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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 7 - Chapter 2


Chapter 336: Screw off!

’’Second Lieutenant. Welcome to planet Pandora.’’

’’Serving you today is AI (Artificial Intelligence) no.557 from the RDA (Earth's Resource Development Administration) company. AI no.557 is permanently authorized by the ICA (Interplanetary Commerce Administration).’’

’’You have just awoken from your dormant state of 5 years, 9 months and 22 days. Your body will experience several light aftershocks, your mind and concentration may receive violent feedback, nauseated sensations and slight weakness may be felt. Do not fret, we have a list of effective methods to combat that.’’

’’Please follow according to the sequence......’’

The writings were then abruptly cut short here. The liquid crystal screen then started displaying flowery designs and produced a distorted and fuzzy sound.

’’Unknown malfunction of circuit......’’

’’Insufficient power, replenish immediately. Warning, insufficient power.’’

’’Please promptly fix.....circuit.’’

Sheyan remained motionless, his pupils surveyed around before discovering that he was inside a large room. This room was primarily constructed in shades of silver, sketchy, bright, plain, simple and metallic. There was only a single broad exit in this room, with two sliding silver metal doors shutting it tightly.

20 - 30 cold cabin platforms were attached onto the room's thick wall like drawers, he was lying on one of these cold platforms, just 30 metres away from the exit. Honestly speaking, these cabin platforms gave Sheyan the feeling of lying inside a corpse drawer in a morgue.

After ensuring there were no abnormalities present, Sheyan flipped and jumped down and instantly felt that his body had become pretty light and graceful. From earlier information gathered, this planet 'Pandora', which was also the fifth moon orbiting Alpha Centauri A in the Alpha Centauri star system, had a gravity lower than that of Earth;roughly only three quarters of Earth's gravity. Thus, what he was experiencing was normal. Also, it was the main reason why the planet's flora and fauna were relatively larger.

Sheyan then ejected another 5 cabin platforms, of which 2 shockingly produced Mogensha and Reef within. Suddenly at this moment, a violent explosion roared in from outside, sending slight tremors throughout the floor beneath.

Sheyan instantly understood, they should be currently residing in a large transport shuttle! If combining this explosion and the bizarre power failure of AI no.557, then the answer was obvious. Once again, their transport shuttle had encountered huge trouble!

Sheyan instantly called Mogensha and Reef as they swiftly sprinted out of the sliding metal door. A narrow channel greeted them, which was brimming with a high tech style;simply ice-cold and mechanical. Faint speckles of green illumination repeatedly flickered along the channel, as though it would be extinguished in the next second. Fortunately, the walls were fixed with clear fluorescent arrows pointing towards the safety exit, guiding the humans along.

The glows flickered and finally extinguished. Ahead, the end of the channel already exhibited the glare of natural light rays. Yet right now, there was a faint blood stench in the air, awful miserable cries and even a remote roar that Sheyan hadn't heard before. The roars weren't made by human voices, but instead sounded similar to a dog encountering a threat;the growling of the throat. It rose and fell in succession, its vocal range spanned tremendously.

Sheyan had already realized that this shuttle had already touched down, but it was hard to ascertain if it would explode shortly;hence, leaving the shuttle was now a priority. He quickened his pace as he surged towards the blinding end. The shuttle's door was right ahead, his eyes flashed, exposing a wide panorama instantly. Compared to the foul atmosphere in the shuttle, Sheyan breathed in the fresh air which revitalized his vigor immediately.

At present, their location was shockingly on a comparatively high but gentle slope, there were no craggy cliff rocks;but it was more like the gentle soft arc of a female's bosom. Gazing afar, they could see the exceptionally dense vegetation, a field of untrampled grass stretching into the distance. The sky was overcast, as pure white clouds chose to keep themselves high up this celestial body. Moreover, a distinct funnel atmospheric swirl, like a fantasy, could be seen. Therefore, though skies were not sinister looking, it gave off a neat yet sullen melancholy.

The surrounding mountains and vegetation were abundant. The temperature was roughly 23 degrees. Gigantic trees surpassing 50 metres could be seen everywhere. With one sweep, shades of emerald, soft green, dark green, lime green, olive green, and various greens could be seen in mesmerizing layers. Even the fresh green turf showcased its luxurious growth.

Sheyan didn't know why. He couldn't help feeling this grass, forest, mountains, waters, sky and earth were peculiarly dazzling. He leapt down from the exit, and plucked several strands of grass. Light greenish sap flowed from his fingers;and as he scanned the scenery ahead, he immediately realized the reason.

Strangely, everything, even the severed grass stalk, was erected and facing towards his very eyes, as though they seeked to stab in! This signified a strong and overbearing meaning:

Screw off!

A human standing on this remote planet was really treated as a foreign guest by the remote vegetation, remote skies, remote mountains and remote water bodies. It was as though the entire world wanted to severe them!!

Sheyan turned to look back. The enormous metallic beast behind them was obviously a 'Valkyrie' shuttle. This atmospheric public vehicle was currently resting atop a Pandora hillside. With its overbearing size it was rather unbelievable that this metallic beast was actually able to traverse at mach 3 supersonic speeds within the atmosphere. The terrifying sonic boom it emits during speedy travelling would require at least 3 minutes to completely dissipate.

Yet right now, this 200 metre long, 80 metres broad and 10 metre tall metallic beast was heavily sitting and thoroughly tranquil. It had plowed a deep ditch as long as 50 metres, and halted atop this hill. The rolls of deep mud indicated the tremendous force it dished out upon the crash landing.

Its left wing had a clear mark of being rammed off, clouds of thick black fumes spiralled out from within, slowly drifting into the environment and not scattering. (Note: In the movies, the Valkyrie shuttle is much smaller than written over here, it indicates that this shuttle was modified)

Blood stench, roars and gunshots were transmitted from a close neighbor towards the lateral side of this shuttle;the clamorous commotion was turning increasingly intense. Sheyan was about to race towards there, instead, his mind turned giddy. Instantly, the nightmare imprint displayed a list of information:

Time: Year 2149, 7th month. Afternoon, 5.00 pm.

(In the movies, the male lead had just set off from earth. He would require 5 years to reach here, the events of Avatar occurred in the year 2154. Noteworthily, humans discovered planet Pandora in year 2129. When the movie happened, constructions had been developed for 25 years already.)

Location: Alpha Centauri Star system, Polyphemus, fifth moon.

Setting: Avatar.

Difficulty: hard (B+).

Pain limitation: 50%.

Additional capabilities boost: 0%.

Current setting exploration rate: 0.00%.

Additional description: Base setting is free world setting

You automatically grasp the relevant language, able to interact freely with characters of this world. Erased upon leaving this world.

Accepted mission count: 1.

Your appearance/identity have been settled, and will be restored upon returning to the present world. You can also commence modifications within the nightmare realm. For any doubts, voice the relevant queries to the nightmare imprint;if your scope of authority is adequate, you will receive an answer.


Warning: Planet Pandora's atmosphere is composed of 'Nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide (18%), xenon gas (5.5%), ammonia, methane and cyanide hydrogen'. Without oxygen equipment, humans will die from cyanide poisoning. Hence, all humans must be fitted with breathing equipments.

Warning: A contestant's body essence vastly exceeds the ordinary human. However, breathing the air for long periods of time will still sustain persisting harm.

Details: You can find an oxygen mask at any random human camp, these things are as commonplace as marijuana in Los Angeles bars. If you are trapped in an emergency predicament, then you can purchase one through your nightmare imprint. Of course, your finances will experience major devastation.

Details: This world would become an extremely high mortality rate battlefield. Therefore, once you remain inside the Valkyrie for a period of time, you will obtain the privilege of returning to the realm. The preparation time in doing so is 5 seconds, but it will break if contestant is attacked.

Note: Fleeing during this war is not advocated. You will have to pay a painful penalty of highest attribute -3/achievement points -5 as your fee to return safely. Moreover, any benefits gained in this world will be forcefully discarded.

Warning: You are currently part of the 'Avatar' realm war. This means that you can randomly face immense dangers, vicious battles, and of course unparalleled opportunities. Of course, your primary objective is now to attempt to gain a footing in this mysterious, enticing, gorgeous, fertile but yet treacherous planet.


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