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The Wizard World - Chapter 359


Chapter 359

Chapter 359: A Familiar Face (2)

Translator: Leo Editor: Nou


Angele had spent years trying to combine his Metal Mastery with the bloodline abilities, and he'd never found a way to do so;however, this time he found inspiration from the ’’sky locker’’.

The illusion spells, the illusion sound wave, the Metal Mastery, the High-Temperature Field, and the sky lock... if they could be combined with poisonous potions, the result would be incredible.

Angele was trying to develop a new fighting style with all the techniques and spells he knew. With the addition of the sky lock, he finally made some significant progress.

He infused his hair with the silver alloy and applied the venom on it. With the help of the High-Temperature Force Field, petrification ability, illusion skills, and illusion sound wave, his hair could deal some serious damage.

Most importantly, the length of his hair could be changed as he wished.

Angele held onto his blood-red hair, and it started growing quickly. It soon touched the ground and started spreading out in all direction as if it was alive.

This was due to the bloodline modification. Angele had found a special bloodline in the Nightmare Realm, enabling him to control his hair like his arms.

’’Finally, it's almost done.’’ Angele rubbed his hair softly and then rested for a while before starting to practice the Molten Core River again.

Time flew.

Angele had no idea how much time had passed until he heard the racket caused by the horse hooves from outside.

Angele and Lyn woke up from the meditation at the same time.

It was late in the night and visibility was low outside.

Two horses passed by the carriage from both sides and a fruity fragrance permeated the air.

Angele's expression changed. He wanted to say something, but his body was already partially paralyzed. White and green light flashed on his body for about ten seconds before he could finally move again.


Lyn's head slumped down as her body slammed into the wall, and she passed out. She was not prepared for the attack.


The horses outside slowly came to a stop.

'The poison...' Blue light dots flashed in front of Angele's eyes. 'Interesting, it's just a sleeping gas, and inhaling it will cause you lose the ability to fight. The gas was released by the two strangers on the horses but it seems like the gas doesn't work on animals.'

Lyn would not be waking up anytime soon.

Angele was carrying two enchanted items that could help neutralize the poison, but the gas still paralyzed him. His poison resistance and illusion resistance were greatly increased by the ancient bloodline, which was why he recovered so fast.

The carriage slowly stopped and it was quiet outside.

Blinking his eyes, he opened the door and jumped off the carriage. The old coachman was sleeping in his seat.

There were barely any lights on the narrow path. The only thing lighting the way was the oil lamp from the carriage.

Angele sniffed the air and left a red hand print on the door of the carriage. The energy particles would alert him if any stranger approached the carriage. He turned around and started heading to the source of the strange fragrance.

Although his wounds were still recovering, he was ready to fight.

He traveled for several kilometers and saw two horses lying down on the ground. They were killed and there were pools of warm blood under their bodies.


Whipping noises came from the small forest ahead.

Angele's attributes were much higher than average wizards, and he could hear people talking from miles away. It almost felt like someone was whispering in his ears.

He glanced around in the darkness, activating the mentality compression technique and the stealth technique.

Inside the small forest, a tiny girl with long hair could be seen lying beside a tree by a campfire. She was about 12 years old, and the white outfit she was wearing was soaked in blood.

A man was hanging on a branch of that tree. The man's hands were tied up, he was half naked, and his white silky pants were soaked in blood.

There was a woman was whipping the man with a long black whip beside the campfire. She was using so much force that every hit would splash blood into the air.

The woman had a serious expression on her face. She kept hitting the man for several minutes before stopping.

’’How does my Dragon Perfume taste? Spit it out, where is that b*tch? She stole our family treasure! Inviting her to our family is a mistake! Lions... Why did he fall in love with a low-class b*tch like her?! I should kill him in that woman's bed,’’ the woman shouted furiously.

The man was hanging on the tree branch, but for some reason, it did not look like that he was in pain. He responded in a calm tone, as if it was someone else taking the hit, ’’I don't know anything about the treasure.’’

’’Keep lying!’’ The woman whipped the ground and started abusing him again.


A piece of flesh was flayed off from the man's left cheek, the blood spurted out of the wound and dripped down his chin.

Angele stayed in the shadow and watched the woman question the man;however, the man just would not give the woman the answer she wanted.

Angele was getting impatient. He stepped forward and broke several dry branches on the ground.

’’Who's there?!’’

The man and the woman looked at the same time and saw Angele.

Angele glanced at the man and stared at the woman. ’’Give me the antidote.’’

The woman had a balanced body, slim waist, long legs, and large breasts. However, the bloody whip in her hand turned Angele off.


’’Antidote?’’ The woman stopped for a second and realized what happened. ’’Ah, you're the one in the carriage?’’

’’My friend is still sleeping in the carriage. It'll take her months to wake up. Just hand over the antidote.’’ Angele walked to the woman slowly.

It seemed like the woman didn't want any trouble. She stared at Angele for a while, took out a small ball from her pouch, and threw it to Angele.

Angele caught the ball easily. It was a container that looked like a black ball with a crack on its surface.

’’Feed your friend the powder inside. You only need a little bit of it. I suggest that you leave now. This is none of your business.’’ The woman narrowed her eyes.

There was a gentle smile on Angele's face.

’’Also, I want some of that Dragon Perfume you talked about. I want to know why it has such a strong effect.’’

The woman's expression changed after hearing the word.

’’Don't be greedy. The Dragon Perfume is a secret of my family and the recipe can only be given to the formal inheritors.’’

Angele chuckled softly, ’’That's why I'm here. The antidote is just a bonus to me.’’

There was a red glint on Angele's long hair and the light from the campfire made it look like glowing blood. The young man's pale skin made his appearance even more terrifying.

’’But this is my family's secret...’’ The woman was not sure if she should start a fight against the man here.


The young girl grunted and turned around. Angele finally had a clear view of her pale face.

He was a bit surprised after seeing the girl's face.

It was very familiar to him.

He quickly searched through his memory.

It was the girl with the merchants. They met by the Ness River and the girl was singing. Angele recalled the scene he saw after purchasing the queen's cube. The beautiful girl had left a deep impression on him. Her name was Anser. She was pure and beautiful.

The girl on the ground looked exactly like Anser.

Angele looked at the young girl and queried, ’’Do you... know a girl named Answer?’’

As soon as the woman heard that name, she drew her dagger and charged toward Angele

Angele leaned to the side, dodging the attack, and kicked the woman in the waist.


The woman's blue energy barrier was destroyed in a split second. Angele's kick was so strong that her body was bent at a strange angle. The woman rolled on the ground for several times and stopped moving.

Angele walked to the woman and searched her body, finding a crystal bottle with the Dragon Perfume inside.

He raised his left hand and a ray of red light was released, cutting the rope around the man's hands into pieces.

When the man dropped to the ground, he untied the rope on his feet and rushed to the young girl. He carefully held the girl in his arms and picked her up.

’’Thank you for saving us, master.’’ There was no expression on the man's face but he sounded excited, it was quite strange. ’’Sorry, master, I don't have normal expressions due to some special reasons.’’ The man walked to Angele and bowed to him. ’’Master, do you know Anser? She's my sister.’’

’’I don't really know her but we had a short conversation about ten years ago. What's your relationship with her?’’ Angele looked at the girl, her face was identical to the young Anser.

’’Anser is my sister. The girl's name is Mariana, Anser's daughter,’’ the man responded.

’’Daughter?’’ Angele stopped for a second and shook his head. ’’I didn't expect ’’ He did not finish the sentence.

’’Alright, leave the place now. Someone else is coming.’’ Angele took a deep breath and reached out to the girl in the man's arms.

The girl was scared but she still let Angele rub her cheeks.

Green light flashed on the girl's body as Angele touched her cheek. The girl's wounds were healed within seconds.

’’Thank you, master’’ the man bowed again ’’if we can survive this ’’

’’Leave now,’’ Angele interrupted.

The man nodded, turned around, and disappeared into the forest with the girl. The man's attributes were relatively high. There was a white glow around his body, meaning that the man was a formal Knight.

The girl in his arms raised her head. She looked at Angele over the man's left shoulder. Her eyes looked like white and black gems mixed together, seemingly as if she was trying to memorize Angele's appearance.

Angele turned around and left the campfire after the two were no longer in his sight.

Lyn already woke up when he returned to the carriage. Angele thought she would be sleeping for months without the antidote. It seemed like her resistance was higher than the average rank 2 wizards.

’’Master, did you find the one who drugged us?’’ Lyn's head was still dizzy and she rubbed her temples for several times.

’’Yeah, here's the antidote. Feed it to the coachman, only a small amount is needed. We need to keep moving after he wakes up.’’ Angele handed the black container to Lyn.

Angele looked at the crystal bottle and thought, 'I should do a detailed analysis of this sleeping gas. Not bad, a bonus for my trip.'


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