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The Wizard World - Chapter 315


Chapter 315: Molten Core River (2)
"It has been three years already and yet you have not finished the basics?" Liv was surprised. "Molten Core River's first stage is relatively easy when compared to other advanced meditation techniques. You should be able to finish at least one stage…"

"Right…There is nothing I can do about it at the moment." Angele was still having trouble with the Mask of the Black Wing. He had only finished half of the first stage, yet it had already exceeded Henn's expectations.

Angele's talent level was well below average. Henn never understood how he progressed at such an astounding rate.

He was not so concerned about his slow progression in the advanced meditation techniques because he was paying more attention to two other things.

The spell matrix study and the Potion Cloud Potion.

Angele had already noticed the problem. His progression speed was faster than the majority of average wizards at the initial stages, and he slowed down a bit during the three years' time. But he was still young and he could live for another 400 to 500 years.

He wanted to be more patient with the progression of the advanced meditation techniques. He had collected a lot of new information for the database.

The good thing was that Angele had removed most of the impurities from his mentality.

The magic matrix study would help him learn enchantment better. Although he hadn’t understood all the information that was stored in the biochip, the knowledge still helped him a lot while he was exploring the Nightmare Realm. The concocting process of the Poison Cloud Potion had improved his potion skills a lot. It would take years for the potion to be completed as all the needed materials were rare.

"Alright, I’ll talk to you later." Angele threw the towel back to the maid and entered the building, heading straight to the second floor.

He walked into the laboratory, locked the door, and set up the alarm with energy particles.

Angele put on the gloves and finished the sanitizing process, then he walked to the table at the center.

The glass cylinder was still standing in the middle of the table quietly and filled with smoke, but the color had changed from yellow to green and the ghost face had disappeared.

Angele was satisfied with his result. This potion took him three years to concoct.

‘Finally, it’s almost done. Zero, check the condition of the potion for me.’


A blue light screen appeared in Angele’s sight and it floated on the right side of the cylinder.

‘Poison Cloud Potion: 87% complete. Main materials: phoenix plume, the heart of the serpent, and white light stone. Requirement: rank 2 wizard or rank 1 wizard with the birth flower’s pistil.’

The detailed real-time information of the potion was also displayed on the screen, including the temperature, density, radiation levels, acid scale, and poison level.

Angele sat down at the table and made sure that all the numbers were within the safe range.

He then stood up and walked to another table by the window.

There was a thick pile of leather paper on the table and a white feather pen was writing something down quickly by itself.

The noise made by the writing pen was quite loud.

Angele moved the paper pile to the side.

He drew a line along the surface of the table.

A distorted crack appeared on the table, revealing the three books hidden under it.

The books were thick and heavy, the three forming a triangle.

A black mask was painted on the cover of the book at the top.

The background of the cover was white and the black mask was eye-catching. There was no mouth or nose on the mask. He could only see a pair of glowing red eyes.

The book on the left had a red cover with a pumping heat in the center. The title of the book was written in Metia and it read, 'The Molten Core River'.

The cover of the book on the right was black and its edges were decorated with silver lines. At the center, there was a white eye that was covered in bloody veins. It was the thickest book of the three.

The eye blinked from time to time and was staring at Angele. It almost felt like someone was observing him using the cover of the book.

"The advanced meditation technique from the Dark Wizard Tower is definitely interesting." Angele had not read the book yet. He acquired the book from the fruit with a human’s face a long time ago, but he felt that the book would bring him trouble.

According to Henn, the eye on the cover was from the mother of the magic eyes in the Dark Wizard Tower and was the seal of the book. Angele would have to sign the contract with the eye if he opened the book.

All the core members of the organization had signed the contracts at a certain point. Angele had already learned the content of the contract by staring at the eye for one minute. The rules were simple, but he would have to leave a part of his soul to the mother of the magic eyes.

Angele already had two full copies of advanced meditation techniques, so he decided not to sign the contract.

He moved the book to the side after checking its condition.

‘I should start learning the Molten Core River since most of the impurities are gone now.’ He had such thoughts in mind.

Angele had a high affinity for Fire energy particles, and practicing the Molten Core River would help him greatly.

The Mask of the Black Wing helped him remove the impurities from the mentality but it seemed that the Molten Core River was more suitable for him at the moment. Also, Angele did not trust Henn. It was possible that Henn tricked him when she was imparting the advanced meditation technique to him.

Although the Molten Core River was relatively weak, it was a much safer option. Vivian considered Angele as her real son and she would not give him anything that was harmful.

The Watchers working for Vivian all learned the Molten Core River and his questions could be answered easily as Vivian was a master of this advanced meditation technique herself.

He looked at the Molten Core River book quietly.

The pumping heart on the cover was filled with golden blood that looked like lava and it was steaming hot.

Angele opened the book carefully.

‘Feel the passion deep inside your heart. Hot or cold, there will always be a beautiful lake that will help you calm down. By Varian.’

Strange words were written on the first page of the book. The red characters were eye-catching on the white paper.

Angele had no idea who Varian was, but he must be a strong wizard as his name was written on the first page.

He looked at the sentence for a while but nothing happened.

He then turned the book to the second page.

Again, there was only one sentence written in the center of the paper.

‘Feel yourself, gather your power, forge it into your heart and the peaceful river of mind.’

Angele closed his eyes and started checking all the spells he had learned.

His strongest ability was the musical note in the center of his chest. It was the life essence of the scorpion woman from the Nightmare Realm, but he had yet to fully unleash its power.

The petrification ability, the musical note, the Metal Mastery, and the sword combos—these were what helped him the most in recent battles. Pyroblast was a level 2 spell he acquired from Henn, but he had not yet cast it on any living beings.

He also checked all the modified level 1 spells he had already mastered.

Angele opened his eyes. He knew that the book was forcing him to revisit all his abilities. It was probably a requirement for learning the Molten Core River.

He took a deep breath and turned the page again. The third page was covered in Metia characters and some pictures.

These were the instructions on how to practice the technique.

A wizard must first reach the rank 1 Gas state before trying to proceed.

The Molten Core River had a total of 12 stages separated into three main levels: 'Fire', 'Earth', and 'Lava'.

Each of the levels had four stages, though the stages were not given specific names. Angele’s spell resistance would increase as he progressed, especially his fire resistance and acid resistance. He would also be able to control the flame after he reached a certain level.

The first level labeled 'Fire' would help him gain control of the flame.

The second level labeled 'Earth' would help him gain control of rocks, mud, and certain minerals.

The third level labeled 'Lava' was the combination of the first two levels, granting him the ability to control lava.

As the third elder, Vivian had already reached the fifth stage of the Molten Core River, the highest in Elemental Hand.

The first stage was relatively easy. The next stages represented the rank of wizards.

Completing the second stage could help a wizard reach rank 1, completing the third stage could help a wizard reach rank 2, and so on.

According to the book, wizards who practiced the technique would be able to reach an unknown rank if they could finish all 12 stages. The ancient wizard’s highest rank was 9 which could be accomplished when 10 stages were fully mastered.

Rumors told that the mysterious Molten Core River was found in other realms. An ancient wizard once successfully mastered the 10th stage and reached rank 9. It was an unimaginable rank for modern wizards.

However, the Molten Core River used by the ancient wizards were different. Most of the advanced meditation techniques in the central continent were incomplete and had been modified by the modern wizards in order to make them effective.

Angele looked at the book. He knew that if the Molten Core River worked well for him, he would aim to reach its highest stage.


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