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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 7 - Chapter 31


Chapter 372: Rebellion

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A gigantic skull, with distinct stripes.

In the entire Pandora, only one creature dared to boast of this......

The overlord of the skies, the Great Leonopteryx! (Na`vi tongue: Toruk 'Last shadow')

To the entire Na`vi race on Pandora, riding one was equivalent to a WoW player acquiring the

Twin Blades of Azzinoth or Frostmourne! It is said that through the history of the Na`vi race,

only 5 had managed to ride it before, and were hailed as the 'Rider of the Last Shadow'; leader of

the Na`vi race, supreme in strength and authority.

(TN: For non-warcraft players, the Twin Blades of Azzinoth are wielded by Illidan stormrage,

and the Lich King wields frostmourne. Both are main bosses of the game, so it means wielding

them is akin to being the mega boss)

Yet why would this dragon's skull of great significance, be buried underneath a footpath of the


Sheyan had no clue of the underlying meaning, yet he had already noticed that wild look of

ecstasy that flashed through Uzel and Lille's face. From the information reports that they

provided earlier, Sheyan believed that they had definitely been through this mysterious world

’’But, so what?’’ Sheyan's lips curled into a cold sneer. Of course, he too rapidly wiped off that

smug arrogance from his face. He raised his head as he sincerely offered Lille and Uzel.

’’Let us go. Our reputation is at stake. Since we've already made a pact with you guys, then we'll

definitely ensure that you finish the 'Headhunter' milestone. If we drag till nightfall, the

Na`vi's night vision prowess will be catastrophic for us. The difficulty level would multiply.’’

But right at this moment, Uzel who had always been rather low-key, abruptly raised his head

loftily. His eyes were clearly staring into Sheyan, with the misconception of gazing at everyone.

In this instant, his eyes, pupils, eyelashes and faint brows suddenly turned fuzzy; as though his

features were sketched with ink. The blurriness overflowed like spring water, then it

thoroughly dissolved. The only clarity left behind was the nightmare imprint on his chest,

shining with a piercing crimson red glow!

’’If you have to blame something, then blame your luck that this thing surfaced here, the Na`vi's


Uzel's voice suddenly turned vaguely discernible, whilst containing an unfathomable prideful


’’You shall all witness, the peak of my prowess ---- the mighty judgement of a spirit boundary


As his last words faded, everyone on scene instantly submerged into a regiment of boundless

white! This sensation, was like the sudden glaring sun piercing into the eyes while one was in

darkness! When they recovered their vision, Sheyan was astonished. The earth was still the

earth, forest still the forest, Hometree still the Hometree, Reef was Reef, he was himself. Only

two things had changed.

Uzel had disappeared,

Lille had multiplied!

Standing in front of each individual, was one Lille!

A cutting edge display of immense sharpness, Lille!

’’Why......isn't my perceptive sense warning me?’’

’’That must be because Uzel isn't directly threatening my life! It seems like he has only

accomplished two things. Hiding himself and Lille, and conjuring several other illusions.’’

’’This is......really interesting.’’

Once again, Sheyan's lips curled into a sinister smile.

Right this instance, the 5 Lille's acted simultaneously! Charging forward with an ordinary


This was all along a free to slaughter world; yet there was no warning, no notice or

premonition. Yet because of that, Sheyan remained motionless. He had absolute faith in his

perceptive sense.

’’Indeed just a fake.’’ Sheyan mocked.

Yet not everyone in the party had such a keen perceptive sense as him!

Still piloting the 'AMP Suit', Makaji's pupils shrank; although his powerful machine couldn't

attack humans, there was no need to doubt its defense. Hence, when Makaji observed Lille's

sudden burst and leap, followed by drawing daggers and stabbing forth, his heart remained

calm. Because he ultimately believed, he wouldn't become the first target. No matter what,

Mogensha and that sniper Jin Ximin were much easier to kill.

’’ is that possible!’’

A suddenly notion jolted through Makaji's mind, as Lille's dagger thrusted in!

Lille's target was lethal and decisive, heading straight for the bullet-proof glass window of the

cockpit! Indeed, the same cobweb cracks left behind by the Na`vi's 4 arrows! Clank! A loud

crunch resounded, the cracks deepened as Makaji shouted desperately.

’’This one is real! Save me!’’

Without hesitation, Reef activated 'Courage' and charged over; instantly following up with a

'Shattering Cardiac Roar'. After the rippling shockwave swept out, it was greeted by a shocking

sight of Lille's figure distorting and vanishing into thin air.

It was an illusion! Yet how did that dagger manage to reduce the bulletproof glass to a point of

imminent danger, nearly shattered and smashed?

At this moment; both Sheyan and Makaji immediately recalled that absurdly lone mighty pistol

that Uzel equipped. Since Uzel could even conjure out 5 Lille illusions, then it definitely

wouldn't be tough to camouflage his shot; masking it as an assault by the twin daggers Lille. It

simply took a slight meagre effort.

Often times, only when a case is solved would one feel the simplicity of it. Yet before that, it

frequently wrecked people's brains.

Since things had developed to this extent, it implied that Reef had no choice but to choose

between guarding Mogensha or that sniper Jin Ximin. The reason why this supposedly

multiple-choice question didn't include Sheyan, was deeply understood by Reef. Even Sheyan

was hiddenly wishing Lille would take the initiative to attack him!

Hence Reef directly sprinted to Mogensha. One was a temporary party member, one an official

member. One had gone through life and death with him, the other just an excellent marksman.

Thus, this decision wasn't difficult. The sniper Jin Ximin's body suddenly flickered, suddenly

executing a 'Reclining leap' ability. He directly pulled open the gap between the opponent. In a

flash, pew pew pew! Muffled gunshots transformed Lille ahead into a sieve.......

Nevertheless, the one ahead of him was expectedly, similarly an illusion.

The Lille in front of Sheyan was an illusion, Reef's one was an illusion, Jin Ximin's one an

illusion, even the 'AMP Suit' attacker Lille was an illusion......then had Reef gambled correctly?

No! The incomparably flustered Mogensha pulled out his silver 'Sparta spear' to block, yet the

incoming dagger thrust gradually faded into was a bloody illusion.

The 5 Lilles assaulting the contestants were all illusions?!!!!

Then where was the real one?

The answer was disclosed in the next second,

It was a tree.

An ordinary looking tree, that was steadfastly stationed right next to the 'AMP Suit'.

A shadow flashed behind the tree, directly spitting out the person, Lille.

Twin-daggers shimmered coldly in his hands, simultaneously stabbing towards the bulletproof


A thunderous shatter pierced out, the bulletproof glass was instantly reduced into a thousand

minute fragments of crystal glass; raining in all directions, as it clanked against the floor.

Makaji's face twitched maliciously in that instant, and his gaze turned venomous. That polite,

amiable and slightly boastful at times biologist appearance had vanished! In its place was an

incomparable lunatic, his reddened eyes flashed as he snarled out crazily.

’’Why must you force me!!! Why must you choose me first!!!’’

’’That's because everyone here must die! Only with your death, can we enjoy this immense

secret ourselves, this tremendous fortune! Since we have to kill, then we choose to deal with the

most difficult first!’’

Uzel's voice wafted through from all directions, as though it was the whispers of the forest.

’’Makaji, or should I say Mr Harlim? ......although you've changed to such a detestable name, but

the matter of you betraying the Banks Syndicate and stealing a huge chunk of wealth is

something extremely clear to me. Because, we are the moles dispatched by Zeus to infiltrate the

Banks Syndicate! Actually you should thank us. If not for our Glory-party's Zeus brazenly

making a move in order to revive the Metals professor, and attracting the higher ups of the

Banks Syndicate, do you think they would've given you a chance to escape?’’

’’Actually, this group of young friends, you should be grateful to us. This Makaji joining your

party may not be a good thing. Ever since this traitor escaped from the Banks Syndicate, he has

already ruined 3 other parties. So just resign to fate; even without us, you'd still be destroyed by


Uzel's crescendoing voice hadn't reach its pinnacle before fading. Lille then seized this huge

opportunity. Ferociously making a front flip as he hung in the air, his twin-daggers shimmered

as his entire body curved backwards into a 'C' shape; his arms bending backwards agilely that

he even touched his bended legs. Maintaining this vigorous posture for a split second, a flurry

of movement took place as he ferociously slashed down!

This strike contained matchless devastation; due to its insanely fast execution, it stirred an

intense reverberation of violent whimpers. Creak..crunch crunch! Incessant echoes of

smashing metal pierced out. The 'AMP Suit' was terrifyingly chopped down from its head all

the way till its leg!!!

Even Makaji's arm that was gripping the control lever was severed and sent flying along with a

river of blood.


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