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The Wizard World - Chapter 114


Chapter 114: Forest (1)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

Angele was given the best guest room in the Nunnally Family.

The decorations, furniture, and the carpet all looked gorgeous. The main tone of the room was yellow and silver.

'This place feels like it was built by a parvenu...' Angele thought.

He crossed his legs as he sat on the bed. Angele held the glowing heart in hand, and he asked Zero to help analyze the item. Zero was putting up a huge amount of complex data in front of his eyes.


The candles were burning on the large candle stand and the flame was dancing.

The data started disappearing after a while. Angele spun the heart in his hand and smiled, 'Finally, the damage of this heart has been calculated. More than 40 degrees of negative energy burst, impressive even for a formal wizard. Not a lot of mentality is required to use it. The only thing I need to do is to detonate the energy inside. I'll use it when necessary.'

Angele carefully returned the heart into his pouch, 'I assume the one with the formula of Nightmare Potion has the same skill level as Kelly, but I still need to be careful. I wonder who is behind all this? After the mission is completed, I'll stay here and wait for Delanya to send me the items.'

Angele had notified Delanya before he left the school and told her his destination. They arranged the time, location and set up the secret phrase. Delanya said she would send someone she trusted here since it was impossible for her to come here by herself.

After Angele sat on the bed for a while, he blew off the candles and started meditating.


Angele stayed in his room for the next several days. Kelly said she needed a bit more time to prepare, so he decided to spend the time on learning the spell books. He burned all the physical copies already after adding them into the database because he did not want to risk the possibility of losing them.

Besides eating and sleeping, Angele spent most of his time meditating and studying. He was not interested in the vendetta between Nunnally Family and Stephen Family. Even more so, he did not want to know who was right and who was wrong. The only thing important to him was the potion formula.

The head of Nunnally Family visited Angele two days ago. He praised Angele and gifted him some gold coins. The family head asked if Angele would like to have some fun with the girls in the family, but Angele declined the offer.

Of the Nunnally Family, Kelly and Michele were the strongest wizards apprentices they had, but they barely showed up in family meetings. The daily matters were usually solved by the leader and the elders. Kelly would only come back when there were problems the leader could not face alone.

Kelly told the leader that Angele was much stronger than her and that they must show respect to him. The leader was happy that someone finally came to assist them and he decided to fulfill any requirement Angele had.

Angele asked Kelly to bring him two high-quality crossguard swords. After all, his sword skills were far better than his dagger skills. He also asked for some special materials and made the poison for weapons in order to prepare for the incoming battle.

After about six days, the day of reckoning finally approached.

It was early in the morning and the room was still dark.

Angele tied his chain claw, dagger, crossguard sword, knives and pouches to his belts. His gray robe was great for hiding those weapons.

'I doubt there's a formal wizard helping the guy, but I still need to be cautious.' Angele looked down the yard through the window and he saw maids walking toward his room with candle stands in their hands. They protected the candles from being blown off by the wind by leaning their body to the side.

Angele pressed the bomb made from the glowing heart in the pouch with his right hand, 'Even if there's a formal wizard, I can surprise him with this.'


The maids arrived.

’’Master Angele, are you awake?’’ one of the maids asked.

’’Are we leaving?’’ Angele knew that today was the day the two families had decided to once again confront each other.

’’Yes, they're waiting for you,’’ the maid spoke with a loud voice.

’’I'll be there in a minute,’’ Angele responded. He clapped his hands and a red glow flashed upon his robe for a second.

The dirt and creases on the robe disappeared with the red glow.

Angele was satisfied. He opened the door and left the room with the maids.


The chilling wind was howling.

Below the gray cloudy sky, it was the sea of trees at the north side of Emma City. Countless small hills made the land bumpy.

The wind was blowing over the trees, and the noises made by the leaves muffled the birds' chirps. Two groups of people were confronting each other on a slope.

On the left side of the slope, it was a group led by a black-haired young man. Most of them had a serious look on their faces. They were wearing gray leather armor suits and the weapons in their hands varied. Some of them were nobles while some of them looked like hunters. The group's formation was unprofessional. It seemed like they stood wherever they wanted to. However, they were ready to fight.

A girl wearing a green one piece was standing beside the black-haired young man. The girl held the young man's left hand tightly with a worried look.

’’Don't worry, Winnie. I'm right beside you.’’ The young man had a pair of sharp eyes. There was a 1-meter-long silver scimitar on his back.

On the other side of the hill was a much larger group of people. They outnumbered the young man's group and had much better equipment.

The other group was led by two people in gray robes.

One of them was a middle-aged woman with long brown hair. She had an unfriendly demeanor, and the other one was a young man with blonde hair. He was smiling, but he kept staring at Winnie. It seemed like she was the only reason he came here.

There were about 30 people in that group, all wearing standard brown leather suits. People with crossguard swords were standing at the front, and several of them who had scimitars in their hands were on the side. They were all protecting the archers behind them.

Alongside the two people in gray robes were people all wearing caps with white feathers on top.

’’Miss Kelly, do you really want to do this?’’ the young man with black hair questioned in a serious tone.

The woman in gray robe laughed coldly, ’’What do you mean? If you agreed to join my family and give us your potion formula, we'll not do anything to you guys,’’ Kelly shouted, ’’Oh, wait. Winnie, I thought you were Michele's fiancée. Why are you holding Gondor's hand? You're making my family look bad. I'll make you pay for what you have done today!’’

’’Tell me, what do you want?! Are you really just going after the formula?’’ Gondor stared at Kelly and yelled, ’’Let me tell you something, Stephen Family won't just follow your orders! You already forgot what happened last year when you tried to attack us?’’

Kelly gritted her teeth, ’’I'll never forget what happened last year. No more talking, Gondor. We finally caught you here. You shall pay for your insolence!’’

Kelly waved her hands. Her family guards charged forward as the archers started firing. Hail of arrows flew toward the other side of the hill.

However, those archers did not receive proper training. Most of them could barely pull the strings to full and their aim was dreadful. (ED Note: Medieval Stormtroopers?)

They drew their swords after emptying their quivers and started charging to the other group of people. Although several soldiers from Stephen Family were hit by the arrows, most of them could still fight. They drew their weapons and started defending themselves.

Gondor withdrew together with Winnie and took out a yellow paper bag from his pouch. He shook the pouch and the yellow powder inside the bag spread into the air. A strange whirlwind came from behind and blew the powder toward the Nunnally Family.

’’This again?! Sick bastards!’’ Kelly and Michele were trying to cast spells, but they immediately covered their mouths and noses with sleeves upon the sight of the yellow powder.

Kelly quickly finished her incantations and waved her left hand. A strong wind that came from nowhere blew all the yellow powder away before it could reach her guards.

Kelly looked at Gondor. He stood in front of Winnie, focused on completing the incantations. A small ball of silver liquid had already appeared in front of his body.

Although the forest was dark, the silver ball still caught everyone's attention.

The rest of the Stephen Family formed an encirclement around Gondor, doing everything they could to protect the silver ball.

’’I won't let it happen again!’’ Kelly took out a small bottle from her pouch. She removed the stopper and poured a black tablet into her mouth. Kelly chewed several times before opening her mouth. She was aiming at Gondor's direction. She quickly drew two strange runes in the air with both hands.


A high-pitch scream came out of Kelly's mouth.

People in front of Kelly were all paralyzed after being struck by the soundwaves and they became deaf temporarily. Kelly's spell covered a large area in front of her, and people in the affected area all stopped moving after being stunned by the scream.

Kelly kept screaming. Everyone around her, including Michele, were all trying their best to stay away from her.


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