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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 7 - Chapter 9


Chapter 9: The other kind of powerful

Translated by: chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

In the eyes of the Illume-union, Sheyan was like an omnipresent specter, always appearing where he needed to. For example, for those fighting at the front had several times where they were about to suffer an attack, but Sheyan had showed up in the nick of time;either through his fists, or the repelling ability of the shotgun to repel viperwolves away, and thus obstruct the viperwolves' onslaught.

Speaking from the party's perspective, Sheyan's readiness to get attacked by these beasts, was obviously more advantageous than having the beasts attack Sable. That was because the latter would have a higher chance of suffering from an explosive strike. Besides, it was naturally more worthwhile for the prepared Seaman, who obviously had excellent defensive strength, to get bitten instead of their own contestants who weren't prepared.

Yet another viperwolf pack swarmed in. This time, Yuan Zhan and Demondream could tell that the hand-to-hand combat frontlines had finally reached its limit, and to sustain any longer was excruciatingly difficult. The frontlines crumbling would inevitably lead to the entire defense crumbling. In a flash, they readied themselves to act. But at this moment, without a single warning, Sheyan retreated backwards by 2-3 steps.

’’He's finally reached his limits?’’ This complicated notion finally welled up in both Archeaphill and Sable's minds.

But just before they affirmed their notion;with a twist of Sheyan's wrist, a shocking flask appeared from his palm. This flash had a huge belly and was swirling with a faint black liquid, filled to half. Then with a flick, he tossed it ahead.

The flask propelled through the air, crashing against a viperwolf's body and shattered. Suddenly, with the shattered flask at its core, a dull black shock-wave swept out rapidly;finally a faint black miasma enveloped a radius of 20 square metre around the area. Those viperwolves that were caught inside the shock-wave seemed to have froze in that instance, sinking into a confused state! Those wolves that were wildly charging in with vicious intent were more miserable;losing their balance in mid air, they became like goods delivered to their targets.

At this moment, though the contestants of the Illume-union were ignorant of what was happening, the went by this principle;scumbags would take advantage of cheap exploits. Thus, they naturally seized this immense opening! Although Sheyan's curse-mix only issued a second of confusion, it was enough to collapse the enemy's onslaught, and allowed the contestants to make the first strike. It was definitely a significant twist of event in this battle.

After the curse-mix shattered and formed into a faint black fog of black miasma, persisting without dispersing as it enveloped the pack of viperwolves, someone very swiftly transmitted into the party's channel.

’’Eh, how did my attacks become stronger?’’

’’It's crushing! What the hell is happening, how am I dealing out crushing damage?’’

’’This guy's a real demon, his potion gave me a 3 point strength boost! But now it actually removed 4 strength off the viperwolf! What an insane 7 points difference, my strength can actually crush these sons of bitches! Ha ha! Bastards, taste my iron fist!’’

’’Seaman's earlier ability should be his tossed potion;dealing an AOE effect causing the viperwolves strength to plunge by 4 points, movement and attack speed decline by 20%, and even released a second of confusion through its shockwave!’’

’’Wow, what an exquisite explosion effect... I was just 3 centimetres away from that damned son of a bitch's fangs.’’



Following the successive exclamations of joy and surprise from several close combat contestants, the Illume-union's moral instantly soared. Especially, Sable who snarled thunderously as he slashed forth with his giant black longsword;dealing out an atrocious explosive strike + crushing damages + AOE effect. It was as if a disgusting wind blade had swept through 4 viperwolves destructively, slaying 3 and heavily wounding 1;instantly reversing their current situation.

This battle sequence was within Sheyan's predictions. He already understood beforehand that an average viperwolf had a strength of roughly 18 points. After a series of observations and deductions, he reckoned the mean strength of the close combatants here to be around 25-30 points. Naturally, +3 strength wasn't adequate to invoke an outrageous upheaval;yet after tossing out his curse-mix and lowering the strength of the viperwolves to 14 points, it only required 28 points of strength to deal crushing damage. This undoubtedly meant that the majority of close combatants would be able to crush them and seal the nail on their coffins!

Yuan Zhan, who was Initially about to act, glanced towards Demondream, and spoke with a low tone.

’’This Seaman's support truly magnificent!’’

Demondream had a mist covering her slender figure. Her curvy waist and perky buttocks could be faintly seen, but her face was a blur;with both hands pressing down on weapons at her waist. A long scabbard on her left, and a short one at the right, as she emanated a threatening and piercing aura. She remained silent as she gazed towards the battle. Suddenly, she turned around with a slightly surprised tone.

’’Why did you come out......Zi?’’

A tall and lofty female strolled out of the valkyrie's interior. She was wearing a broad long robe that displayed an elegant and ancient Ramesses* dynasty style. Just by looking at it, one sense the feeling of fine exquisite craftsmanship. It's design boasted of a sphinx, cuneiform and a scarab. The backdrop of azure blue undoubtedly projected an image of the roaring sea.

(TN: Ramesses was the third pharaoh of the nineteenth dynasty of egypt)

Shockingly, 3 rhombus glows appeared around Zi's body, circling incessantly around her body. Merely by standing still, she emitted an awe-inspiring and compelling aura. It was as if she was a scholarly egyptian during egypt's most prosperous era, an image of an egyptian queen standing behind pharoah as she inspected her subjects from the crown of a pyramid.

Zi's deep blue pupils casted down towards the battlefield, the viperwolf side had already exposed a clear decline.

’’A sudden appearance of an element X, I definitely need to see what is going on. So Demondream, what's your view?’’

A thread of gloom surfaced within Demondream's voice.

’’I'm sorry, sire, I have no answer.’’

Zi was taken aback and replied.

’’You......have no answer?’’

Demondream lightly whistled out a breath.

’’Really regretful, sire. This person named Seaman has a rather capable perceptive sense, I reckon it's at least close to 30 points! More importantly, he should be wearing an equipment that can interfere with my ability. I'm unable to probe him effectively.’’

Yuan Zhan couldn't help but interrupt.

’’Doesn't your ability have precedence?’’

Demondream coldly replied.

’’Can't his interference type ability similarly possess precedence?’’

Zi quietly scanned the battlefield and uttered.

’’Even if I don't show up, I believe Sable and Archeaphill will definitely rope him in, then let's first observe. The realm wars are ever changing and unstable, severely treacherous, with slaughters and conspiracies as its pillar. But now it's just the beginning. Before the Golden side mission appears, it is better to play it safe. Of course, if this person wants to join our party;I have to admit we must be vigilant, certain core matters must still be kept a secret.’’

Not even 10 seconds after she finished speaking, the party's upper tier secret communications channel suddenly rang with Sable's voice.

’’Hey Zi, are you there?’’

Zi's dark blue eyes flashed with a glitter, as she lightly replied.


Sable's voice wasn't as insolent as before, it had became rather humble and meek.

’’I'll just say two points. First, this kid is really useful. Just based on his current performance of abilities, it is enough to land him into any core circle of a party of this realm war.’’

The rhombus glows revolving around Zi suddenly sped up, then quickly returned to normal.

’’I find your evaluation a little exaggerated.’’

Sable silently scoffed.

’’I'm glad, our opinions seldom reach an unanimous verdict, but sadly, this brings me to my second point. My previous statement was actually Archeaphill's judgement.’’

Zi's gaze tightened. No party leader would ever neglect the opinion of her own party's MT. If not, that factor could easily lead to a division and eventual demise of the party. Zi wasn't in a rush to question Archeaphill, but continued with a warm and unquestionable tone to Sable.

’’I'd like to hear your opinion.’’

Sable rubbed his hands and hesitated slightly before saying.

’’Screw it! Really, I also kinda like this kid, he can allow 'Tom' (Referring to his sword) to crush damn morons! Moreover, he even showed up several times to tank some blows for me. Still, I think Archeaphill's words would weigh more.’’

’’Your f***king mind is only filled with a pile of dogshit!’’ Suddenly, an irritable voice resounded, to be more precise, it was a shout!

Needless to say, it was MT Archeaphill that spoke. Hearing those words, Sable's face instantly turned pale a little. If other members dared to shout at him, he would instantly fly into a fit of rage. Only Archeaphill dared to admonish him;with Archeaphill's roar, only Zi's calm voice could appease it!

’’Sable, do you need me to repeat myself? Your f****king mid is filled with a pile of dogshit! Do you know what does it mean for someone to tank several blows for you? Those damned viperwolves definitely do not have low damage. If they struck you, an explosive strike would leave you devoid of close to 100 HP. As for Seaman who helped you tank this strike, at most he had lost 30 health points! Counting him within the entire party, it would mean being spared 70 points of damage! Just calculate, how many times has he tanked for you? And you hadn't even considered the fact, how many fatal strikes has he tanked for me?’’


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