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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 7 - Chapter 29


Chapter 370: Rooting out the nest

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Under the incessant hurricane like gunfires of the 'AMP Suit', even a thick 3 metres wide tree

couldn't provide coverage for long; blistering into splinters after withstanding the

bombardment for few seconds.

After the fanatical rain of fire subsided, several mysterious blue figures jolted out with

surreptitious movements as they dispersed into the forest. It felt like fishes abruptly leaping

out, graceful in that instance, before splashing down lightheartedly into the depths of the river.

At this moment, Sheyan suddenly darted out from a tree; half-kneeling as he raised a gun.

Squinting his eyes, he pasted it against the scoping lens as he raised that 'Nail gun' of his. A red

suspicious dot swiftly scanned past the trees; naturally, it was the infrared laser, an accuracy

target device add-on.

Once the red dot overlapped with one of the blue figures, Sheyan directly pressed the trigger

with extreme maliciousness and excitement. In that instance, he finally fulfilled his childhood

dream; an unparalleled marksman with a hundred-shot-hundred-kills, acclaiming the major

lead role in Hong Kong police dramas.

No doubt, this advanced technology made up for Sheyan's innate deficiency, as he succeeded in

hitting a bulls-eye. The skinny blue figure tousled forward, as ghastly blood fluids gushed out

from its left thigh.

Yet when Sheyan was about to cry out 'OKAY!' in ecstasy, a long whip like object suddenly

flashed out from the rear of that skinny figure, as it ingeniously twirled around the nearby tree

branch. The figure who had just lost its footing once again swung forward, as it vanished

behind a large tree.

’’Oh shit! Curse that crafty tail!’’ Sheyan resentfully implored aloud as he reloaded. ’’If this gun

was semi-automatic, then I swear even 10 tails would be nothing.’’

Mogensha raised his lighted cigar to his thick lips.

’’My only suggestion for you is to store away that toy figurine and stand in front of me. Not only

can you block off those arrows, it is your bestest way of acting cool.’’

’’Oh screw off!’’

Sheyan unhappily replied.

The 'Nail gun's' formidability lies in its powerful penetration and expensive bullets. The

weapon's only firing mechanism was a single shot at a time. Fortunately, Sheyan's reloading

speed was adequately 'fast', he only needed a reloading interval of 5 seconds.

Yet within that 'short' duration, that Na`vi resurfaced in Sheyan's view. Although the Na`vi

stumbled out of its cover, it had already lost its value as a target board; because, it had been

forced out by the grumpy looking Lille.

Like a walk in the park, the agile contestant Lille had appeared behind the Na`vi, unnoticed by

everyone. Tranquil like participating in a hurdle race, not a single dagger movement in his left

hand could be captured. Though he displayed such ordinarily looking mobility, yet a sudden

shrilling black slash flashed out!

That black ray folded into an obliterating crescent moon, rippling forth with sorrow!

It carved through the Na`vi's braids,

Carved through the Na`vi's throat,

A violent outburst of fresh blood. This Na`vi who had suffered 5 armour-piercing incendiary

rounds, and a titanium drilling nail finally lost his life; returning to the embrace of his god.

Rank B ability 'Blade-dance slash' !

The long braids of the Na`vi slowly pelted to the ground. Thump! He slumped to the ground and

dissolved into infinite threads seeping into the soil of Pandora. Following that, another Na`vi

couldn't persist for long as well, and during the process of leaping out, that Na`vi was instantly

assassinated by a deafening sniping gunfire of Jin Ximin!

Another remnant Na`vi had lost all rationality in his rage and anguish, howling ferociously as

he charged in. He appeared to be a close combat warrior, without any bows or arrow. Instead, he

clutched onto a jagged knife forged with beast tooth as he brandished it intensely; as though he

could block all incoming bullets, then.......

Then with a belly of fire, Makaji controlled his 'AMP Suit' to target him.


There was no more then.

In a flash, tu tu tu tu! 37 spiralling fatal rounds entered him, drilling in holes like a honeycomb.

Instead, Sheyan glanced towards Reef at this time. During the attacking process, the 3 Na`vis

weren't just idling without retaliation. They had also simultaneously retaliated while fleeing.

An arrow landed nowhere, while another arrow soared in thirst for Uzel! Fortunately, Reef had

raced forward to block it, yet this craftily angled arrow had lodged into Reef's shoulder.

A 2 metre long arrow,

An arrow smeared with neurological poison element.

Sheyan glanced at Reef. Reef understood, and replied with a coarse voice.

’’72 points, not an explosive strike. Side persisting damages of 48 points, movement decrease.’’

If Reef wasn't wearing the RDA company's 'Hydra armour', then an ordinary Na`vi's long range

arrow would've dealt close to a hundred points to Reef already. Moreover, there were still other

persisting damages, and even the movement declining effect? Such a 'difficulty class', was

already nearing the strength of an ordinary orc of the previous world.

Yet one must acknowledge, Na`vis are long range aggressors. This undoubtedly implied a

possibility of concentrated assaults! If Mongensha were to have suffered 3 simultaneous arrows

of the Na`vi, then the possibility of crippling or instant death was high!

’’Even a 'B+' difficulty is so troublesome......hais, if our next world advances another level, its

difficulty would reach 'A-' or even higher!’’ Sheyan sighed in his heart.

After checking the contents of the 3 Na`vi dropped keys, they only presented two of items

required by the 'Headhunter' milestone - Na`vi longbow. This item was indeed not a 100% drop

rate. Therefore to complete this milestone, they probably had to slay 10 or so Na`vis each.

At this moment, every contestant started to proceed with caution. The dedicated Makaji

continued piloting the powerful 'AMP Suit' as he led the front, while engaging in a battle

analysis for them.

’’In the movie, the Omaticaya clan that the main lead joined had a overall strength of 500 Na`vi.

Those that could ride Mountain banshees were only 10 - 20. The height of their Hometree was

460 metres, with a diameter of 50 metres. Considering the fact that Hometree right ahead

hasn't even reached a hundred metres in height and the information we've gathered before,

this signifies that this Kiwatakin clan comprises only of around 3-5 Na`vi. It is a declining clan

on the verge of extinction.’’

While Makaji led, he very detailedly made judgements with his expertise as a biologist. Every

single judgement was supported with reasons and were terribly accurate. Hence, though he was

a newly recruited member, he had discreetly stole the limelight from everyone else.

After hearing his words, everyone heaved a sigh of relief. Then like a hive of bees, they sprinted

towards the Hometree. Even in a game, the thrill of rooting out an entire opponent nest was the

greatest desire, there was no other.

Yet more importantly, per the contract agreements of between the contestants, only drop loot

keys from creatures killed would be automatically deemed as party Ace's possession. Yet the

items that could be acquired within the Na`vi nest weren't something that party Ace could


However after a brief while, before Sheyan had even got the chance to infiltrate the Hometree,

the fastest agile model contestant strolled out within the tree hole with a disappointed

expression. His expression was one of extreme nauseous, as though he had an impulse to chop

away at someone. Sheyan became intrigued as he headed forward, suddenly a wave of smoke

assailed his nose.

Although the Hometree was hollow inside, the humongous mangrove-like roots were scattered

around and brimming with vitality and firmness. Its interior wasn't damp and moist like their

imaginations, but it had a dry, warm and tidy feel; utterly devoid of termite infested decaying

wood. But they could obviously tell, the space within wasn't considered huge, there wasn't a

second floor.

Leaning against the tree, or the walls of the interior, were some ornaments spoils of war. Skulls

and repulsive objects hung over it, even broken javelins, bows and arrows were neatly arranged

by the side.

There was a fireplace in the middle, only displaying withering embers. Flaming torches were

placed by its side, which were composed of bountiful dried leaves and random stuff; which were

soaked with an oil like substance, probably the secretion of a fat creature.

Over the fireplace, were dried twigs with vines suspended over; neatly sliced charred meat was

dangling atop. No doubt, it had been long overcooked. Sheyan couldn't recognize what meat it

was, however, the second dangling item beside the meat was exceedingly familiar.

It was a human head.

Hair burnt ablaze, twigs forcing the mouth open. A human head being roasted.

Its eyes and brain juice had been dried out, leaving dark terrifying concaves. The skin had

shriveled beyond recognition, as though its expression was a perpetual grotesque smile.

Honestly speaking, such a method was exactly identical to humans dealing with chicken or pig


They could definitely infer, the chunks of meat dangling by the side, must've recently been part

of this person's body.........


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