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The Wizard World - Chapter 53


Chapter 53: Magic (2)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

Mentality model was the engine. Elemental energy was the gas. Both combined together to produce other forms of energies. It was the most basic of all spells, and there were much to be researched on such as the different effects produced by different models, the loss between each transfer, the strength of the final result, and the necessary mentality strength in constructing the model. Those were the factors that determined the level a wizard apprentice or a wizard had in spell manipulation. Being able to use a spell didn't mean one could control it well as most of the existing spells had been further improved by numerous wizards from each successive generation in the past.

Besides attending classes, Angele helped his master organize the laboratories, clean the spell room, and assist her in potion making. Also, he helped take care of the rare plants in the garden. However, Angele was progressing slowly, and there was only so much he could learn every day as his master only put a certain amount of content each day, though he could finish other works properly. It took Angele more than 4 months to be able to lead the energy particles into his body during meditation. Zero's radiation had doubled his speed.


’’Today's 1st class is the Theory of Everything taught by Master Angelina,’’ a girl said. She who had a long brown hair over her shoulders was sitting beside Angele.

’’The Theory of Everything is too difficult to understand. I always feel like I have no idea what she's saying,’’ a black-haired boy said. He was wearing glasses and was sitting beside the girl. The three sat together at a corner, creating a small group just like other wizard apprentices in the school.

’’Ansett, why is Master Angelina wearing a white robe, while other masters are wearing black?’’ Angele asked.

’’It's based on their specialization, whether it's positive energy or negative energy,’’ Ansett answered. She was an average-looking girl. However, with her long brown hair combined with a shapely body, it made her very attractive.

’’Masters who specialize in positive energy wear white and masters who specialize in negative energy wear black. That's the rule. You came from overseas and you never heard of it?’’ the boy with glasses asked.

’’We barely have any wizards there. How would I obtain information like this?’’ Angele had the feeling similar to that of studying in a university on Earth. However, the students here had at least one magic stone with them while Angele had nothing. He didn't enroll in any other course except for the free one he had gotten at the beginning.

Magic stones were the main currency here. It was a black mineral that had a crystal-like appearance, which contained special energy that could help boost mentality. Many wizard apprentices kept enrolling in courses, thus gaining a huge amount of knowledge. Angele became nervous because he knew wizard apprentices who had more knowledge would be likely able to use spells and even advance to become real Wizards. Knowledge also helped them construct more spell models. Wizard apprentices who had more knowledge would've had more spells in their repertoire.

The good thing was, enrolling in a course didn't mean they didn't have to learn by themselves. Of course, their rate of comprehending the knowledge would've had a similar speed to that of reading a book. With the exploitation of the chip, Angele could use to reach twice their speed. The problem was Angele didn't have any magic stone with him.

’’Angele, you said you're very close to advancing to stage 2. Is that true?’’ Ansett asked.

’’Yea, very close.’’ Angele nodded. There was no point in concealing it. Any master could distinguish the wizard apprentices' stages just by looking at them. Only wizards could block information probing by setting up their own force fields.

’’That's fast... and yet, you're only 14,’’ Ansett said, expressing admiration for him.

’’I already spent a long time trying to reach stage 2. Now, I'm just very close to it,’’ Angele said. He would never tell them he had started meditating only a year ago.

’’I'm almost there, too,’’ the boy with glasses calmly said.

’’Angele, I remember you saying that you need a magic stone, right? I've got an extra here when my family sent some to me. How about I give it to you and you help me with the course?’’ he continued.

’’Extra magic stone? Manas, are you sure about this?’’ Angele asked.

’’Sure, your Theory of Everything is far better than mine. I need your help with that, and I have major problems with several basic structures,’’ Manas said with a calm expression.

’’I'm not as talented as you guys, so I have to work harder,’’ he continued.

’’No problem. I need magic stone anyway,’’ Angele said. Trading was something common here. Wizards normally didn't develop deep relationships with others, though they loved trading objects. Wizard apprentices were like this too. Though magic stones were a very rare commodity to normal people Manas, who came from a large local family, could easily obtain them with his background.

’’I'll give you a magic stone, too. I'll listen to your explanation together with Manas. I don't want to be left behind,’’ Ansett said after hearing Manas's words. She wanted to keep up with the class. Angele smiled as he himself knew they couldn't jot down everything their masters taught. If they missed some notes, it would be very difficult for them to understand the material. The masters didn't care if the wizard apprentices understood the class or not because they were too busy with their own research. They were teaching only for the money the school had paid them, and they would leave the class right after they finished.

Angele thought that trading his knowledge for magic stones was a great idea.

’’Manas, do you know how to obtain magic stones fast?’’ he asked.

’’You can go accept some assignments given by the school and obtain record points after completion. The record points can be used to exchange magic stones and other items. You'll get one magic stone for one record point,’’ Manas said.

’’However, the assignments are difficult, so you need to think twice before accepting any of it. We need to reach stage 2 to be able to use enchanted items,’’ he added. The three of them banded together not because they had close relationships to each other, but because they were the weakest wizard apprentices in their class. Manas was kind enough to tell Angele something like this. Angele could already lead the energy particles into his body, but he needed some herbs to make the Sensory Potion to assist him in reaching stage 2. He could also buy one from the school, but the problem lied in the number of magic stones needed for purchase.

’’Master Angele is here,’’ Ansett spoke in a low voice as he sat properly. The wizard apprentices ceased talking and everyone had their gazes fall on the entrance of the classroom. A stunning blonde lady appeared, wearing a white robe with a gray wooden wand in hand. As she quickly walked inside the classroom, the wizard apprentices could see her blue eyes, hair all over her shoulders, and a smile on her face.

’’I am Angelina. It's my pleasure in teaching you, future wizards. Let's not waste any time. I'm going to teach you the plant section of the Theory of Everything. It doesn't matter what type of spells you use in the future. You'll need to understand different types of spells. Otherwise, you'll never learn the Spell Analysis skill,’’ the lady said.

’’Master, we already learned some basic models about botanical spells. The problem is how to transfer the pure energy to the real world. I'm wondering if you could demonstrate the process to us,’’ someone said.

’’Master Angelina, you're the best botanical spell user in our school,’’ he continued.

’’Vader, you sure know how to flatter people...’’ She shook her head as she looked at the wizard apprentice. Angele thought it was quite likely that she knew the one who was speaking from the way she was looking at him.

’’It's Vader, her younger brother. Master Angelina raised him since young, so they're more like mother and son,’’ Ansett explained with a faintly discernible voice.

’’Yea.’’ Angele nodded his head.

’’Since Vader asked, I'll demonstrate one spell to you guys today,’’ Angelina said.

She smiled and raised her left hand up. Angele could see a black seed in the middle of her palm. Angelina dropped the seed to the ground and chanted,

’’I control you, a new form of life.’’

With a few noises, the seed started sprouting as it quickly grew into a green sapling. It didn't cease there, still growing incessantly. The roots twisted with the vines as it kept ascending. At its topmost was a white bud.

’’Bloom.’’ Angelina pointed her wand at the bud, and then the bud started to slowly bloom. In the middle of the flower, there was a shiny, white fleck. The white light it brought was gentle and warm.

’’The Light of Life, something that could make your wishes come true.’’ Angelina smiled.

’’Of course, it's a joke. I'm just making it shine using the Botanical Light Spell. I tried my best to slow down its process,’’ she continued.

Angele sat in his seat watching the demonstrating, staring at the shining flower.

’’A wonderful spell...’’ He praised.


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