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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 7 - Chapter 19


The Ultimate Evolution Volume 7 chapter 19

Fall out! Massacre!

After shopping, Reef and Mogensha left. Only Sheyan remained. His eyes flickered in tune to the direction lights. This awkward atmosphere persisted several seconds, before Sheyan smiled slightly and added on.

’’I have something else that requires your help.’’

The RDA company worker was as smooth as a machine.

’’Please tell. But I must inform you, your current battle contributions are insufficient for more purchases.’’

’’That isn't important.’’ The necklace across Sheyan's neck suddenly twinkled with a splendid dark golden radiance. His voice was calm as he proceeded.

’’What I want, is completely unrelated to battle contributions! I only hope, the overall in charge RDA member in this valkyrie, to release that important na'vi clan member you guys extremely exceptionally crucial item to the divine Eywa you acquired on this planet!’’

As the words left Sheyan's mouth, the RDA worker's face instantly changed;stretching his hands towards his waist. But at this moment, an incomparably muffled smack echoed into the still air;identical to the sound of a massive airplane landing. Within a split second. Sheyan's welded steel knucklers smashed heavily against his face!

Caressing along his fist, was a ghastly green glow.

At this moment, Sheyan naturally utilized the ability of the 'Shrivelled Tangerine', smearing that awful lymphatic fluid onto his weapon;allowing his next three strikes to carry a corrosive elemental damage!!

Besides, after activating the ability 'Format' of his dark gold necklace 'Smith's Matrix-microchip', Sheyan's strength had already inflated to 49 points!!

It was a terrifying 49 points, only 1 point shy of the breakthrough boundary!

(TN refresher on ability: Format an order upon oneself, temporary converting 5 points of physique to 5 points of strength.)

His fist seemed to appear from a void, whistling as it propelled in and directly smashed out crushing damages and a beat back effect!

Blood, rage and violence!

This RDA worker was wearing a circular protective helmet;but with introduction of a crackling fist, a clear dent emerged on the steel helmet. Sizzling corrosive bubbles appeared. The miserable wails of the worker throttled within his throat, as he was struck 2-3 metres away;completely unable to maintain his grip onto his weapon as it flew out, crashing noisily and sliding over the floor. Armour and steel rubbed against the floor, releasing sparks and a piercing screech.

Sheyan advanced with huge strides, sparing no chance as he carried a ruthless viciousness! He silently charged towards the RDA worker, and swung his next punch!

In his desperation, the worker screamed loudly, a mouthful of blood spilled onto the ground along with teeth. During his deathbed struggle, he still managed to dodge forcefully, as Sheyan's fist pounded against the steel door frame by the side! Sparks scattered along with a piercing screech. Sheyan pinched against the frame! Immediately, a portion of the steel frame was forcibly torn out.

’’Do you think you can run?’’ Sheyan's mouth curled into a cold sneer. He could already confirm this RDA worker didn't possess strong prowess, his only formidability laid in his status! As he gazed onto the fleeing figure of the RDA worker, Sheyan plucked out 'Ambition' in a flash;a spiralling smoke, a booming echo, and a bullet to the back. The RDA member froze.

When Sheyan neared in, the RDA worker woke up;sadly he woke up to Sheyan's blunt fist. He could only attempt to block with both arms! In the end, a distinct fracturing crack of both arms resounded. His face flushed with red as he spat out a mouth of fresh blood;his pupils seemingly about to pop out!

Then Sheyan raised his fist again! Aiming towards the RDA worker's chest as he drilled down!

This fist directly penetrated into his chest, deeply squashing his rib, lungs and heart;before he retracted his hand out. Instantly, a massive bowl sized, deep blood hole appeared on the RDA member's chest! Pshhh! Shattered eerie bone fragments, innards, blood sprayed out in a downpour.

Tranquility resumed once again.

Like a graveyard.

Sheyan then retracted himself, as he flicked his hands and flung off bits of flesh, innards and blood against the steel wall. The corpse didn't drop a single key, however, there was an unusual looking silver-white card pasted at his waist. His nightmare imprint announced.

’’You discovered a special object: 'RDA worker identification card'. Do you wish to collect it?’’

No doubt, this murder was for this piece of item. Sheyan walked over, using his blood drenched fingers to pick the card. Then, he nodded humbly.

’’I it is like that.’’


Although the channel towards the upper floor of the valkyrie was locked, Reef and Mogensha who had left earlier were currently keeping watch at the door. Naturally, they were spying for possible reinforcements to warn Sheyan. At this moment, both of them couldn't help but recall Sheyan's earlier words.

’’I don't know if you guys have realized, but it seems like there are many discrepancies and illogical areas that have surfaced after we entered this world.’’

’’We risk our lives to fight for this RDA company, but the rewards we gain from killing those beasts are battle contributions. From previous experiences, it should've been reputation shouldn't it? This no doubt states that the RDA workers completely doesn't treat us as equals. Instead, their attitude towards us are like how the Romans treated their gladiator slaves. If we won, they'd throw money at us, if we lost, then we die. From the start, we haven't earned a single ounce of respect from them!’’

’’Analyzing from the perspective of the intensity rate of consecutive waves of battle, we can primarily deduce - there is no reason for those beasts to fanatically launch attacks against us for no reason whatsoever. Although the initial two waves of beasts can be explained due to the valkyrie invading their territory, or destroying their nest;while the ones after could be explained by the allure of reeking blood because of our initial slaughters.......’’

’’But! The most noticeable deviation, is that Sturmbeests are herbivores! Although we can eliminate the possibility of them feasting on flesh if they were famished.......but, just look at the abundant vegetation around us. There must be another reason that incited these enormously powerful herbivores to turn aggressive, risking all with no thoughts of personal safety!’’

’’According to my understanding and inference;although Pandora is strange, mysterious and oddly, there are only two groups that possess the ability to instigate so many beasts to initiate a charging death wish.’’

’’The smaller possibility points to the na'vi clan's extremely extremely powerful Tsahìk*;as for the personal strength of this Tsahìk, it should be even stronger than the movie's Omaticaya na'vi clan's Tsahìk! The other and also most possible conjuncture, should be the actual ruler of this planet. Even in the movies, there hadn't been an appearance of the true body of the divine Eywa!’’

(TN:* A Tsahik is the spiritual leader of a na'vi clan)

’’I dare not confirm that the RDA company has offended the latter, but there's one thing I can confirm. There must be something worthy of interest onboard this valkyrie to them! If they cannot acquire it, then the beast horde wouldn't cease. These insanely barbaric wild beasts would continue flooding in without sparing a single cost! As for us, there is completely no way to contend against this planet. The said mission of 3 days to establish our footing, is just a dead end!’’

’’To put it clearer, these RDA workers are harbouring a certain hope, and are treating us as cannon fodder to drag time! Once the real beast horde arrives that can threaten their lives, they would try and escape;or surrender, and handover the item the beast seeks.’’

’’Also, don't just think that those 'AMP suits' can pull off an unstoppable riot. It seems that can display an immense explosive firepower within a short duration, and crush the beasts like dregs. However, I wonder if you guys noticed the mission's hints beforehand?’’

’’The details were - 'When the transport shuttle Valkyrie landed, it had startled several native wild races. Therefore, within a short time, the enemies you will face includes wild beasts and aboriginal inhabitants. Of course.....including your own kind’’

’’Please note, the term 'aboriginal inhabitants'. This signifies that once the beast wave turns nastier, the battle may involve the na'vis......these freaks with venomous blue skin, and a bowmanship accuracy of a hundred hits in hundred shots! Even the words provided by the realm indicated 'your own kind'.......hmph hmph, do you still not understand?’’

’’So what? You're harping on those supreme rewards exchangeable with battle contributions?! Actually, those are merely bait strung by the RDA company to entice contestants! According to the incremental intensity and strength of the beast waves;if one doesn't purchase any battle add-ons, to amass and save up 20,000 battle contributions is simply a minute possibility!!! This undoubtedly allows me to confirm, the first resurrection tool that had been purchased, would most likely be masterminded by the RDA workers;this is all to stimulate and arouse us to engage in spending on it!’’

’’However, once you purchase a battle add-on, then undoubtedly you will sink into a vicious cycle of repeated spending. Buying the 'AMP suit' would mean purchasing its weapons, and would mean purchasing ammunition! Purchasing armour would mean needing constant repairs. Even though with this equipment, one can continue massacring the beasts like chopping firewood. However, once the strength and intensity of the beast hordes increased, it will ultimately lead to further investments in weapons and protection, until the battle concludes! As for these items, the RDA company should've been given to us for free, because we are actually using our lives to shelter them. Just 20,000 battle contributions, that resurrection tool displayed in our faces. Yet in actual fact, to most contestants, it will become like a stringed carrot attached to a wearable stick extended from your head. Totally incapable of reaching it forever!’’


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