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The Wizard World - Chapter 94


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Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

’’Why are you looking at me?’’ Angele said. ’’Tell me your name.’’

The woman blinked, then scrunched her eyebrows.

’’Jolin, just call me Jolin.’’ It seemed she had calmed down. ’’You intentionally let Siv block your attack, right?’’

Angele was surprised, but his expression did not change.

’’I was blocked.’’

He did not admit it.

’’Well, I think you were telling the truth. You are not interested in the political fight in the city,’’ Jolin said. ’’I guess you know who's behind the Zweig family, and I can understand why you don't want to mess with them.’’

’’You know a lot, huh?’’ Angele smiled., ’’I warned them already, and it didn't mean I was scared. There is no point for me to go into war with their whole family just for a prisoner. The loss wouldn't justify the gains.’’

He was still an apprentice of Ramsoda School. As long as the school wasn't wiped off the map by Northland Alliance, it would help him fight against a large family in the empire, but there were more things he needed to consider.

Also, Angele always assumed that those top families had Wizards helping them due to their knowledge about mysterious power, but it seemed Knight Ali had no idea how strong the power was until Angele attacked him. Angele decided not to fight against them until he could figure everything out.

That was also the reason why he didn't kill Ali he was just trying to send out the message. If Ali died, Zweig would avenge him for the honor of his family, and Angele did not want that.

’’Go wash yourself now, I will take you out of here.’’ He stood up. ’’However, don't even think about lying to me. I will show you what hell looks like if you do anything dumb.’’


Inside Zweig's manor.

’’Mr. Zweig! What Angele did was over the line! Twisted Blue Prison has always been under our family's control, who gives him the right to release the prisoner? Also, that woman...!’’ Knight Ali stood in the middle of the meeting room and was shouting in anger.

’’Enough!’’ Zweig suddenly yelled. ’’Ali, you're way too impulsive for your age. We're not done with Anyua yet, and people only care about the Holy Gear at the moment! I don't care what's your agreement with Snake of the Sand Forest, but you shouldn't spend too much time on a prisoner. Also, Angele already warned you. He didn't kill you because he didn't want to mess up with the whole Zweig family. Do you really think Harland has no idea about what you're doing?’’

Ali opened his mouth again, still mad. ’’Kill me? If he didn't catch me off guard...!’’

’’I said... enough!’’ Zweig's expression changed. He walked toward Ali and touched his neck with his right hand.

’’What's this?’’ he asked, rubbing the right side of Ali's neck. There was blood on his fingertips. ’’It was very close. If Siv hadn't shown up and Angele did not stop intentionally, you'd already be dead.’’

Ali suddenly realized that his neck had been wounded by Angele's attack. It was a slim cut, and if no pressure was applied to it, he could not even feel the pain. There was little blood leaking out of it, and it was barely visible on his skin. It was almost like the wound was already treated, and he could no longer feel anything.

Suddenly, Ali had a chilling feeling from his back. He trembled a bit.

’’How... How is that even possible!’’ He stepped back, his eyes were filled with fear.

’’I know what Angele is trying to tell me. Don't provoke him anymore. I heard this man was from Ramsoda College, and Wizards from that school are known for their cruelty,’’ Zweig said in a deep voice.

’’So, we just let him take the prisoner away?’’ Ali gnashed his teeth.

’’We don't have a Wizard helping us, so we're no threat to him. You can go fight him if you don't care about your life. Harland asked Angele to go into our territory, and his intention was obvious. He wanted us to fight, or at least make us hate each other. The timing was excellent too, his plan was almost perfect...’’ Zweig said in a cold voice. ’’We need to find Anyua as soon as possible! The Holy Gear was almost in our hands. I didn't expect Ness to show up there!’’


Outside Lennon City, Angele and Jolin walked side by side in a forest.

Leaves blocked most of the sunlight, and everything around them was dark green. They stopped by an abandoned ruin.

The walls were cracked, and the staircases were covered by moss. A stone house was built upon a platform, and there were many climbing veins on its surface.

Angele carefully stepped on the stairs which were made extremely slippery by the moss. The place was cold and wet, and he could smell the mold in the air.

Angele's black dagger was hanging by his waist, and the metal bow was on his back. The crossguard sword was unrepairable after so many fights, so Angele had stopped carrying it a while ago.

Jolin followed Angele without saying a word. She still covered her face with a black mask but had changed her clothes to a brown leather suit after the shower. There were two leather strips on her legs, and eight iron daggers filled up the slots on the strips.

’’This is the place?’’ Angele turned back and asked.

’’Yea.’’ Jolin nodded, her face pale, as she continued walking slowly.

’’You're getting worse and need to get treated by the best doctors within four days, otherwise you'll die,’’ Angele said lightly. ’’Alright, talk, what's the relationship between this house and the Dragon Scale Flower?’’

Jolin struggled for a while until finally reaching a platform. She glanced around, seemingly searching for something, but a disappointed look quickly showed up on her face.

She then reached to her chest and took out a small glass tube. There was a piece of black cloth inside it.

Angele looked at her, surprised. ’’I thought they took away all your belongings after they caught you. Where did you hide it? How was that even possible?’’

Jolin blushed after hearing the question.

’’That's none of your business.’’ She threw the glass tube toward Angele. ’’That's what you're looking for. The location of the Dragon Scale Flower. We found it during a mission. However, the place is dangerous. Our organization sent four groups of people to collect the flowers, a total of 100 people, but only one survived, obtaining only one flower. The others were all dead.’’

Angele grabbed the glass tube;it was still warm. He scrunched his eyebrows, guessing the possible location that she could hide it at, and decided not to think about it anymore.

’’How can I trust you?’’ He lowered his voice.

’’Believe or not, that's all I've got.’’ Jolin was very calm.

Angele thought for a while and removed the stopper from the tube. He then unfolded the black cloth carefully.

There was a map drawn in white on the cloth, with many words written beside various points.

There was a skull mark on the map, and it was marked as 'Moon Gin Manor' in red.

Angele also found Lennon City on the map, but it was very far from the skull mark.

He scrunched his eyebrows. ’’So, the cloth was put inside the tube about a week ago, but the map was corrected various times before that. You guys put a lot of effort into it, so I will trust you for that.’’ Angele raised his head and saw Jolin staring at him in shock. Apparently, Angele had guessed everything right.

’’Just by looking at it? You're pretty good... I'm glad we decided not to attack you.’’

There was fear in her eyes.

’’Good, you can leave now.’’

Angele did not care about what she said.

’’Are you sure about this?’’

She had not expected Angele to let her live.

’’Of course.’’ Angele nodded. ’’You're of no use to me anymore, and I will keep my promise.’’

Jolin stared at Angele for a while, then made sure he was not going to attack her. Only after that did she slowly back off. Upon reached the forest, she turned away once the forest and quickly disappeared in the bushes.

Angele stood there, looking at the black cloth in his hands.

’’I hope you didn't lie to me,’’ he mumbled and drew a red rune in the air. The rune floated for a bit, then started glowing.

Inside the forest, a red rune appeared on Jolin's back, and it looked just like the one Angele had drawn in the air. The rune was glowing as well, but Jolin did not notice its presence.


In the evening.

At some quiet housing area in Lennon City.

All the manors here were built from red stone blocks, and the streets were covered with black slate. There was a bronze goddess statue in the middle of an intersection. The goddess was holding a vase, and she was holding it down toward the ground. Many flowers were growing around the goddess, some white and some yellow.

The streets were deadly silent during the night. There wasn't a single carriage or pedestrian around. The only noise was made by wind blowing over the trees and flowers.

Several dry leaves dropped to the ground, then were blown away by the wind.


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