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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 7 - Chapter 23


The Ultimate Evolution Volume 7 chapter 23

Clues and arrangement

I remained in the mines of Pennsylvania for 5 whole years, and it is already classified as a highly dangerous zone. Yet ever since stepping foot on this damned planet, the amounts of casualties I've personally seen within this month, have exceeded the past 5 years. No, I've never seen so many corpses in my life!

American dollars are cute, but a dead person cannot convert it into beer, drugs or enjoy the huge ass of young girls!

January, 23rd. We've finally arrived at our destination, Triangle Shoals. According to signals of our detector, the reserves of Pandora Unobtanium crystals here are shockingly unbelievable;moreover, it is an outdoor mine. The detector's estimation wouldn't lie. Yet we can't even locate a single vein of ore.....fine, fine! Those wretched experts from headquarters explained to us that this was probably due to the ores scattering excessively across a vast region;something our current excavation technology cannot extract. Thus, the value doesn't warrant extensive excavation.

I wanna screw all those expert's mother's ass!!!! We risked tremendous dangers, losing seven of us just for that single retarded answer? However, I managed to gather a chunk of Unobtanium crystal from the nearby river. Its purity seems rather high, and the quantity isn't small. I'll just bring this back quietly and appraise it. If it is really a high purity crystal, then it will be the first bucket of gold in my life. What teamwork, what discipline, what RDA company, they can all screw off.

January, 25th. We set off once again. To guard against my unreliable brain cells from forgetting certain precious objects, I will record the coordinates of the Triangle beach. It is xxx,xxx location.

January, 27th. We've actually being conscripted! Trudging for an entire two weeks without rest, and even after suffering 7 casualties, we've actually been conscripted! Moreover, their destination requires us to trek through that Windstone highland. Heavens, I know of a large clan of over 400 na'vis coincidentally residing in that area. Their clan is called the Mosake clan, translated as Toxic Arrowhead. More critically, they are an uncivilised barbarian clan!

January, 29th. Yes, I admit I rejected that exploration order. I'm afraid half a year worth of salary is in jeopardy, but let those american dollars go down the drain.

Life is still the most important, I have a premonition the majority wouldn't make it back alive. Their bodies will end up beneath tree roots, or inside the bellies of wild beasts, or impaled on wooden hunting pikes, or lodged between the canine tooth and tongue of Na'vi aborigines. As for me who decided to keep watch inside this valkyrie, I will definitely make it back to Hell's Gate alive!



Browsing till here, Sheyan started to nod slightly. Instead, Mogensha curiously exclaimed.

’’Shit, what kind of person still uses a manual diary in this era! I reckon it should've been a 3D hologram imagery.’’

Sheyan replied gently.

’’Images are merely illusions, diaries can become legacies and passed down. Also, you cannot expect them to constantly have a supply of electricity while trekking through the wild. Even in a grave crisis, a burnt twig can be used as a pen to detail down events.’’

At this moment, footsteps echoed in from the door. Without a change of expression, Sheyan kept the diary, while Mogensha was currently playing with his new toy. An Illume-union member appeared, poking his head in as he suspiciously swept his gaze around. Finally, it settled onto that unique new revolver of Mogensha, his eyes leaping with envious gaze before he left.

Afterwards, Sheyan desired to head outside to explore - especially that place where the mystical 'tree-root' object had decomposed. Even a minute understanding of the mysterious divine Eywa would make wonders. As for Mogensha, he decided to see if there were random junk worth picking up This didn't just include dead beast carcasses, but also contestants.

After walking for some time, they discovered there weren't much contestants left in this western region battlefield. Presently, those around were all leaning against the walls and panting heavily, but filled with a new lease of life and were rejoicing. Yet something worth mocking, was that the majority of 'AMP suits' contestant users had in fact died the fastest! From the highest heavens, Mountain Banshees seemed to harbour deep hatred for those metallic armoured monsters, hence turning them into their target of interests. Once an 'AMP suit' user fell, other wild savage beasts made it impossible to climb back up.

After they arrived near the exit of the shuttle, the two of them couldn't help feeling startled. Blood! So much blood! With every trampling footstep, it was like waddling inside a pool of blood. The sorrowful sight of red would sent shivers down one's heart, causing boiling blood to surge into their heads! Everyone around, things and object, were all soaked in thin and transparent red blood! An insipid rusty smell permeated through the air.

Dead carcasses littered every inch of the ground;it was evident that the endless streams of beasts had occupied superiority, thus forcing the defending contestants to retreat back into the shuttle. Although it was presently deathly still, observing this tragic scenery, would cause traumatizing screams of contestants and roars of beasts to continue ringing in their ears;interweaved into a mournful despair only found in the depths of hell.

This was an indescribably despairing battle. There were no losers, no captives and no pity. Weaker ones became food, stronger ones were rewarded with survival. Mogensha observed a badly decapitated ghastly white bloodied hand, that was still twitching slightly over a desk within the channel pathway.

Then a furry claw ferociously seized that decapitated hand. Grunts, bone crunching and whimpers blended together. A heavily wounded and famished viperwolf had pounced up;though its belly boasted of a gruesome wound with intestines spilling out, it voraciously chomped onto the severed hand of a contestant. Its reddened eyes had blood oozing out.

Mogensha released a burst shot of 3. A fiery bullet injected into its chest, as a blood lotus splashed out, followed by a flip in midair;then two following bullets spiralled into the gruesome belly wound. Mutually clashing inside, the bullets triggered an explosion and utterly finished off the viperwolf. He then gazed towards the scattered mess of flesh ahead, and couldn't help grumbling.

’’Dammit, will there even be survivors here?’’

After Sheyan stepped outside and surveyed his environment, he stared into the skies and sighed deeply.

’’That Zi is really not simple, she actually managed to uncover the mission's snare, and were right on our heels. Although the Illume-union had lost over half of their members, their core group is still perfectly intact. In the following battles, they would undoubtedly occupy leading positions!’’

Mogensha earnestly pondered and replied.

’’Zi has always been a smart and powerful woman. That year because of her, the Metals Professor was able to brazenly break free from her previous party, and establish the Symbiosis sect. Apart from that, while observing Yuan Zhan operating the computer earlier, I noticed he seemed to have obtained a relatively crucial report. It should be the location coordinates pertaining to Hell's gate base. If the Illume-union doesn't harbour sincerity in cooperating, then they wouldn't divulge this information.’’

’’Hell's Gate location......?’’ Sheyan's brows furrowed, as he nodded. ’’I understand.’’

At present, humans had discovered planet Pandora for dozens of years already. To exploit and develop this dangerous, beautiful and fertile planet was definitely not an easy feat, it no doubt required adequate preparations. One matter of chief importance, was naturally to establish a perpetual solid base foundation.

Because Pandora was too excessively far from earth, therefore transportation costs had inflated to an extremely astonishing height. Thus, virtually all metal components, weapons and mechanics were all locally explored, extracted and assembled on planet Pandora itself. After dozens of years of harsh constructions, that current base had finally reached a basic extent.

Humans lived in a poisonous atmosphere here, along with the constant lurking of various vicious and savage Pandorian beasts;this was akin to living in hell. Therefore, the humans hailed their base as Hell's Gate. Its other official name was 'Resource Development Association (RDA) Extra-solar Colony-01'.

Previously, Yuan Zhan had already confirmed that communication systems had been destroyed after the valkyrie crash landed. Therefore, the Hell's Gate personnels from the RDA company wouldn't be aware of everything that had happened here;and their attitude towards the contestants should remain as 'amicable'. This otherwise implied the possibility of more missions, side missions that would allow substantial prolonging of their duration in this world. Thus undoubtedly, the coordinates of Hell's gate would be extremely precious.

Sheyan nodded, and followed their earlier plan to head over to that area where the mystical object had rapidly decomposed. Because of the multitudes of corpses and blood present, when they arrived, there were already numerous contestants scanning through the area. Evidently, though the grass here had suffered from excessive stampeding by the beasts, yet for some unknown reason, it was flourishing more than ever. Not only that, a queer smell permeated the air here, something that Sheyan had never smelled before in his life.

After staying here for barely 5 minutes, Reef suddenly contacted Sheyan through the party channel.

’’Zi raised two requests, and they seem rather fair. Should I agree to them?’’


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