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The Wizard World - Chapter 474


Chapter 474: Refine (1)

Angele traveled in the cloud tunnel at full speed. He was surrounded by the boiling clouds looking like cotton flowers.


Something exploded behind him.

Angele stopped and turned around.

He could see the black insects moving through the green mist and flying to him like crazy.

"Damn!" Angele's expression changed. He turned around and activated his true form, turning into a monster with a height of more than nine meters.

His long and sharp scorpion tail swung to the edge of the clouds.

Angele pointed at the insects and a translucent white masked flew to them through the thick smoke. He accelerated with the help of the tail and started heading to the Nightmare Realm.


Black smoke was released from the tip of Angele's sharp tail and permeated the whole tunnel.

Angele quickly moved away from his original location.

He could still hear the noises coming from behind;his head ached.

'Did I kill them?' Angele turned his head around and checked the boiling clouds. The dimension tunnel was destroyed.

'Great, it seems like I made a good decision. If I don't destroy the dimension tunnel, I'm not sure if I can survive…'

He was not sure if he did the right thing. The insect that he created during the bloodline research was unstable.

Angele sighed and calmed down.

"They'll die in a month, I assume it'll be fine…" Angele muttered and increased his speed.

The boiling clouds were getting darker and darker. Finally, he saw the familiar sky of the Nightmare Realm.


Red electric pulses appeared on the surface of the tunnel and the red clouds that looked like cotton started vibrating.

'Unstable already?' Angele's brow furrowed. He quickly charged out of the center of the large red vortex. He drew a black line in the air and started landing.


A large red bird with two heads appeared on the right side of Angele—it felt like the bird was waiting for him.

It was a strange red bird with no feathers. The bird's body was covered with black cracks that looked like wounds. The cracks were filled up with a sticky liquid that looked like oil. The head on the right was longer than the head on the left and they were making a strange noise at the same time.

Angele turned around and landed on the bird's back.

The bird's body was more than ten meters long but it could barely handle Angele on its back.

Angele stood on the strange bird and stared at the red vortex.

In the center of the red vortex, the tunnel was shrinking at full speed, surrounded by countless red electric pulses.

Suddenly, Angele's brain ached.

"Father… Father…" A strange voice rushed into Angele's brain, it felt like there were many children talking.

"Become part of us… we shall become one… we shall be together forever…"

"We shall… become… one…"

Angele's sight blurred, he shook his head several times.

"Damn!" Angele could feel a chill running down his spine.


A ball of smoke appeared in the center of the vortex, it looked like something was trying to travel through the dimension tunnel and enter the Nightmare Realm.

The electric pulses moved to the smoke and finally stopped it from expanding.

Angele's heart was racing when the smoke ball appeared. He was anxious and terrified.

He slowly landed on the ground with the bird and calmed down after the smoke ball disappeared.


Angele's tail stabbed into the chest of the bird and pulled a pink bird-shaped shadow out of its body. He quickly absorbed the bird's soul using the tail.

The dead body of the bird fell to the ground and stopped moving.

"Years of research… I hope everything is going as I planned…" Angele muttered and took out the green skull. Green flames started burning in the skull but no one was talking.

"This is Phoenix, I'll just leave you a message. Bone, ask Vapor and his people to close all the dimension vortexes and leave leave the realm. Just leave a channel for the souls to pass. I think the World Tree is in the Abyss Realm."


Some static noise came from the skull but no one responded.

Angele returned the skull into the mirror. He looked at the sky and noticed that the red vortex had completely disappeared.


Angele pressed the center of his chest and his sight blurred for a second. He could see the image of the volcano ruin flashing in his sight and the scene quickly changed to a red plain.

He could see the enormous body of Eye Devil. Eye Devil was sealed by the four rotating chains and she could not move an inch.

On top of the black pyramid, a black ball was spinning like crazy. All the blue souls in the sky were being absorbed by the ball. The number of souls was increasing every second. It felt like that there was a heavy rain going on.

Angele remained silent as he looked at the blue souls. He waited for a while and flew to the pyramid.

Minutes later, he arrived at the top of the pyramid.

The woman in black was holding the red notebook that recorded the Black Death Ritual in hand. The rune circle on the notebook was spinning like a gear.

Three of the five empty slots in the rune circle were filled up and two of the slots were still empty. One was at the center and the other one was almost filled up.

The woman looked at the rune circle carefully, she was trying to figure out what was going on.

She raised her head after she noticed Angele's presence.

"How is this even possible? The rune circle is solidifying certain substances… Master Phoenix, you're so knowledgeable." She was paying her respects.

"Our life expectancy is so long that you can probably reach my level one day." Angele smiled and looked at the notebook. "How's the situation?"

The woman nodded and responded, and responded, "Everything is going well. A large number of souls suddenly appeared and I don't even know what's going on. The good thing is one of the beads will be completed thanks to the souls."

Angele sat down on top of the pyramid with his legs crossed. It seemed like Eye Devil was satisfied with the souls and Angele decided to absorb the negative emotions purified by the woman.

He lost one white mask and wanted to create a new one right away.

Angele could block 12 fatal attacks and the masks represented different negative emotions. It was an important ability that he spent years developing. However, the mask would take him months to create.

The elders that served Eye Devil were flying around her waist. They were taking turns to guard Eye Devil.

The eyeball knights were also patrolling the area on the back of red owls. The resting eyeball knights were having food and drinks around the campfires on the plain.

It was getting dark outside, the red sky turned black, but no star could be seen.

The mud on the plain was covered by a red glow and it brightened up the area.

The four blue chains around Eye Devil's body were rotating and making some loud noise. It was the only loud noise on the plain.

Angele suddenly opened his eyes and stopped meditating after a while.

"Give me the notebook." He looked at the woman in black.

The woman hesitated for a second and handed the notebook to Angele.

"I lived in this world for so long, but it's the first time that I found something I couldn't understand at all… I was thinking if I can become your student and you can teach me the things you know… I feel like that there's a whole new world waiting for me…"

"Well, I have nothing to hide anyway." Angele smiled. "You have… talent. I'm sure you'll become a strong being if you keep studying. you keep studying. However, let's focus on the important things first."

Angele stood up and threw the notebook into the air.

The notebook floated above his head. Angele used the long scorpion tail to stab into the center of the notebook.


The pages kept turning and it stopped at the page with the Black Death Ritual.

"Desperation and terror will be generated by the cruelty. This is the bead of desperation and I need it for the bead of terror," Angele explained.

"See, it starts…" Angele's face was covered by a black mask, but he was smiling.

The four dark beads left the notebook and turned into a spinning circle with a small vortex in the center.


A blue soul passed by.


More and more souls moved to the vortex that was surrounded by the four beads. They charged into the vortex like crazy.

Angele opened his arms and the four beads were right above his head.


Some white smoke was released from the center of the vortex.

The white smoke was divided into seven different parts and entered the holes on Angele's face.

White light was released from Angele's eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. They were all absorbing the white smoke.

A large blurry shadow slowly appeared behind him.

It was a monster with a height of over one thousand meters. The monster looked like a dark-red scorpion with more than ten feet. The scorpion was humongous and terrifying.

Strangely, there were faces with different expressions on the surface of the scorpion's carapace. It felt like those faces were trying to leave the monster's body.

There were crazy faces, sneering faces, terrified faces, and faces that looked desperate.

"What… is this thing?" Eye Devil noticed the change and quickly looked at the giant shadow behind Angele's body.

"I've never seen a refined true form like that…" Eye Devil was searching through her memory.

Two tall men in white robes stood up on her waist and stared at the monster scorpion's shadow as well.


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