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The Wizard World - Chapter 107


Chapter 107: Choice (2)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

The woman inspected the materials and handed five black cards to Angele. One black card could be exchanged for 1000 magic stones. As a matter of fact, these were actually reshaped high-quality magic stones. Those black cards could be used anywhere, and 5000 magic stones could be sold for a great amount of money.

The woman had seen a lot of rare materials like the ones Angele provided, so she was not surprised that they were worth thousands of magic stones. Trading involving a large amount of magic stones usually happened between large families.

’’Thanks for the help,’’ Angele said in low voice, and he kept the black cards into his pouch.

’’You're welcome.’’

Angele turned around and left the counter.

’’If I can't buy the Water of Asu right now, I'll have to search for a defensive spell model first.’’ He wasted no time and started heading toward the Spell Department.


About ten minutes later, Angele stood in front of the large wall. He raised his head and looked at the listed spells on it.

There were about eight other people around. Some were old and some were young. Most of them were staring at the wall. Several people were checking the price with the clerk.

The hall was quiet. Two people had even started meditating on the ground. Angele looked at the list and checked through the Fire, Wind, and Necromancy spells.

There were only two level 0 Wind spells: Light Weight and Lesser Agility Boost. For the Fire spells, he saw Flashing and Ignite. There was no low-level defensive spell models for those two categories.

There were three defensive spell models in the Necromancy category:

Weapon Control: Effective on weapons with wooden handle. The weapons will attack their owner. Range: 3 meters. Angele stopped reading after seeing it was only effective on weapons with wooden handles, and the spell itself was weak.

Death Coil: Surround the caster with death energy and create a weak force field around. Range: 2 meters. Good for close combat. Weakness: Ranged weapons.

This one could be taken into consideration.

And the last one:

Bone Armor: Cover oneself with bones. The stronger the bones, the higher the defense. Great for defending physical attacks. Weakness: Energy attacks.

Angele furrowed his eyebrows. He knew those ones were the bestsellers in the school, and they were helpful during basic combats. However, Angele did not find the one he wanted.

He walked toward the clerk. It was an old woman wearing glasses.

’’What do you want?’’

’’Can I have a look at the level 1 defensive spell models? The ones on the list are not suitable for me,’’ Angele lowered his voice.

The old woman raised her head and looked at Angele after hearing his question, seemingly a bit surprised. Only rank 3 wizard apprentices that were trying to break the limit would purchase high-level defensive spell models. She was surprised because Angele looked so young. On the contrary, she had spent her whole life reaching rank 3.

She opened the drawer and took out a thin booklet, ’’These are all the level 1 spell models we have right now. You can take a look. Some of the spell models are created by formal wizards, so they may not be practical.’’

Angele had five black cards on him, so he skipped the price list. He started searching the spell he wanted in Necromancy, Fire, and Wind category.

He looked at the Wind category first because the Wind energy particles loved him. Angele thought the reason was the enchanted ring he used before, but he was not sure about it. There was a whole page of Wind spells, but a lot of them had similar effects.

There was a spell called Wind Blast. It had many variations, but they shared the same name. Some had the range of five meters, and some had the range of seven meters. They were modified by different wizards, and spells with a smaller range usually could do more damage than the ones with a larger range.

There was also something called the Party Spells such as Summon Wind. It would produce wind within a very large area and was mostly used for large parties.

Angele skipped all the random spells and started looking for the defensive spells. The spells on this booklet were all level 1 spells and only wizards could cast them. Actually, only wizards were able to cast defensive spells, so Angele had to be able to cast level 1 spells to be recognized as a formal wizard.

Angele kept checking the list. A spell called Berlin's Haste caught his attention. It could boost up the projectile's speed, and he thought he could use it to increase his arrow's damage.

This spell was similar to the Agility Boost. If Angele could cast it on his boots, he would be able to move faster. The price was only 10 magic stones.

There were not many defensive spell models in the Wind category, so Angele turned the page to the Fire category.

The page that listed Fire spells had a red background. Angele quickly went through the damage and support spells, then located the defensive spells quickly. There were about eight of them:

High Temperature Field: Create a fire force field around the caster and it will cause whoever approaches the field to lose water. Opponents will be exhausted. Range, 3 meters.

Flaming Iron: Create a piece of high-temperature iron and it will attack whoever tries to hurt the caster. Needed material: Iron Shard.

Heat Wave: Create cold and heat waves in a 2-meter radius, enemies will lose their balance after entering the air.

Heat Drain: Creates an energy field. Radius: 3 meters. Enemies' body temperature will be lowered, and their actions will be slowed down.

Flame Guard: Enemies will be stricken with fire within the effective radius. Radius: 2 meters. Fast, low damage.



Defensive Fire spells were actually good choices to Angele, but he was not sure which one to get. Therefore, he decided to check out the Necromancy category as well.

The background of the Necromancy page was black, and the words were written in white ink. Angele found the defensive spells and started reading:

Body Harden: Caster can harden part of his body and increase one's physical defense greatly. Weakness: Fire.

Mosrin's Death Coil: Surround the caster with death energy. The energy does constant damage to enemies within the range. Range, 10 meters. Combat spell.

Ranged Eliminator: Works on any ranged wooden ranged weapons. Projectile such as arrows will be destroyed. Minimum distance, 12 meters. Not effective if the enemies are inside the 12-meter range.

Interference Field: Enemies within five meters of the caster will be disoriented. Debuff, fear, exhaustion. More effective on enemies with weak minds.

Abyssal Eye: Eyeball buff. People within the caster's sight will start seeing illusions, and if they cannot distinguish them from reality, they will be exhausted. Universal debuff, stamina drain, fear of battle.

Those were all five defensive spells in the Necromancy category. Two of them needed to be cast by wizards. Meanwhile, Mosrin's Death Coil, Interference Field, and Ranged Eliminator could be set up as a passive spell.

Angele considered himself as a close combat wizard. He trained himself well and his physical attack combos were strong, so most of the time he would be charging toward the enemy. If the enemy had a defensive spell on, he would consider ranged attacks. He needed a passive defensive spell, so he could save time casting it during battles.

For that reason, the passive spells in Necromancy category would not work well for him. There were many ranged spells that did area damage and he could cast them easily if given enough space. However, he needed a way to deal with enemies that were strong on their own. Those three passive spells were focused on dealing with groups of enemies.

Angele had his eyebrows scrunched up as he turned the page back to Fire category, but none of them could help him defend physical attacks unless his enemies could be taken down with basic flame attacks.

He looked at other categories. Water and Plant category had many spells that could help defend physical attacks, but Angele was not so familiar with those energy particles, and he would not be able to reach the full potential. Angele learned a lot from the ancient wizard books. He knew that he needed to focus on one or two types of energy particles.

Wind and Fire energy particles liked him the most, so he should try to use as many Wind and Fire spells as possible. Otherwise, his spell power output would be lower than other wizards. The better he could control the energy particles, the stronger his spells would be.

'What should I do?' Angele furrowed his eyebrows again and kept checking the spells listed in the booklet.

The ideal defensive spell for him was one that could defend up to a certain level of physical attacks;one that included ranged and melee attacks. Also, he needed a barrier to defend the energy strikes, but spells that fulfilled his requirement did not seem to be level 1 spells. Spells like that would be weaker than spells that could only defend physical or energy attacks.

The High Temperature Field was good for close combat, but it was weak against ranged attackers. If the enemies used ranged metal weapons, the spell would make their attack even stronger by raising the temperature of their projectiles. It would not be a wise choice for Angele.

The other one caught Angele's attention was the Heat Drain, but it was an area spell with certain duration and it was weak against strong attacks that focused on a single target.

Apparently, Fire spells were more focused on offense and Wind spells were focused on auxiliary. Even the defensive spells had those characteristics. Angele still wanted to main Fire and use Wind to support. He no longer wished to spend all his time on Necromancy.

The first defensive spell of wizards was extremely important because they could solidify it into Talent Spell. If Angele made the wrong choice, it would greatly affect his future progress.


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