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The Wizard World - Chapter 113


Chapter 113: Procedure (2)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

Angele held the telescope in hand and pushed the tip to make it retract to its original length.

He pulled the door open again. The magic stone inside the door already turned gray. It seemed that using it to communicate required a fair amount of energy.

Angele closed the door again and tied the telescope with a strong black rope. The telescope was important to him at the moment, so he decided to keep it safe.

’’Water of Asu... I saved her, but I didn't expect her to repay me something so valuable.’’ Angele rubbed his chin and smiled.

He looked around his room and flicked his finger. The wind energy particles put the fire in the oil lamp out and the room became dark.

Angele crossed his legs as he sat on his bed. He closed his eyes and started meditating.


Two days later.

Early in the morning.

Inside the border of Liliado.

A shell-shaped gray city was surrounded by the sea of trees. It was almost like the city was a huge burnt mark in the middle of a forest.

Tall, black stone walls separated the city from the forest. There were four entrances on four sides of the city. People were entering and leaving the city constantly.

It was a sunny day, and the wind was soothing. Several white birds circled above the city while chirping.

At the west side of the city, a gray carriage was slowly advancing toward the city gate. The carriage was mixed within the travelers. There was no fancy decoration on it.

The carriage belonged to a foreign caravan. Most of their carriages were gray, and all the coachmen were wearing white scarfs. The men in the caravan all had a thick beard on their chins, and most of the women were chubby.

The caravan was noisy at this moment.

’’Greenwood! One more! Do it one more time!’’

People on the street were yelling. They were staring at a carriage in the middle of the caravan.

The coachman of the carriage had a strong body and was wearing a gray scarf as well. The man was in a colorful noble suit, and he also had the thick beard on his chin. There was a black hawk standing on his right shoulder that was stretching its wings.

’’Greenwood! Show them what you can do!’’ The man patted the hawk lightly.

The hawk flew into the sky. It screamed and started hovering around. Its cries sounded almost like it was singing rhythmically.

People watching the hawk all started cheering and clapping. Some people even stopped what they were doing and they were attracted to the hawk's screams.

’’Greenwood won the hawk singing contest in the southern province not so long ago!’’ the man shouted proudly.

’’There's no such contest! Come on, old Bass!’’ Someone laughed.

’’Oh, I'm sure he's telling the truth! He held the contest himself!’’ Someone else mocked.

People started laughing after hearing those words. The atmosphere there was electric.

A young man with blonde hair stuck his head out the window and glanced around. The man's face was pale. He was wearing a yellow tight noble suit and looked quite handsome. The young man had a pair of sharp eyes. He looked gentle and calm. It seemed that he was not concerned about the singing hawk.

’’We've arrived at Emma City, master.’’ The young man closed the window and talked to someone inside the carriage.

’’Oh, we arrived already?’’ Another young man with short blonde hair opened the window on the other side and started looking around, ’’We are getting close to the stable. Go notify the people behind us.’’

’’Understood.’’ The young man with a pale face nodded in affirmation. He opened the door and jumped off the carriage. He then started heading toward a carriage in the back.

Three carriages slowly left the caravan and the coachmen of the carriages reported to the guards.

Four people got off the leading carriage. They were all wearing noble suits with different colors. Two of them were wearing gray robes and there were black crosses drawn on the back of their robes. The guards bowed to them immediately after seeing what they were wearing.

’’Greetings!’’ the guards shouted after bowing. They placed their right fists over their heads and straightened their backs.

The crowd waiting to enter the city got noisy after seeing their gray robes and started backing off in fear.

’’It's the mysterious men!’’

’’Mysterious men! It's Master Michele from the Nunnally Family! I know him!’’

’’The other one is Master Kelly! I saw her once about ten years ago.’’

People started whispering.

Michele and Kelly walked toward the carriage in the middle after being greeted by the guards.

A young man with brown, short hair opened the door and jumped the carriage. His eyes were sharp like an eagle's eyes and he was wearing a gray robe as well. He glanced around and the crowd tried not to make any eye contact with him.

’’Is this our destination?’’ the young man with brown, short hair asked in a low voice.

’’It is, Master Angele.’’ Kelly smiled.

Angele nodded and pulled his collar up. He started stretching, ’’Hurry up, I have something else to take care of after this.’’

Angele sounded like he was the one giving orders, but Kelly and Michele already knew how strong Angele's mentality was after doing some research. Thus, they decided to fulfill any requirements he had. They knew Angele could kill them easily if they made him enraged.

’’Sure, everything is going as planned. Angele, have some good rest tonight. We will finish him off tomorrow.’’ Kelly spoke in a light tone.

Angele nodded. He suddenly turned to the right and looked at the hill before entering the city gate.

’’What!’’ A young girl in a green one piece crouched down immediately after Angele looked at her direction. She had been scared witless that she dropped the copper telescope in her hand.

'He was looking at me? How is that even possible! At this distance? How?!' The girl's face turned pale from fright. She was certain that the young man was looking at her, and felt uncomfortable right after making eye contact with him.

’’Why is he helping Kelly...’’ The girl was still feeling sick and her eyes started aching, ’’I need to report the situation to Gondor right now!’’

She recalled the moment Angele stared at her and shivered.

’’Those people... Gondor is so kind and gentle, why are they trying to kill him?!’’ She held her fist tight, ’’It seems like Nunnally Family hired someone strong assisting them this time, I need to hurry up!’’

The girl ran down the hill right away and disappeared into the forest.


The study's main tone was yellow and was filled with luxurious decorations. There were two small bookshelves beside the wall, but only several brown books were displayed on it. There was also a white table in the middle of the room.

Beside the table, there were two armchairs. Angele and Kelly were sitting opposite to each other. Rays of bright sunlight went through the windows and streamed into the room. The curtain floated in the stiff wind, but Angele still felt relaxed in the chair.

There were about six maids standing beside them. A girl in a short gray skirt was pouring them drinks from a small copper pot.

Two cups filled with blue liquid were gently put down on the table in front of them. A sweet, milky aroma pervaded the air.

Kelly grabbed one of the cups and smiled, ’’Try it. It's a local specialty, Silky Milk Tea.’’

Angele held the silver cup in his hand and shook it slightly. The blue liquid inside the cup was clear and charming, Angele knew it must be something special just by looking at it.

He took a sip. The first thing he tasted was the milk, but then he felt the kick that was the sweetness and sourness from the special ingredient. Actually, the tea almost tasted like a rich and aromatic strawberry yogurt.

’’Well, get to the point. Who's our enemy?’’ Angele put down the silver cup and asked in a light tone.

Kelly's expression changed, ’’We'll take care of the others, the problem is Gondor. Some old guy is helping him and he was the one who attacked us from behind the last time based on the intel we collected. Please make sure the old guy doesn't bother us when we're finishing off Gondor and the rest of his family.’’

’’That's it?’’ Angele nodded, ’’Lure him out and I'll take care of it.’’

’’Thanks a lot,’’ Kelly chuckled, ’’Would you like to meet the leader of my family?’’

’’Nah, it's fine. I want to have some rest. Just give me a room.’’ Angele declined her offer.

’’Sure.’’ Kelly clapped her hands, ’’You, lead master Angele to his room.’’

’’Yes, Miss Kelly,’’ the girl that poured them tea responded.

After Angele left the room, Kelly laid her back in the armchair and started sipping the milk tea.

’’Miss. Kelly, you're finally here.’’ A middle-aged nobleman rushed into the room and yelled, ’’I'm wondering if you can take that punk out this time?’’

’’Don't worry, I'm sure we can swallow the Stephen Family this time,’’ Kelly sneered.

’’An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,’’ Kelly gritted her teeth and spoke in a cold tone.


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