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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 7 - Chapter 25


Chapter 366: Seize the opportunity to lay eggs

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Lille and Uzel were both exceedingly clear; why would Archeaphill even chip in to help them

now? Apart from Reef and Archeaphill, there were no other revealed MTs around. Bluntly

putting, they were just trying to use the name of the Banks Syndicate and status as Reserveduty

Growth-hunters to coerce the two, and devalue both of them. However, neither oil nor

butter could work on this Seaman. To describe him in greedy context, he was someone who

wouldn't release the hawk until he saw the hare; putting it in uglier context, someone who

wouldn't shed tears until he saw the coffin!

Lille frowned, his eyes glinting ominously as he took half a step forward. Yet who knew, a

sudden distinctive AK gunshots resounded from afar, striking against the patch of grass in

front Lille. Sheyan then smiled humbly.

’’I guess you aren't aware; Big boss Reef had just signed a party alliance contract with Zi.’’

After tossing this sentence out, their expressions turned stiff instantly. Sheyan laughed loudly

as he strolled away.


After an interval of nearly 2 hours, the contestants returned from the exploration of the crashed

lifeboat shuttle. Though they didn't managed to find anything worthy amidst the remnants,

they could confirm one fact; there were no survivors of that violent plane crash.

Yet something was worth mentioning; even though the expedition garnered no harvest, when

the lifeboat shuttle crashed, a tier-2 legendary Mountain Banshee had its wings injured by it

during the assault, and had landed onto the ground.

Although it was injured, it remained dreadfully menacing; requiring the contestants to unify

and deliver deadly attacks against it. The outcome was needless to say; trapped on the ground,

the Mountain Banshee was reduced to flesh and bones. Yet more importantly, a minute

probability occured when its dropped silver key was used.

A Dark-gold grade accessory had emerged!

This piece of news instantly produced wild reactions from all contestants. However, it instead

landed in the hands of an unknown contestant. It was said that after the contestant acquired it,

that contestant disappeared into the thick green forest of Pandora; completely unwilling to

allow other contestants to loot from a burning house*!

(TN:* Means profit from other's misfortune, refers to killing him and looting him)

Dark-gold grade........and accessory!!

Two keywords that could already send thrills when apart, what more combined together! Such

an equipment could trigger the rising winds and scudding clouds*, releasing a violent reaction

that couldn't be described by simple addition of 4+4 = 8, but instead an amplification of 4x4 =

16! No doubt, every contestants seemingly felt like they were injected with cardiac stimulants,

as everyone begun considering the possibility of hunting more legendary creatures.

(TN: *chinese idiom, means creating turbulent situations.)

Presently, amongst the filtered contestants left, there were probably 5 or 6 reserve-duty

Growth-hunters for every 10 contestants - formidable individuals who had touched the

boundary of power! If they were willing to activate their incredible taboo strength, slaying tier-

2 or even tier-2 legendary creatures wouldn't necessarily be a delusion!

While the contestants were being stirred up, Reef brought someone to Sheyan, mentioning that

he was willing to join their party. Actually, this person was no stranger, but was that western

region sniper, Jin Ximin. While cooperating with them previously, a fond impression and

compatibility dawned on him, thus he took the initiative to approach.

Without saying much, Sheyan allowed Reef to recruit him; offering Jin Ximin with a temporary

member status. Although he could only enjoy the bonus skill of 'Asylum lvl 1' and couldn't view

other advanced skills of the party; upon joining the party, he could still earnestly observe a

boost of 100 HP and 100 MP! This bonus caused him to involuntarily gasped in praise.

Mogensha had also recommended another person, Makaji, who treaded the path of summoners.

His charm was rather outstanding, and was extremely precise with his research on various

creature characteristics. It was him who had proposed burying the beast carcasses, and he was

actually a biologist back in the present world. Hence, though he had presently lost his strongest

summon, he still managed to ingeniously survive the beast horde.

But that wasn't the main point......the main point was the 'AMP suit' he shockingly possessed!

Although the suit seemed disadvantageous when fighting in a beast horde, that was because the

horde comprised of an entire sea of wild beasts, alongside the wild ravaging of legendary

creatures! But during normal circumstances, it would definitely play a core part in battle


Bluntly put, even if a piece of trash was the one inside the 'AMP suit', the trash's position would

be inflated to even a core member in a flash. Moreover, contestants who treaded the path of

summoners shuddered one crucial factor - their potential was immense; if they managed to

tame a mind-blowingly tyrannical creature, they would become like a born again daoist!

Mogensha had probably stayed in the Symbiosis sect for too long, and was extremely

knowledgeable about summoner type contestants. Or perhaps, the impression left by Fanu was

so profound that it was hard to erase. Thus, he favoured Makaji who had lost his strongest

summon, and proactively lobbied to bring him into the party as a temporary member.

Regarding Makaji, Sheyan's impression of him had ceased at the point he proposed to clean up

the battlefield. Following that, he hadn't noticed him.......since that was so, Sheyan couldn't

help but feel a sense of chilliness and apprehension in his heart.

But he immediately looked down at his hands,

The hands that possessed the apex strength of 49 points!!

Instantly, his lips curled into a faint smile, and didn't object Mogensha's idea.


Presently, it was nearing noon. The contestants possessed gallant might, but hunger still crept

up fast. Not too long later, a bunch of familiar people gathered together while wolfing down

their food. Mogensha lifted a bowl of maize congee. The cornflour used to cook his porridge was

first roasted before grinding into powder. The congee was then mixed with seafood, mushroom,

cream, bacon and various ingredients. Mogensha squinted his eyes as he apparently seemed

rather content.

After downing the bowl of congee, Mogesha produced a giant hamburger; a savoury roasted

veal, and dark-green lettuce sandwiched between.

In comparison, Reef appeared more dignified; shimmering utensils, pearly white plate and

folded handkerchief......nicely slicing his Bay of Biscay ham perfectly, he completed it with

italian mozzarella. Finally, his main course was rustic mincemeat bacon sauté, and ended it

with champagne.

Instead, it was Sheyan who had the simplest of meals. In the vicinity of Xiwu pier, there was a

famous stew boiler and barbeque, Authentic taste, which was the craftsmanship of a war

veteran that brought it to Taiwan; whose legacy had been passed down 3 generations. It was

said the old boss could beat his chest and swear that its marinade hadn't changed once in 27

years. Sheyan ignited a spirit lamp, indulging his steamed bun inside the piping hot stew. That

unique fragrance resulted in Mongesha and Reef pausing unilaterally, insisting on free-loading

at all costs.

After the trio ate their fill, a gloomy Lille found his way here. Without formalities, he acceded to

Sheyan's conditions, straightforwardly divulging his gathered report to Sheyan. Ultimately, he

formed a nightmare imprint officiated pact with Sheyan; its contents detailed a third of

remunerations once accomplishing milestones. There were no chance for regrets anymore.

While signing the pact, Sheyan could feel the glaring sun as he reflexively lowered his head to

knead his temples, and abruptly sneezed loudly. At this point, Sheyan felt a vague sense of

abnormality, and instantly audited the pact once more, but finding nothing strange. He then

turned to whisper several words to Mogensha. Mogensha's expression changed while listening,

finally he left them with a cheerful expression.

After receiving the reports, Sheyan feigned a little and handed them to Reef; allowing Reef to

scrutinize it for an extended period. On the other hand, he himself sat beside and carefully

contemplated for any snares involved. Even though he had considered the fact that both guys

seeked to accomplish their milestones, it wasn't likely for them to offer fake details. But things

couldn't merely be left to fate. As the saying goes, prudence sails for a thousand years, being

overly cautious wouldn't hurt.

Lille waited for a full half an hour, and finally frowned as he berated loudly.

’’OI! How f***** long do I need to wait?’’

Reef coldly replied.

’’Very soon, just wait for AK to return.’’

After 10 minutes, Mogensha finally returned; bringing a total of 4 other contestants over.

Amongst the 4 was Huckle from the Illume-union, that same Huckle who was Archeaphill's

assistant tank. The other three held long range combat roles. Representing the Illume-union,

Huckle walked over. His first sentence directly caused the pupil in Lille's eyes to tighten and


’’Hey! Money isn't the problem. Can you guys really promise the swift completion of the

milestone 'Plunderer'?’’

At present, Sheyan's newest recruited party members, Jin Ximin and Makaji, had also arrived.

Facing Huckle's questioning, Mogensha immediately snorted with disdain.

’’You recognize big boss Reef, right! Huckle, even Archeaphill holds him in high regards.’’

Huckle nodded.

’’Yes, that is so.’’

Mogensha then patted Sheyan's shoulders.

’’I don't have to introduce Seaman right, he fought alongside you guys for a while.’’

Huckle's face became unsightly, because Sheyan's previous performance had placed heavy

pressure onto him. However, Huckle remained forthcoming.

’’Hmph, Seaman is very formidable. Even the boss said so.’’


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