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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 7 - Chapter 7


Chapter 7: Snatching businesses

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Yet at this very moment, the last remaining Mountain Banshee fanatically swooped down in assault. Its body was humongous, and hence it could be determined to have the most vitality. Even though its body was punctured with numerous blood holes, and even had a half a metre long bloodied wound torn across its chest, it remained incomparably savage. Probably losing the will to live after witnessing its companions getting slaughtered, it initiated a suicidal charge!

diving down at breakneck pace, it just had to swerve towards Sheyan's location! However, it appeared as if its primary target wasn't Sheyan but another contestant that was being tightly hindered by a viperwolf. Its plan was naturally to first eliminate that fella before dealing with Sheyan;killing two birds with one stone!

As for the targeted contestant, his left hand gripped a pistol, and a dagger in his right. Naturally such an offensive combination was undoubtedly the most superior in the preceding periods of a contestant;not inferior in both close or far combat. But at this phase of development, such a balanced fighting style was merely mediocre;unless one was in possession of an incredible piece of equipment, if not one would find it hard to become a core member of the party.

At present, he was currently tangled up with a viperwolf ahead, having not the slightest clue of the unexpected murderous arrival;its gigantic frame hid the sky and covered the earth behind him. Sheyan could only smile bleakly, and shrugged his shoulders helplessly. In this circumstance, he had no choice but to step up in rescue;because once this peerlessly savage Mountain Banshee tore through the contestant with its sharp talons, it would be him that would suffer the devastating assault next! In this situation, he might as well save him on his own accord, and even earn himself a favor along the way.

Thus without hesitation, Sheyan lunged towards that contestant, braving the immense danger as he pushed him horizontally for 5-6 metres. After falling to the ground, he spun while half kneeling as he used his hands to cover his face. Wearing a pair of white grade knucklers with a resistive blocking attribute, his heart prepared to test out the domineering strength of this world with resolute enthusiasm.

A ferocious wind slapped against his face, carrying the piercing stench of the Mountain Banshee's blood! Amidst the ear-piercing chaffing of metal, the savage raptor clawed out two long streaks of sparks across Sheyan's wrists;the unstoppable might cleaving open two lines of mangled flesh on Sheyan's arm.

As the immense force of the talons pressed against him, Sheyan was about to summon his strength in resistance;instead, his mind sparked and he immediately abandoned that thought. Allowing the immense force to drag and flip him over, he was thrown backwards for an entire 12-13 metres. Appearing like an absolutely tyrannical attack, yet in actual fact, it only dealt close to 80 points of true damage to Sheyan!

As his body was flipped through the air, many notions swirled within Sheyan's mind. He could obviously stabilize himself and roll to cushion his fall, but he purposefully allowed himself to crash headfirst;landing himself into a terribly pathetic state. Finally, he struggled to get up, issuing a feigned horrified expression as he gasped for breath. In his current circumstance, hiding his personal strength naturally remained top priority.

However because of this, Sheyan who had been dragged into battle, was now being eyed by a viperwolf. Its intelligence mentioned previously;and after eyeing the wretched Sheyan crashing to the ground, it excitedly rummaged forward with insatiable thirst. Of course, it had no clue Sheyan was merely feigning!

In the end, the unlucky viperwolf naturally nibbled rice instead of stealing chickens. Its clawing and chomps were easily blocked by Sheyan;but of course to others, Sheyan made it appear as if he was bitterly resisting it, seemingly about to crumble at any second. Fortunately, the contestants around were not vegetarians*;after seeing that someone was tanking, they instantly unleashed their fervent assaults, quickly dispatching that damned viperwolf.

(TN: Author is probably implying weaklings lol)

By now, since he had already been dragged into this battle, Sheyan's desire to avoid unnecessary attention was rendered impossible. Hence, he might as well just accomplished what he originally came here to do, briefly tossing out two blended-mix flasks. Naturally, they belonged to the composition of 'Strength + Agility' and 'Intelligence + Agility'.

After the flasks shattered;while most of the contestants were locked in gruesome battle, someone very quickly transmitted through his party channel. His message started with an unrestrained gasp of surprise.

’’Oh, my god! Hurry up and enter this fog, that guy's buff effects are actually +3 points to both strength and agility! Its duration lasts for 120 minutes!’’

’’Eh hey? Why is my agility +3 and my intelligence +3?’’

’’A bonus of 6 base attribute points? Are you kidding me? Isn't April's fools over already? Oh, dog shit! It's actually real, what a f**king surprise.’’

’’What are you guys talking about, what powerful bonus?’’

’’Can't you see for yourself.’’

’’Oh shit, this guy isn't part of our party. If we acquire his bonus buff effects, then we would be blocking off Morda's and Fría's buff effects.’’

’’Sorry, Morda. I'm just short of 3 points of strength to inflict crushing on these damned scums, I hope you understand.’’

’’Morda, Fria......3 points of intelligence is crucial to me.’’

’’Morda, Fria;with 3 points of strength, these devil spawn banshees cannot deal crushing damages to me anymore.’’

’’What luck! With 3 points of agility, these pesky viperwolves are now unable to keep up with my speed!’’

’’Holy, I'm starting to feel a connection with that Seaman guy.’’

’’He doesn't like gays, your connection is worth farts.’’



The contestants were no fools. An upgrade of 6 entire base attributes, it was definitely worth more than 1% accuracy and 1% explosive strike rate boost, that could at most increase their offensive capabilities by 13%! Because such an enhancement was totally comparable to a substantial upgrade of wearing a black grade equipment, or even a silver storyline grade equipment!

In an environment where life or death was at stake;in spite of acquainted sentiments, survival remained the only truth! Furthermore to these contestants, choosing Sheyan's bonus buff didn't come at an additional cost. Their only collateral was in the form of Morda and Fria's gains.

Due to this situation, rapid flows of battle contribution points came pouring into Sheyan;which were clearly the collaterals of the two miserable dudes. However, even after adopting a terribly ugly expression, they obviously couldn't beg others to forgo Sheyan's buff right?

One had to admit that the prowess of the Illume-union was rather insane;after their earlier panic and once they grew accustomed, they simply took care of these crafty beasts with swiftness and ease. Yet at this moment, another massive pack of viperwolves had came charging out of the distant forest! Amongst them, several viperwolf had a distinctively larger body, which were naturally classified as smaller ringleaders or elites.

These swiftly encroaching viperwolves utterly spared no breathing space for the illume-union, delivering endless bouts of assault! Facing such persistence, the frontline of close combatants would undoubtedly produce casualties. At present, Sheyan had finally witnessed the formidable party skill of the Ullume-union 'Drive'! Such a skill obviously came at a tremendous cost.

Once anyone was tackled into a near death state, and instant flash transport would occur. The destination of that flash transport had already been predetermined at one of their party member, where the member most likely possessed a regenerative and healing ability. Of course, the flash transport distance wasn't infinite, and limited to only 50 metres radius. Similarly, it didn't supply an invulnerable state against assaults;if someone suffered an instant death, then this ability was pointless.

It seemed like the close combat contestants were producing more and more casualties, as the gaps between the frontlines became wider. All of a sudden, a core member marched out of a channel from the Valkyrie. This person was called Yuan Zhan, who was obviously an asian. Sheyan hadn't witnessed him in action previously. At present, he simply observed Yuan Zhan's fingers flashing with green, and congregated into two green glows before impaling into the ground.

Not even 10 seconds later, all surrounding viperwolf carcasses withered and rotted in succession, paving the way for two stumps of 6 metres tall shrubs to sprout from the ground. Those shrubs had no leaves, its twisted roots and intertwined joints contained pointedly acute tips. Whenever a viperwolf closed in, its branches would ferociously stabbed forward and slice, while carrying a double negative property of repel and poisoning. Its performance was that of an extremely refined defensive mechanism.

Apart from that, Yuan Zhan summoned out 5 greater wolves to participate in battle. He was actually a fauna/flora summoner!

Sheyan immediately recalled about Phelps from before, that he too was a summoner. He had summoned wolves that time;and whenever they got injured, Phelps would display an expression of hurt. If it was Phelps who had just summoned 5 wolves, then wouldn't his expression be nervous and apprehensive?

However, Yuan Zhan's countenance revealed that he couldn't care less, obviously treating his greater wolves as mere consumables. Thus, Sheyan could instantly determine one critical matter;this summoner definitely has a reserve and impossibly dangerous ability! Probably his success rate of taming is incredibly high. Hence, he dares to squander his animals in this manner! To become a core member of the Illume-union, he is indeed well-deserved of his reputation!


Even with the aid of the two 'Poison-needle-giant-thorn' shrubs, Main-Tank Archeaphill was beginning to feel exhausted.

Besides, he had to swing around with his wielded towering shield, which was called 'Bulwark of Azzinoth'. To coincide his offense into his defense was no easy feat with the shield. In actual fact, Archeaphill's base attributes had barely reached the requirements to forcefully utilize this doubled-handed shield;especially pertaining to the strength attribute.


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