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The Wizard World - Chapter 108


Chapter 108: Formula (1)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

The Talent Spell was the most important spell for a wizard. After all, casting it would not cost the caster any mentality. There was nearly no limitation on this spell, and it could be cast instantly. Talent Spell separated wizards from wizard apprentices, and that was the reason why formal Wizards were much stronger than rank 3 wizard apprentices.

Angele finally made the decision after thinking for a while.

He purchased all the defensive spell models he saw. Angele had more than enough money to do it and he would have something in storage in case he had to leave the school again.

Besides the defensive spells, Angele also purchased various types of damage spells since he wanted to gather more information for his database. He purchased all the Wind and Fire spells available in the school, and he spent about 1000 magic stones for that. Ramsoda was famous for Necromancy and shadow spells, so the Wind and Fire spells he purchased were all the school had.

Angele purchased about 100 spells, and he handed one black card over to the clerk. The clerk then gave him three magic stones as change. Those magic stones were medium quality magic stones that could be exchanged for thirty regular magic stones.

The clerk asked several wizard apprentices to carry the spell books back to Angele's room.

Angele led them to his room. Each of the wizard apprentices was holding a large box in their hands. The boxes were filled up with spell books, and they were heavy.

After the apprentices helped Angele organize the books, they said goodbye to him and left. Angele stood beside the door and looked at the dorm's hallway.

Most of the doors were locked, and the floor was covered in dust. He could see their footprints on the floor clearly.

’’I'm the only one here...’’ Angele sighed. Wizard apprentices from Necromancy, Enchantment, and Energy Modifying Department lived in this area. There were 10 rooms in this hallway, but it seemed like Angele was the only one who came back. The dust on the floor explained everything.

'Not all rooms were taken when I first arrived here, but now I'm the only one that came back...' Angele was a bit depressed.

The hallway was dark. The oil lamps on the wall were put off as no one lived here for a while. The only light came from Angele's room.

It was once a noisy place. People were talking all the time, but now there was no one around anymore. Angele stood beside the door. He looked at the dark hallway, loneliness filling up his mind.


Angele walked into his room and closed the door. He stared at the oil lamp on the desk for a while. The yellow light made him feel relaxed.

’’It'll take me at least five minutes to walk from here to the other side of the hallway. There were not that many people in the school even before. Now, the war made the situation even worse.’’ Angele shook his head. He walked toward the large boxes and crouched down.

The boxes' edges were covered with silver iron strips, but they were not locked.

Angele opened the boxes easily.

All the spell books were inside the boxes. The spell boxes were covered in white shells, and the names of the spells were written on the front in black.

Angele grabbed a Wind spell book named Light Weight. He sat down by the desk and started reading under the light. At the same time, Zero started doing its job.


Zero could easily record everything Angele read, which was the reason why Angele could learn so fast.

An average wizard apprentice needed months to completely finish a spell book. Wizard apprentices with high talent levels could study faster, but they still needed at least two months because learning a spell required basic corresponding knowledge.

For example, the Light Weight spell was based on the two courses: Wind Spell Basics and Support Spell Basic Models. People first needed to finish these two courses before they could actually

understand the spell model.

For the same reason, although Angele purchased about 100 spell books, he needed a lot of knowledge to help him understand the spell models. It cost Angele several magic stones to gain access to the library being repaired. In the next three days, he did not actually learn anything, but he kept reading all the books he needed and stored most of the information in the database. With the database, Angele could check the information anytime he wanted.

Comparing to other wizard apprentices, Angele's learning speed was extremely fast because he only needed to read the book once and Zero would take care of everything else.

After Zero analyzed the new information Angele acquired, it gave Angele a surprise, 'Database is far complete than before. You can choose to enhance the spells, and how strong the spells will depend on how much mentality you have.'

Angele was reading at the library, and he looked happy after hearing Zero's report.

The library was similar to the ones on Earth.

Two large red wooden bookshelves sat in the middle of the library, and the shelves were filled up with various types of books. Several elder wizards were putting up force barriers beside the shelves. They wanted to make sure the wizard apprentices had enough mentality to check the knowledge in the wizard's books. The principle was close to the first Wizardry book Angele obtained. His mind would be destroyed by the book if his Mentality was not stable enough.

Angele was sitting at the corner of the room. The library looked a bit like a meeting hall. The floor was red and the roof was yellow. Yellow glowing crystals were inserted into the walls on the side, which were the source of light in the room. The temperature here was always in the comfortable range. It seemed like someone had cast a spell to modify the temperature in the room constantly.

There were four other wizard apprentices reading books beside Angele. They were very quiet, and the only noise was made by turning the pages.

Wizard apprentices usually did not read at the library. They would borrow the book and read somewhere else because books in the library were thick and there were many parts that were hard for wizard apprentices to understand. They needed time to think about every important point.

Angele was still excited about Zero's report.

'Choose and enhance the spell now?' Zero asked.

'What are the requirements? Check how much mentality is required for enhancing High Temperature Field,' Angele ordered.

'Time needed: 3 months. 2 Mentality will be consumed every day.'

’’Three months,’’ Angele muttered. He hesitated.

'How strong the spell will be after the enhancement?'

'Success rate: 87%. Result: Effective area increased, temperature limit increased, energy required increased.'

Angele furrowed his eyebrows and put down the book in his hand.

'I need to set up a standard to measure the power of the spells. I don't have enough practical experiences yet... Once I set up the standard, I'll ask Zero to start enhancing the spells I need.'

20 minutes later...

Angele was walking down a long hallway slowly.

On both sides of the hallway, there were doors and a counter.

A thin old man sat behind the counter. He was reading a red booklet.

He noticed Angele's presence and raised his head, ’’Two hours, one magic stone. Pick the room yourself. From 1-10 only, other rooms are reserved for formal wizards,’’ the old man said in a light tone.

Angele nodded and put down a magic stone. The old man gave him a wooden tag and Angele tied it to his left wrist. He then turned around and walked toward room 7. The door was made from white metal. It was heavy.

Angele raised his left palm and pressed on the surface of the door. Some red light flashed on the door and a black number 7 appeared on the black wooden tag.


The door opened, Angele stepped in and passed through a long, dark tunnel. He arrived at a large empty room.

The room was large, about the size of a basketball court. The floor, roof, and the walls were covered with black stone bricks. Strange runes were engraved onto those bricks, and they started flashing in random order.

The red glow appeared on one small area and disappeared soon after another area started shining. A large candle chandelier was hanging from the ceiling, the candles brightening the whole room.

There were two other wizard apprentices in the room: one was rank 3, while the other was rank 2 according to Zero's report.

They were training at the right and left side corner. Angele did not care though, as he walked straight toward an empty area on the side.

This was the Spell Lab. It was used for target practices and spell power testing. There were several targets and dummies around Angele. The area was nearly similar to an archery training ground.

The rank 3 wizard apprentice was a blonde middle-aged woman who was using the safe practice area. The safe practice area was protected by defense magic circles, so she could test the debuff spells here. She cast several debuff spells on herself, and the magic circles would cleanse the debuff under her order.

The rank 2 wizard apprentice on the other side was a young man. He was about 20 years old, testing debuff spells on himself as well. His body was covered in a blue glow.

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