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The Wizard World - Chapter 67


Chapter 67: Encounter (2)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

Angele had been lying down in a relatively busy route and seeing several other carriages passing by, yet no one had stopped to help him. He never expected people to stop and help a total stranger like him until Avril's group came. The girl reacted happily after seeing Angele wake up

’’Actually, other people had seen me lying there but none stopped for me. Only a lovely princess like you would help a stranger,’’ Angele smiled as he said this. The girl looked pleased after hearing him say that.

’’I only did what I thought I should do...’’ With a blushing face, she spoke. Angele conversed with the young girl for a while. She was about 11 or 12 years old. While chatting with Angele, she noticed that he was still too weak.

’’You're hurt and your wound is infected. Also, your fever isn't gone yet, you better get some rest. We can talk later,’’ Avril kindly said, and then she asked the two swordsmen to leave the carriage. She wanted to make sure Angele could rest well.

The carriage fell silent after Avril closed the door. Angele lied down on the bed with a very tired face.

'Check my situation,’’ Angele inhaled once, and he asked.

'You're infected with unknown bacteria. The infection is controlled by an effective drug. You caught an unknown flu and your body is weak. You need about 5 days and 14 hours to recover,' Zero reported.

'When can I at least be able to move?' Angele asked something that was a significant issue to him. He needed to have the capability to react when threats approach. At this point, he was too weak to do anything. It was even more impossible for him to pick up any weapon. Angele felt so helpless because the infection and the fever made him weaker than a normal person.

'If you consume enough food and have enough rest, it will take 41 hours and 23 minutes,' Zero reported.

'That's a long time...' Angele sighed in disappointment.

'One hit from a rank 3 wizard apprentice and I nearly lost my life. I need to become stronger...' Angele thought.


After Avril's carriages left.

A young female deer slowly walked toward the place Angele had rested on and lowered its head to inhale Angele's scent. A white owl flew toward the deer and stood on a branch by the side. Its whole body was white, yet its eyes were deep and dark.

’’Wizard Renee, this is the end of the trail. The Tracking won't work anymore,’’ the owl began talking with the voice of an old man. The deer walked around the place for a while before it raised its head to look at the owl.

’’Based on the scent, he's a fleeing wizard apprentice of Ramsoda College. I think he was just lucky. Otherwise, there's no way he could kill Bahamut. If we can't track him anymore, there's nothing we can do. Bahamut's death won't affect anything, anyway,’’ the deer began talking as well.

’’We need to stop focusing on matters that aren't important,’’ the owl said.

’’It isn't the time to break the Treaty of Grimgar yet. Catherine and her crew already arrived at the destination. We mustn't let Ramsoda's main force live,’’ it continued.

’’Waki sent a message to us from Acrylic. It says Liliado is making a new Rift,’’ the deer said.

’’Yea, we need to help the Northland Alliance to finish the job quickly. I think Liliado already noticed the situation. Santiago also sent some of their wizards here,’’ the owl said.

’’We'll get the Shadow Pearl this time! No matter how many opponents we have!’’ The deer's eyes gleamed.


The two moons quietly hung over the night sky. The clouds were slowly moving along the sky and there were several visible stars beside them. Angele was still lying on the bed, slowly eating his meat jerky while drinking some water.

He could hear the crackling noise created by the campfire outside and could see the fire through the window. Angele smelled the fragrance of meat stew being cooked. His gaze fell onto the meat jerky in his hand, but he decided not to ask for food. The only one who treated him well in the group was Avril.

Others were still against letting Angele stay with their group. They acted cold to him, and Angele knew the reason why as he overheard some of their gossips. If Avril hadn't insisted on using the expensive Anti-Infection Drug on him, he wouldn't have recovered quickly. He was supposed to be dropped off by the road after he woke up.

Outside the carriage, a swordsman who had been sitting near the campfire suddenly stood up.

’’Hey, Gandhi, where are you going?’’ a man asked.

’’It's almost my turn to patrol.’’ Gandhi patted the long sword hanging by his waist and smiled.

’’Don't go too far,’’ Dunleavy said. He was sitting by the campfire and applying oil to his crossguard sword.

Gandhi walked toward the back of the carriage while looking at the campfire and the carriages to make sure no one noticed him. He slowed down his footsteps and walked around before approaching the two strong, black horses. His face showed a jubilant reaction after seeing the horses carrying several pieces of luggage, thinking that there might be some valuable items inside.

Gandhi checked the bags and saw a smaller but more delicate one. It was the bag that contained Angele's most important items. Inside the bag, there was the red pearl, Hemostasis Potions, the first Wizardry book he received, and the Black Lead Potion. At this point in time, the Black Lead Potion was most likely the most important item to him.

Gandhi rubbed on the small bag laughing.

’’Found it!’’ he muttered in a low voice.


Inside the first carriage.

’’Father, I want to stroll around,’’ Avril said. She was trying to tie a ponytail, so she was looking for the headband on the table.

’’Stay in the carriage. Don't go anywhere,’’ the nobleman looked at her, and spoke with a silvery voice.

’’I'll be back in 10 minutes.’’ However, Avril didn't seem to care. As she found the black headband, she quickly tied her hair into a ponytail and jumped off the carriage.

’’Avril...’’ the nobleman said as he looked at his wife. Their daughter was giving them headaches.

Avril saw people gathering around the campfire talking, so she wanted to join the conversation. But suddenly, she stopped as she thought of Angele who was about 15 years old and was also saved by her not so long ago.

’’He isn't so handsome, but he looks smart,’’ she said.

’’It's my first time leaving home. I feel like I'm like the princesses in stories.’’ She was in a good mood, so she began singing random songs. Avril turned and walked to the second carriage quickly. Suddenly, she saw someone sneaking around the two black horses, not knowing what the man was doing.

’’Gandhi?’’ Avril recognized the man right away.

’’What are you doing!’’ she yelled.

Gandhi was scared witless after hearing someone called his name. He turned around and saw Avril walking toward him. His face became pale since he knew what would happen if the lord were to find out that he was stealing. Avril had realized what Gandhi was trying to do, so her expression turned cold.

’’Gandhi, do you know what you're doing?’’ she asked.

’’I'm just lollygagging.’’ Gandhi tried his best to smile.

’’Whatever. Why don't you stay close to the camp instead of wandering around?’’ Avril smiled.

’’I won't report you to my father if you leave now,’’ she continued.

’’Thanks... I'm leaving.’’ Gandhi hadn't opened the bag yet. He smiled and left right away.

Avril organized the bags on the horses and walked toward the second carriage.

Angele knew Gandhi was trying to steal his items. He had heard everything, but he wasn't in the state to move. He needed to wait two days in order to secure his valuable possessions. It would've been too late if Avril didn't stop Gandhi.

’’How do you feel?’’ Avril opened the door and got into the carriage.

’’Pretty good actually, thanks to you.’’ Angele liked the kind girl, so he wanted to thank her for everything she did for him.

’’Can you tell me your full name?’’ I am Angele, Angele Rio,’’ Angele said.

’’My name is Avril Zolota Hasrim. What's your middle name?’’ the girl asked curiously.

’’We don't have middle names. It's the tradition of my homeland.’’ Angele said while shrugging his shoulder. That was one of the minor movements he could still do.

’’I thought you were from Ramsoda?’’ Avril asked.

’’No, I'm from the other side of the sea. Where are you heading to?’’ Angele smiled.

’’Lennon City, we need to bring my grandpa back to our territory. He's ill and it's getting worse,’’ Avril answered with a sad expression, not hiding anything from him. They chatted for a while. Angele told her that he got lost and got injured by bandits. He said he was also heading to Lennon City and even told her interesting stories about his homeland. They enjoyed their chat.

Avril wished to stay longer with Angele, but someone was calling her from outside the carriage, so she had to leave. Angele finally had the chance to meditate. It was imperative that he meditate every day and couldn't let others know what he was doing.

The good thing was, he didn't have to be in a certain position to meditate. He could just do it while lying on the bed, sufficient for others to think he was merely resting. He wasn't sure what the locals thought about wizards, especially when he was from the Ramsoda College that was famous for Necromancy. For now, he decided not to tell anyone that he was a wizard apprentice since he still needed to recover from the injury.


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