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The Wizard World - Chapter 313


Chapter 313: Birth Flower (2)
"Yes!" A female Glay stepped forward and responded. She then quickly moved into the shrubs and bushes with a small team.

"Mitto, use the path at the right and see if you can stop that man before he can escape," the man with a needle-covered head ordered.

A man wearing a black leather suit stepped forward and nodded. He leaned to the right and disappeared into the bushes.

The man with a needle head glanced around.

"It has been 50 years since the last time someone had destroyed a birth flower. We must make an example out of that man in order to show what will happen to those who have the intention to trespass into our holy ground."


While Angele was running at full speed, he noticed that there were more than five people chasing after him. One of them had mentality waves that were at a similar level as Liv's.

Although the strength of mentality waves did not solely represent the actual power of a person, it still indicated that there was a rank 2 wizard pursuing him.

He was as well certain now that majority of the Glay territory's guards were formal wizards.

The good thing was that it would only take him seconds to reach Vivian’s location.

Angele ran down the hill and saw Vivian’s team advancing in the forest ahead.

"Angele! Come to me!" Vivian noticed Angele’s presence and she shouted.

Angele moved to Vivian immediately and slowly stopped.

"Master Vivian…I made a big mistake this time…" There was a bitter smile on his face.

"I know you didn’t do it intentionally, but we still need to face this matter." Vivian grabbed Angele’s right hand and dragged him to her side.

A team of Glays appeared in front of them as they talked.

The man with a head full of needles was standing in front.

He looked at the wizards in front of him and his expression changed after seeing Vivian in the group.

"The third elder?"

"Garuda, how dare you to talk to master Vivian like that?!" A female wizard stepped forward and questioned in a cold tone.

The man named Garuda looked disappointed, but he still bowed to Vivian.

"Welcome to the Glay’s territory, master Vivian." The other Glays behind him hesitated for a second and kneeled together.

"Welcome to the Glay’s territory." They greeted Vivian at the same time.

Vivian slightly raised her eyebrows. "Let us go meet your chief together. My son has destroyed one of your birth flowers."

Angele stood behind Vivian and communicated with her through energy particles.

"Should I return the pistil to them?"

"Keep it since you already took it. We’ll see how the negotiation goes," Vivian responded quickly. "If they ask you about the pistil, just tell them that the pistil died quickly after you removed it from the flower."

Angele was a bit speechless. He thought Vivian would blame him for what he had done, yet she was still trying her best to help her ‘son’.

"I know the chief of the Glays. She’s one of my best friends. It won’t be that big of a problem if her people don’t question her decisions. Just make sure you think twice before doing something like that the next time."

"I understand. It was totally my fault." Angele nodded.

"Alright, don’t think too much about it. I’ll see what I can do." Vivian rubbed Angele’s cheeks sighing with mixed emotions.


With Vivian’s help, the problem was solved peacefully.

Vivian and her elites went to the core of the Glay’s territory. It seemed like the Glays feared her authority and power. No one questioned chief Mira’s decision and the situation was much better than Angele had expected.

After the negotiation, Angele gave the Glays a decent number of magic crystal cards and some rare materials as compensation.

It would be a life-or-death situation if Angele did not have such a great ‘mother’.

Vivian ordered him to stay in the mansion after the incident and asked him to learn more about the races around the Bass River area so that something like this would not happen again.

Angele decided to use this chance to prepare for the potion concocting mission from the Dark Wizard Tower.

Furthermore, he needed to check the advanced meditation technique he acquired from the organization.

The biggest problem was still Henn.

Angele tricked Henn so that he did not need to destroy Vivian’s source of power and it seemed like Vivian did notice his secret. However, he still needed to find a way to remove Henn from his body.

He did not have enough mission points to hire a soul form wizard from the Dark Wizard Tower or purchase the recipe for the Thousand Shadow Orb.

Henn had not talked to him for a while even when the crystal scorpion was not activated. Angele then assumed that she had some other evil plans in her mind.


Several months later…

At noon, the golden sunlight shone through the window on the second floor of the main building.

Angele stood by the window and moved the curtain to the side. He stared at the surface of the river and the bright sunlight illuminated on his face.

"Henn, I have already helped you with your revenge plan but the problem is, I’m stuck at this Crystal stage, and your ultimate enemy is still Arisma. I might lose the fight against Stigma if she asks my old friend to kill both of us." Angele was talking with Henn using the black box.

"I understand," Henn responded in a light tone. "I was a bit anxious recently, but I won’t ask you to do anything to Vivian…for now. And you are right about Arisma and Stigma. Your progression has slowed down and that’s a problem."

"I don’t remember the last time we had such a peaceful conversation." Angele nodded slightly. "Let’s get straight to the point. The Mask of the Black Wing isn’t as strong as I expected."

"Don’t worry. Didn’t you notice your mentality level increasing slowly? You are already strong enough for your age. The progression speed might have slowed down, but you’re improving at a steady pace." Henn suddenly sounded like a different person. "You need several years to stabilize your mentality and increase your level. Speed is not the most important thing right now. Revise all the elemental system you know and create your own way to modify or even create spells. This is an important stage which every strong wizard had to similarly experience.

Angele was a bit surprised. He could not believe that Henn told him to slow down.

"Yeah…You’re right. It’s probably a good thing. I’ll use that time to study the information I acquired from the Dark Wizard Tower."

"I need to spend some time rethinking my plan. It’s better if we can just finish our thing first. You and I are in the same boat. I want you to become stronger faster, but the foundations are important."

"I understand." Angele nodded again. "I’ll return to my experiment now."

"Sure, turn on the crystal scorpion. I need to rest." Henn’s voice slowly faded away.

Angele turned the crystal scorpion on and put it into the pouch. He turned around and left the room, heading to the laboratory on the same floor.

Liv leaned against the wall by the door and her cold sight fell upon Angele.

"Come on. I won’t sneak out again…" Angele shrugged and smiled.

"I was blamed by master Vivian. I won’t make the same mistake again." Liv sounded a bit angry.

She had been summoned back to the headquarter and was punished by Vivian after the incident at the Glay’s territory.

As a rank 2 wizard, she was actually tricked by an illusion spell cast by a rank 1 wizard. She felt ashamed due to this.

Angele shook his head. Pushing the door open, he entered the laboratory.

Liv was still leaning against the wall and waiting outside the door quietly.

Angele grabbed a pair of white gloves from the shelf after entering the room.

He put on the gloves carefully and applied some white dust onto his hands.

Angele then quickly clapped his hands.


White flame flashed on his hands and disappeared within seconds. Green smoke rose from his gloves.

It was a sanitization process he himself designed.

Angele walked to the table in the center of the room slowly.

There was a glass cylinder sitting in the middle of the table sealed tightly with a lid. The cylinder was filled with yellow smoke.

The smoke formed a terrifying face with a pair of shallow eyes. The face kept appearing and disappearing.

Angele stood in front of the cylinder and started recording on a piece of leather paper. He observed the changes happening inside the container as he wrote things down.

"It took me three hours to get the cloud to this state. The potion is still a problem to me…even with the help of the birth flower’s pistil." He frowned.

"If I didn’t make any mistake on the record, I will need three years before I can concoct one serving of Poison Cloud Potion. I can’t even test the density of the cloud…

"Well, the good thing is I have plenty of time to finish the potion. I won’t be able to finish it in a short period of time anyway. I can keep progressing with the advanced meditation technique while waiting on the potion. Not bad." He sighed in relief.

Angele put down the leather paper and added some more materials to the cylinder. He sat down on a chair beside and a black mask slowly appeared on his face.


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