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The Wizard World - Chapter 50


Chapter 50: Ramsoda (1)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

After leaving Nancy's room, Angele took a deep breath. His smile was gone, now replaced with solemnness. He surveyed the passage;there were no other wizard apprentices around. He could only hear footsteps above him. Angele covered his wound on the neck with his collar and quickly descended the stairs.

'Zero, how much radiation energy did you absorb?' Angele asked.

'1.35% from the necklace. The item's surface was perfectly secured, thus the energy stored in it was barely leaking,' Zero reported.

'That's enough. She'll find out if we take too much,' Angele thought. By then, he had already arrived at the 5th floor. He just reached stage 1 not too long ago, so he didn't want to waste time after obtaining that energy from the enchanted item.

'Nancy won't be happy about this, but I don't really care whether she likes me or not. I don't even know when I'll return to the city. Master Adolf said the letters would only be shipped out with the newbie recruitment ship. It will take about four years for me to communicate to the ones in the city. By then, she would've already forgotten about it,' Angele thought.

He got back to his room quickly and locked the door. He was very excited, instantly taking out the book Adolf had given him. Angele turned to the page where he left last time. The content written on it wasn't about meditation. Instead, it was the author's biography. He needed to calm down because being excited wouldn't help him with meditation.

'However, I need to wait until I can sense the energy by myself. Otherwise, I won't be able to train my basic skills,' Angele thought. He knew just how crucial the basics were to him.


Fifteen days later, the galleon containing all the apprentices separated from the fleet, setting and turning its path toward land. It then stopped at a beach, and at that place, there was a man in a black robe waiting by the shore. He led the apprentices who were part of their respective organizations to someplace else. Ali, Nancy, and Jared left with them. Lando Luc left as well because the location of the organization he would be part of was here. The only ones who stayed on the ship were Angele, Yuri, and Velvet. When the ship departed once again, more than 10 wizard apprentices remained.

The wind carried the fishy and salty stench of the ocean. The sunlight brought just enough heat to the deck. Angele could feel the transition between the chill from the wind after the warmth of the sunlight. The sunset made the whole world look golden. Quietly, Angele stood on the deck, watching the light beyond the horizon quietly disappearing. Yuri was by his side, standing there as well. Golden sunlight was reflected all over the waves around the galleon.

’’The galleon really is empty without them. I just don't see anyone around,’’ Yuri said as he scratched his head.

’’We'll probably never see them again,’’ Angele calmly said.

’’True. I heard our destination is more than ten thousand kilometers away from here,’’ Yuri said. He had mixed feelings about leaving his friend.

’’Which organization are you heading to? We probably have the same destination,’’ Yuri asked.

’’The Ramsoda College,’’ Angele answered.

’’Ramsoda College? Never heard of it...’’ Yuri was confused.

’’It's possible that you don't know anything about it.’’ They heard a girl's voice coming from behind. They turned around and saw Velvet walking toward them. She was wearing a white one piece and holding a long sword in her hand. Her black ponytail rustled in the air. Although she was breathing heavily since she had just finished training her sword skills, she still looked clean and pretty.

’’There are many secret Wizard organizations in this world, so there's no way for you to know all of them. Also, if it's a college, it could be an ancient name formerly used by that Wizard organization. It's quite likely that the organization already changed its name,’’ she continued.

’’You're so knowledgeable,’’ Yuri said while smiling.

’’My father's a wizard, and he told me a lot about this world. My destination is the Six Ring High Tower,’’ Velvet spoke in a light tone.

’’I'm heading to White Tooth Castle, an organization settling at the White Tooth Highland. I heard it's a strong organization,’’ Yuri said as he laughed. He was easy to approach even as a noble's child. He never paid much heed about fame or anything, and he was a very nice and honest person.

’’We're good as long as the man in a black robe knows about them,’’ Angele said before he laughed.

’’Lando Luc told me that the Six Ring High Tower and the White Tooth Castle are at the same place. Even the man in a black robe told me to get off there as well. Since we're close to each other, we need to keep in touch and help each other if necessary,’’ Angele continued.

’’Sure,’’ Yuri said.

’’All of us who boarded the galleon are from Marua, so we need to unite after we get into a new environment,’’ he continued before smiling happily.

’’You guys don't care that I only have a talent level of 1?’’ Velvet bit her lips as she asked.

’’Talent is just a base. It's not the most important thing to a wizard. We need to keep studying, research, and do whatever we can to imagine and create. That's what a wizard needs,’’ Yuri said after his expression became solemn.

’’It's my grandfather's words. He's a wizard in White Tooth Castle,’’ he continued.

Velvet looked at him for a second before nodding. Tears had started forming in her eyes.

'Yuri is correct based on my current understanding of wizard. Talent may be the basic requirement, but it's not the most important. According to the book, talent itself will give me a good head start, but after that, I have to keep learning and researching. Knowledge is my power and my treasure. However, with a talent level of 1, it'll take Velvet tremendous amount of time to complete the basics and reach stage 3 by the age of 30 if everything goes as he plans,' Angele thought. He agreed with Yuri's points, but he wasn't sure if Yuri was just giving Velvet false hope.

He didn't speak out his thoughts, only telling Velvet some kind words before going back inside the cabin. He ate some food on the 4th floor and returned to his room. Angele already sensed some trial of unknown energy particles last night, but he wasn't certain if that was the energy particle he wanted.

Angele crossed his legs and sat on the bed. He closed his eyes and entered meditation. The crystal clock on the desk kept ticking. He had begun meditating at 6 o'clock in the evening. Now, it was already 10 o'clock in the evening. The room was dark, but suddenly, a speck of green light appeared near Angele's face. The speck of light was the size of a sesame seed that quickly went away. The speck of green light kept flickering, appearing and disappearing around Angele for about half an hour. Angele's eyelids were rapidly twitching, even starting to sweat. He woke up as soon as the green light completely disappeared, fatigue nearly overcoming him when he opened his eyes.

’’Finally, I reached stage 2. My progression will become smoother after I become capable of sensing those energy particles. Now, I must help my body adapt to those radiation particles,’’ Angele said.

'Zero, use the stored radiation energy and release it at a rate my body can handle.' Angele asked.

'Mission commenced... Using the energy... it will take 271 hours 43 minutes and 12 seconds to consume all of it,' Zero replied.

'More than ten days? Great.' Angele nodded as he was satisfied with the result. When the chip finished intoning, some green light appeared on the surface of Angele's skin. It disappeared quickly and nothing happened after, but Angele knew the chip was still releasing radiation energy. He could feel the life energy coming from inside his body constantly. Like a small sun in his body, he could feel the warmth of it. Angele felt very comfortable as he could no longer feel the chill inside his room. There was a grass-like taste in his mouth and a refreshing feeling all around his body.

’’Positive energy of the plants.’’ Angele determined the source based on the knowledge learned from the book and Adolf. Only energy from the plants had such positive power. According to the wizardry book, the world was filled with basic energy particles in the air. The term for such energy that could help plants grow or heal had been coined Plant Energy by wizards. They also labeled different energy into two categories: Positive Energy and Negative Energy. The wizards had also discovered different types of energy particles and classified them based on their effects.

The energy particles Angele absorbed from Nancy's necklace was definitely the Plant Energy;most of its effects were positive. Some of the plant particles, however, might have a negative impact such as destroying the balance of nature. There were just too many energy particles in the air, and the wizards hadn't understood each of them yet. Wizards had trouble proving the existence of negative energy particles until one of the wizards discovered the particles during his research hundreds of years ago.

'Zero, can you make a rating list for the radiation energies?' Angele asked.

'Please set the unit name and the equation,' Zero reported.

'Unit name: Degree. One degree of radiation energy is equivalent to the amount of energy produced by burning one match. Show me the stored energy amount using this equation,' Angele asked. Degree was the most common unit used by wizards and the equation itself came from the book. Angele set it as the universal unit to help the chip calculate the data for him properly.

'Calculation finished. 17.4 degrees of energy has been stored. Consumption is in progress,' Zero reported.

Angele nodded with a satisfied look.

'At this rate, if I can get the radiation going for the next half-year, I'll be able to lead the particles into my body and make them circulate. It will be much faster than just following the steps listed in the book,' Angele thought as he did the calculations in his mind.


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