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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 7 - Chapter 18


The Ultimate Evolution Volume 7 chapter 18

Undercurrent flows

Nail gun valuation: 2,400 (2,160 discount) battle contributions. Infrared laser, accuracy target device valuation: 2,000 (1,800) battle contributions. This weapon is unable to be brought out of this world.

Lastly, I need to inform you. According to federal law regulation 14, whenever you aim the firearm at any humans;note, any single human, the microcomputer within the gun will automatically lock the magazine. Hence, malfunction or other unpredictable variable may occur. I sincerely apologize and beg for your understanding, as the RDA company is merely a resource extraction company, and not an ammunitions company.

After purchasing two items that could enhance his battle and survival capabilities by a level, Sheyan squandered the rest of his battle contributions on ammunition - the 'Nail gun' required titanium nail bullets which weren't cheap at all! Fortunately, Sheyan's +1 legend level was rather beneficial now. Right now, as countless others were observing him, summoning Jinkuang was simply too provocative. Thus, Sheyan didn't summon him to haggle over the price, preventing others from noticing this shameless hidden trump card of his.

Following that, Sheyan engaged in a brief discussion with Reef and Mogensha inside their party transmission channel. After a short exchange of words, Reef and Mogensha's face suddenly changed drastically, and ultimately turned ashen. They hurriedly rushed over to squander cleanly, all their battle contributions!!!

Because their intense discussions were done in the party channel, others could only take notice of their ugly expressions. However, many other contestants had comrades that perished in battle, and sunken faces were everywhere. Honestly speaking, if Reef and Mogensha were beaming with pleasure and all smiles, that would truly attract attention.

Another noteworthy thing was that 4 other legendary creatures had appeared within the beast tide during the day. However, out of the 4 legendary creatures, only 3 dropped keys. Amongst the keys, one of them exploded forth with utility points only;which was something Sheyan had encountered before. Nothing else came up, just a lump sum of utility points. As for the 2 other silver keys, 3 rather valuable objects surfaced - A silver grade ring, a black grade Skeletal-bow and another horcrux.

These 3 items trended towards long range or magic based contestants. Mogensha already had his excellent golden AK and Sparta spear, of course he looked down on that black grade bone-bow. Hence, party Ace didn't really require those 3 items. After dividing the proceeds, their party storage was now brimming with 53,300 utility points and 15 potential points.

After cleaning out his battle contributions, Mogensha suddenly revealed a startled expression. Quietly, he transmitted to Sheyan through the party channel.

’’Boss, one of that resurrection tools 'Unmodeled Amnio tank' has been sold.’’

Sheyan was currently holding onto a cup as he drank water. Upon hearing this news, his grip tightened, causing the glass cup to emit creaking sounds followed by clear cracks appearing. This was because Sheyan himself possessed 8,000 battle contributions;hence, he obviously knew what devilish strength one needed to earn an entire 20,000 battle contributions in such a short span of time!

’’Indeed, there is always a taller mountain.’’ Sheyan sighed in his heart. He originally thought his personal establishment of this steel strong trio party was flawless and unprecedented. Yet now, it seems like his personal judgement was indeed biased.

For some unknown reason, the moment Sheyan heard of the resurrection tool 'Unmodeled Amnio tank' being sold off, he instantly recalled that southern contestant;the one that dealt a one-hit-ko shot to the Sturmbeest! Then he thought of the core members of the Illume-union, before another audacious notion jolted through his brain.

’’The buyer, it could very well be them.........’’

In the blink of an eye, news of that most valuable and limited edition resurrection tool spreaded like wildfire. Like a stone tossed into the lake invoking ripples, word of it travelled to everyone's ears. Time seemed to rush through like an undercurrent. Every single contestant started glaring at the skies with fierce expressions, as though they wished for the skies to turn brighter quickly;eagerly anticipating the next wave of beasts.


The next day,


9.18 am.

The contestants had repelled two full waves of beasts already. The passionate craze and desires incited by the resurrection tool had gradually diminished.

No one understood why there were so many wild beasts. Even after clearing and cleaning up the battlefield till not a single blood stain was left after each battle;when the next wave came, an unfathomable quantity of wild beasts returned in a swirl of dust!!!

They seemed to be blown over by a hurricane gale, like a back cloud of hailstones smashing in;bristles and thorns of the earth piercing in, stabbing in one inch at a time, trampling forward steadfastly across the horizon!!

Comparing with respect to all contestants;Sheyan, Reef and Mogensha became supremely low-key. Sheyan even discarded the initiative of proactively traversing through battlefields to earn battle contributions from his gene-mixes. He silently went about with his own affairs, choosing not to fight over meritorious contributions even one bit. Due to their conduct, their influence and position declined greatly. Yet this was reality, the greater someone's ability, the higher their authority.

As for the current battles, tier 3 legendary creatures had started showing up. The waves of beasts no longer fought a bitter fight to the death, but instead carried notions of retreat. Hence, after the two waves of beasts had retreated, the entire western region contestants had suffered casualties amounting to half. The remainder were injured, but most importantly, they hadn't rake in a single good fortune! Although no one knew how the other 3 regions were doing, but had an inkling they everyone were probably trapped on the same boat.

(TN: During previous battles, though the beasts were intelligent and retreated from danger, they still fought as a whole and perished as a whole. However now, the beast horde would retreat entirely as well)

Sheyan casted a glance towards Reef in preparation to execute accordingly to their earlier plan. All of a sudden, sparse and fragmented cheers could be heard amongst the contestant crowd. Closely following that, from within the channels of the valkyrie, an earth shaking sensation tremored tremendously;as though an enormous heavy beast was about to emerge from within.

Following that, step by the step, it wasn't a wild beast that emerged from the shuttle's channel.

It was an artificial intelligent steel monstrous beast! A terrifying weapon specially bred for war!

In the end, it was a contestant that could no longer endure;lacking only 1,000 battle contributions to hit the 20,000 mark, sadly, the contestant had reach a stage of being an oil lamp that was about to dry up. Thus, an 'AMP suit' was exchanged for battle contributions! Piloting the outdated ferocious machine, the contestant stomped into the battlefield!!

The one piloting the 'AMP Suit' was that longbow woman from the 'Sons of Caden' party. She casted a disdainful glance towards Sheyan and the rest, before immediately replacing Reef and Sheyan's core position entirely;proceeding to usher frenzied bombardment against the third wave of beasts.

More and more contestants started following suit, exchanging their contributions for 'AMP suits'. This was because to their horror, the offensive capabilities and sheer quantity of the beast horde was crescendoing to unbelievable heights. During yesterday's assault, Mountain Banshees only made an appearance once from the skies, but they shockingly was one of the primary forces today. In addition to the swift demons on land, an utterly dreadful calamity rained down on them.

Only death awaited one who still harbored hopes of amassing 20,000 battle contributions! Covering the heavens, the torrents of mountain banshees swooped in unhindered as they demolished the contestants. As for Sheyan and party Ace, they all coincidentally purchased that 'Hydra armour' which reduced the damage they received by 30%. Even Mogensha felt rather calm under the constant protection of Sheyan and Reef.

The third wave of beasts were finally repelled.

Simultaneously, the valkyrie broadcasted loudly once again.

「Attention, attention! The next wave will be the final one for today!」

This message undoubtedly injected adrenaline into every contestant. Peeking around at the heroic 'AMP Suits' around them, these unfeeling and monstrous steel mechanical beasts, they completely forgot about their injuries as an inexhaustible conviction ignited within. Hence, after simply bandaging their wounds, they took up positions and prepared for battle once again!

Indeed because these monstrous steel beasts had fully replaced Reef's position;when the fourth wave of beasts arrived, perpetually no one noticed that Reef and his two buddies had disappeared. Of course, they hadn't assume great risks of charging into the beautiful yet remote forest of treacherous danger. Instead, they headed back into the depths of the valkyrie.

Within the steel channel, a deathly silence was observed barring only the wafting echoes of footsteps.

Direction lights dimly flickered, slowly attempting to cover the repulsiveness of the darkness.

At present, there was only a single RDA company worker left within the centre aisle of the valkyrie. He bowed politely and inquired respectfully.

’’Sirs, may I be of service?’’

Sheyan stood in front of him, smiling as he replied.


With the help of Jinkuang, they cleaned up whatever measly battle contributions they had on hand. Although purchasing equipment was out of the question, they squandered the small amounts they had on ammunitions, medicinal supplies etc.

Sheyan deliberated for a while before purchasing a large bundle of high intensity explosives. These explosives possessed widespread and lethal explosive might, but its damage wasn't attributed to the user. Hence, beast that were fried by it wouldn't reward the user with battle contributions nor drop any keys. Thus, the contestants didn't view it favourably, with presently only few had been purchased.


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