minor miracle . .

The outer circle island was a brand-new ocean island, taking up the greatest surface area . This was also a gift from the golden magnetic ohlite that awaited the Atlantis people to explore .

10 thousand years ago, Atlantis was a mega empire . They had more than 10 of these concentric islands, even crossing 100 at their peak .

Today, they were only left with one, so even if they could rise up, their glory would never be the same . What had risen was just a piece of the past .

Twenty-four 100-meter-tall giants stood along the outer island . The giants stood straight with their arms opened, forming a circle and guarding Atlantis .

They were a unique item of Atlantis Civilization;they were termed as the magnetic ohlite machine puppet or the magic puppet for short . They could also be separated into combat puppets and construction puppets .

They had carved patterns on both their surface and on the inside;they had complete machine circuits that relied on magnetic ohlites to move .

The giants guarding outside the island were all combat puppets . They were the core force that defended Atlantis . Unless it was life or death situation, the Atlantis people would not mobilize them .

Every combat puppet had exceptional combat strength, with the power to split oceans . If one wanted to compare, the octopus boss that Ouyang Shuo fought was nothing compared to these behemoths .

Even if cannons struck them, the combat puppets would not budge .

Their only weakness was the level of energy expenditure . One blue magnetic ohlite could only sustain a combat puppet for an hour . After which, they would enter hibernation .

Only after the magnetic ohlite was recharged could the puppet fight once more .

As such, these puppets were a killing hand, similar to the modern day strategic nuclear device .

The combat puppets were strong, but the construction puppet was not simple either . Each one was four to five meters high, some even 10 meters high . Although they looked like a little brother before the combat puppet, they were still giants compared giants compared to the average construction worker .

When building walls, if 10 construction puppets worked together, they could easily accomplish the task . Stone pieces that were problematic for numerous workers were nothing to them, and they could carry it as if they were carrying toys .

Apart from repairing city walls, temples, memorials, and other big buildings, they could also carry and transport goods on the dock, carrying ores in the mines and carrying stone pieces at the quarry .

They could even bring their own drills and open up roads .

In Atlantis, the construction puppets were basically used in every construction area . At least half of the credit had to go to them in the construction of the buildings of Atlantis .

Most importantly, the construction puppets had a long lifespan .

One day of energy recharging could last it for three days .

Be it combat puppets or construction puppets, they were both extraordinary existences . Their puppet making technology was also one of their pinnacle technologies, far ahead of any technology tree in the game .


In between the three circular islands were three rivers of different breadths . The river water was all freshwater, with many fish, which was the reason why Atlantis could survive in the Mediterranean .

In the rivers, numerous ships designed like ocean beasts traveled along . At first glance, they were sharks, whales, and other eye-catching creatures . They were known as mimicry ships;some were basic fishing and merchant ships, and some were warships . Amongst which, the warships relied on the magnetic ohlite .

One could say that Atlantis technology basically revolved around the magnetic ohlite and their carving technique;they were truly a unique civilization .

Even if other countries learned the relevant techniques, it was useless without the magnetic ohlite .

Between the circular islands, apart from water wards, there were great bridges that connected the islands . From east to west and north to south there were bridges, joining the three islands together, forming a cross shape .

At the ends of the bridges were the four ports of Atlantis . For the Atlantis civilization to form four elite ports four elite ports in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea was insane luck .

Looking down from the sky, the entire Atlantis Island looked majestic, and their technological field was exceptional .

At this very moment, a regional notification sounded out to all the Mediterranean countries .

"Mediterranean Regional Notification: Congratulations China Region Lord Qiyue Wuyi for soloing the large-scale storyline quest, Lost City of Atlantis . Atlantis has reappeared in the Mediterranean region . Please note that relevant exploration quests and missions are not officially open to players yet . "


The moment the notification sounded, the Mediterranean region fell into silence .

At this moment, the titanic tsunami in the Mediterranean region finally received a logical explanation .

"Ha? Atlantis?"

To the Mediterranean countries, Atlantis was not an unfamiliar word . However, they had not expected for the civilization of legends to actually appear .

Their first reaction was, "Where is Atlantis?"

In the vast oceans, finding a single island was incredibly difficult . However, some smart players though back to the Gibraltar Port conflict that Ouyang Shuo had started, and they immediately turned their sights to the Gibraltar Straits .

All the squadrons in the Mediterranean were astonished, and they directly charged toward the Gibraltar Straits .

The most awkward group was the Spanish Squadron . They were still hot-blooded about the country war, and even spoke big words about wanting to teach Shanhai City a lesson . Now, such a matter suddenly popped out .

Thinking back to the numerous warships that capsized in the tsunami, none of them felt good .

What a jerk! Juan's thoughts basically represented what most of the Spanish players thought .

On the global forums, this matter totally exploded .

After all, the number of people who could set out to try and find Atlantis were in the minority, and those who could not could only go online and spread rumors .

All of a sudden, all kinds of rumors regarding Atlantis in real life were dragged out by players .

Those who understood the most were naturally the most impatient ones . Some even chose to rent boats and charge toward the Gibraltar Straits .


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