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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 7 - Chapter 3


Chapter 3: Viperwolf

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Contestant no.1018, you and your party have received a battle side mission: 'Footing' .

Mission summary: The transport shuttle Valkyrie is your only means of contact with civilization. Therefore, no matter what, you have to protect its core engine from being destroyed within 3 days.

Mission detail: When the transport shuttle Valkyrie landed, it startled numerous wild native species. Therefore, within a short time, the enemies you will face includes wild beasts and aboriginal inhabitants. Of course.......including your own kind.

Warning: Once the core engine of the Valkyrie is destroyed, the Golden side mission will not appear! Subsequently, everyone's rewards would decrease by half!

Note: You can accomplish the following milestones in this world.

Salary Raise: Kill any 3 male Na'vi.

(TN: Na'vi are the blue people in avatar)

Fearless: Kill any formidable legendary creature upon encountering it, damage dealt must exceed 10%’’ (Not limited to - Overlord Great Leonopteryx, Rare elite Hammerhead Titanothere, Rare elite Thanator, Na'vi chief)

Meat owner: Kill 30 unique creatures in this world.

Plunderer: Gather 1000 units of of Pandora's Unobtanium. (Crystal's purity must not be lower than 16.8%)

Penetrate: Obtain the long horn of two Direhorses.

Race deserter: Achieve a 'Respected' reputation with the Na'vi race.

Due to insufficient information capacity, you are unable to obtain more milestone information.


In view of the latest information, Sheyan's primary reaction was to instantly cover his nose to prevent himself from inhaling the deadly air. Then he immediately noticed that he was shockingly affected by a negative state of attributes declining by 5 points;lasting for a total of 100 seconds. With every increased breath, the duration compiled by 10-15 seconds. Bursting forth with energy, he charged back into the Valkyrie in search for an oxygen filter mask;and quickly discovered that they were neatly hung over a wall near the exit.

Sheyan was puzzled. ’’Why didn't anyone think of bringing more of these, and selling them off to gain profits.’’ Yet after careful inspection, he realized a small fine print - Not to be discarded, intentional damages will result in 10,000 utility points compensation..... This sort of conduct was almost identical to Jinkuang's method with his black venom powder, causing one's hair to stand on anger.

Instead, Reef and Mogensha came out a little later, and coincidentally met Sheyan who was presently trying out his oxygen mask. Thus, they easily avoided the hassle of breathing in the poisonous atmosphere. However, Sheyan immediately realized if he summoned Jinkuang in the future, that wretched slut may get poisoned to death. Hence, he instantly called him over.

Who knew that after Jinkuang understood what was going on, his rat beard erected up along with his squinted little eyes scanning around....then after several rustling sounds, he pulled out a sackcloth bag. Needless to say, he stole 7-8 of the hanging oxygen masks on the wall as he released a sly sneer. ’’Time is money, master. I have work to do.’’ Then in a twinkling of an eye, he disappeared round the corner.

Reef who hadn't see this 'David Beckham' before, kneaded his eyes. Indeed, this matter was really hard to believe. Besides, such a shameless act wasn't commonly seen by him. Yet Sheyan and Mogensha were both exceedingly familiar with it, and proceeded to survey around speechlessly. Fortunately, there were no other eyewitnesses. Coughing, Sheyan said.

’’Let's hurry up and join the fight. If we can't hold this shuttle, then this would've been a wasted trip.’’

The trio hastily wore their masks as they hurried off to the clamours of the intense war. The filtered air of the mask produced a strange smell, like a pesticide sprayed onto the grasslands.

After the trio headed left for 15-16 metres, and over the gentle slope of grassland, there arrived at a region;where at least close to a hundred contestants had formed a defensive line, and were fighting fiercely. On their lateral side, were even some contestants chopping lumbre, transporting and building temporary fortifications. Some were shifting random junk from the shuttle to construct a makeshift second line of defence.

They could tell there was completely no coordination between these contestants. Yet in view of the realm's advocation of forming battle parties, everyone had still commenced resistive warfare against the common enemy.

The enemies they were facing were a horde of wild beasts. These beasts were similar to the wolves on planet earth, their bodies were clad in black, glossy skin. When moving, their bulging muscles beneath their skin squirmed like flowing water, displaying their powerful explosive strength.

The wolf had snake like jaws and obsidian teeth that were able to stretch open to a grotesque 150 degrees;dealing lethal chomps against any who suffered its vicious bites. Under the low gravity, its 6 legs are able to swiftly break or speed up. Its greenish triangular eyes glittered with a insatiable lust for death.

Although this breed of creature modeled the zerglings of the Starship Trooper world in terms of fighting style and appearance, where both relied on overwhelming numbers;within few moments, Sheyan immediately noticed the difference, their combat capabilities were akin to the gap between heaven and earth!

Bluntly speaking, zerglings utilized their claws and brute force, while these wild beast used their brains as well. Not only did they possess that devilish insanity of zerglings, they were able to display a clear sense of coordination, battle tactics, defence, and attack. Simply put, their instincts allowed them to shelter comrades and retreat! Therefore till now, the haphazard defence line of contestants had only slain a small amount of these beasts.

Naturally, Sheyan's first action was to get a probe with his helmet's 'Pulse detector', and gathered crucial information. His current perceptive sense was close to 30 points,and the probing ability of his black grade equipment was a great counterfeit replica of natural 'insight' abilities. With the influence of his outstanding perceptive sense, he naturally received excellent results. Very quickly, the target's information was delivered.

Male Viperwolf (Average), in the Na'vi tongue: Nantang, scientific name: Caniferratus Costatus

Height: 74 cm

Length: 172 cm

Weight: 72 kg

Strength 18 points

Agility: 15 points

Physique: 10 points

Perceptive sense: 9 points

Charm: 11 points

Intelligence: 10 points

Spirit: 15 points

Basic close combat lvl4, basic footwork lvl 7

Creature ability: 'Thunder-rock Embrace' - Additional bonus of 1000 HP.

Viperwolf special ability (Passive): '270 degrees mandible' - The jaw structure of this strange creature is unique and able to stretch ridiculously wide. A Viperwolf's mouth is able to produce a pressure of 4kg/square centimetre, it can easily grind a rock into dust. When attacking, there is a 33% chance of an explosive strike.

Viperwolf special ability (Passive): 'Silkskin' - Reduce elemental damages by 15%. Its slippery skin provides a 10% chance of enemy missing.

Viperwolf special ability (Passive): 'Dark Circulation' - This creature has a developed cerebrum structure. Thus, they operate collectively and hunt mostly at night. They transmit messages with unique howl like hisses, accompanied with expressions during communications.

A perfectly coordinated strategy allows the viperwolves to hunt within a scope of 480 square kilometres. During collective battles, their health increases by 20%, attack power increases by 5%.


That viperwolf that was probed by Sheyan suddenly swung its gaze towards Sheyan in vigilance. Then, a flickering vengeance appeared in its eyes as it bared its deadly fangs and charged towards him. It was as if Sheyan was the killer of its dad and mom.

The leaping force of his viperwolf was astonishing;as it stomped onto the ground, rolling up the mud and grass beneath instantly, and kicked them an entire metre away. Drawing an unimaginable force with each stomp, it seeked out its claws in mid air, before baring down its vicious fangs!

Yet Mogensha was no vegetable. DA! DA! DA! 3 consecutive shots volleyed into its mouth, with blood spraying everywhere. Its head was forced upwards upon the impact, but this strike wasn't considered fatal. Yet instead, an opening was created as Sheyan dodged easily to the side, swinging his elbow as he sent the beast crashing towards Reef.

Without panicking, Reef raised his shield and casted a 'Faith guard' on himself. His surroundings flickered as a crystal light screen formed around him. With a flurry of 3 strikes from his lightsabre, it produced that rank 'B+' passive ability 'Rude lvl3';immediately causing this unlucky beast to have its movement/attack speed decreased by 50%. He then simply intercepted the beast with ease.

Within a single hand supporting his rifle, Mogensha released consecutive rounds towards the viperwolf, causing it to howl in grief. With his other hand, he drank down a blended-mix that Sheyan had prepared long ago. His 'Beastly instincts' required MP, therefore during drawn out battles;the blended-mix of agility +4 and intelligence +4 was definitely an optimal compound.

As the saying goes, when an expert makes a move, everyone notices. This was a medium intensity realm war, contestants that were enlisted into this were more or less old veterans and sly foxes. Naturally, some were able to tell that the recently arrived trio had exceptionally adept coordination between themselves.


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